How to Add Clock Widget to iPhone Home Screen iOS 16.5

how to add Use Clock Widget on iOS 14

Do you want to be kept in a loop of time? I cannot wait to suggest the great Clock Widgets of iOS 14. Whether you’re a freak traveler or your family stays in a foreign country, the World Clock Widget is the best last stop for everyone. Apart from a single Clock Widget, iOS 15 lets you try World Clock Widget comprising at most four cities, in a wide landscape view, available to float on any part of the iPhone home screen. As an alternative to the Clock app, try this World Clock Widget or Clock Widget to view time conveniently right from the home screen.

Instead of downloading any third-party app on the iPhone, the iOS 14 Widgets are worth trying. Plus, there are dozens of options available apart from Clock Widget, we’re also preparing separate articles on widgets, don’t miss them. Keep note that the Clock App must be installed to use the Clock Widgets on the iPhone home screen.

How to Add, Customize and Remove Clock Widget from iPhone Home Screen

How to Add Clock Widget on iPhone Home Screen

At first learn how to add the clock widget on iPhone Home Screen, while following the procedure, you should see different shapes and sizes of the Clock Widget, and also World Clock Widget, choose as per your requirement.

  1. Tap and hold the blank screen to put iPhone into jiggle mode.
  2. Next, tap on the Plus icon on the upper-left corner.
  3. Find the Clock Widget from the Widget Explorer section.
  4. Choose the type of Clock Widget, from City, or World Clock.
  5. Then, tap Add Widget.
  6. Reposition the Clock Widget, as per your convenient.
  7. Tap Done once you are done with a re-arranging the widget.

Video Guide all about Clock Widget on iPhone Home screen

How to Change City in Clock Widget in iPhone Home Screen?

Want to change the City in Clock Widget or World Clock Widget, these steps will guide you on how to do it. Alongside, adjust the sequence of Cities using the three lines next to the city name.

  1. Long-press the Clock Widget, do you want to edit.
  2. Select the Edit Widget.
  3. If you’re editing the World Clock Widget then four Cities should appear, tap on the one to change the city or for a normal Clock Widget, you’ll see only one City, tap on it and replace it from the list.

How to Remove Clock Widget from iPhone Home Screen?

Don’t need a widget anymore? Nothing to worry about, it’s better to remove the unwanted widget from the home screen.

  1. Touch and hold the Clock Widget that you wish to remove.
  2. Tap Remove Widget.
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