How to Clear Cache on iPhone 14 lineup: (iOS 17.0.2 Updated)

Last Updated on Sep 22, 2022

Hey, my friend, in this walk through, I’ll teach you how to clear Cache on iPhone and iPad running the latest iOS. This way is a flagship point to speed up the safari browser after updating iOS. Unfortunately, sometimes the FBI virus fake alert or scammer tries to reveal your personal details, so it pops up on your browsers and says a virus has severally infected your iPhone. But don’t worry. According to experts, there isn’t any existence of viruses and malware. Instead, you must follow the below guide to delete safari cookies, clear history, and cache.

It will also help you to get rid of the iOS device crash report Warnings fraud pop-up. Hopefully, this guide would allow you to fight against scammers and their Suspicious Activities. If you would like this fix, don’t forget to share it on social media profiles with your friends and be helpful to others.

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Guide- How to Clear cache on iPhone?

How to erase Clear History Cache on Safari on iPhone, iPad iOS devices

Where is the history button on Safari iPhone on iOS 15? Follow the bottom steps to clear cache logs and other resources on iPhone or iPad.

  • Step #1. Open the Settings App looks like a dark Gear icon.
  • Step #2. Find Safari.
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open Safari settings on your iPhone to clear history cookies and browsing data
  • Step #3. Next, Scroll the screen and tap on Clear History and Website Data.
Tap on Clear History and website data to clear cache on iPhone iOS 11 or later
  • Step #4. Here you can see a confirmation alert – Clear history and Data will remove history, cookies, and other browsing data.
  • In more, History will be cleared from devices signed into your iCloud account.
  • Are you agreeing? Let’s confirm to tap Clear History and data.
tap on confirm clear history and data on iPhone iPad Safari browser

This process is undone, so think before deleting it. Don’t worry. Except for iOS Safari search history and Safari Cache, you don’t lose any other documents and data that won’t affect Safari Autofill information. It’s guaranteed.

That’s it! Now enjoy a worry-free search experience.

If often getting the same issue in Safari after update iOS, then force close Safari and launch it back.

In more, you can also use Safari Alternatives on your iPhone and iPad iOS devices.

You can call an Apple toll-free number or take your Apple device to the Genius Bar and get more information from the Apple technical expert.

Tips that like to do,

How To Delete App data on iPhone without Deleting apps?

Read this tutorial to offload an app that is settings without using a PC or Mac, and you can wipe app data without uninstalling and re-install the app on your Apple mobile.

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You would like to visit sites without stored or leaving a history, and then you should turn on private browsing on Safari iPhone. In this mode, there’s no history, cache, cookies, or website data to remove.

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If you want to block a website, then you also have the option to do that. For that, go with this guide.

Way For, iOS 7 or Earlier to Delete or Clear Safari History & Cookies

  1. Open the Settings app from your iPhone home screen.
  2. Tap Safari.
  3. Tap On Clear History
  4. Tap on, Clear Cookies and Data.

You’re done!

Now check your safari web browser History and Cookies; it’s gone. In advance, you can also delete all website data through the following guide.

  • Tip for Clear other stored information on Safari

  • Open Settings App>> Tap Safari > Click on Advanced >> Tap Website Data >> finally tap on Remove All Website Data.

What happens if I Clear Cache on iPhone?

Clearing your Phone’s cache is a good thing for you and your phone life. It can boost your phone speed, Make free up storage space, and your Phone stops frequently crashing.

You can suggest to us in the below comment if you’ve any good ideas or tips about this tutorial on how to delete or Clear Safari History & Cookies from your iPhone.

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