iOS 14: How to Hide Bookmark Pane in safari landscape on iPhone, iPad

Last Updated on Aug 24, 2020

In your iOS device’s Safari browser you can save or Bookmark WebPages URL into the browser for faster access. So, here is the solution related to the Bookmark panel in safari mainly for landscape mode (Hide Bookmark pane in safari landscape). Mostly safari in landscape mode is more comfortable to read the webpage’s text efficiently. So once you open a webpage from saved Bookmark favorite menu. Bookmark pane is staying on half of the device screen. So most of the folks are frustrating because after close/ Kill safari process or App, Bookmark panel showing in landscape mode. But you can hide or minimize into browser through the below steps given in detail for iPhone (here is an example) running on the latest iOS.

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The second part of this tutorial covered: How to Delete Bookmarked Page or Folder on your Safari iPhone and iPad.

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Note: For this solution, you don’t have to reset safari setting, iOS update, or Remove older data from your iOS device. Through the smart way, you can hide the bookmark panel in your browser.

Steps for hiding Bookmark pane in safari landscape on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Part 1: How to Access or Hide Bookmark Panel on iPhone/Pad: Landscape mode

  • Step 1: Launch the Safari browser on your iOS device (iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch)
  • Step 2: Now in landscape mode you can see website view in full-screen mode, for example in the below screen. showing in half of the screen and the other one Bookmark panel is showing.

See my iPhone XR screen, Slide finger down to see Browser Tab,

Show Safari Web Address pane on iPhone in landscape mode


Hide Bookmark pane in safari landscape for iPhone, iPad

  • Step 3: Now Pinch your fingers on the screen so that you can see the browser menu in landscape mode also.

Now, there is a Bookmark icon also available. Just a single tap on it, you can minimize bookmark in safari landscape view.

To delete the Bookmarked folder and page URL, Swiple Finger right to left on the list, Tap on Delete to remove from the list.

Tap on Bookmark icon from top menu

Re-open Bookmark panel, tap on it again.Open or Close Bookmark panel from Browser in landscape

Part 2: How to Remove or Delete Bookmarked Page on iPhone/iPad

  • Step 1: Go to the Open Safari app on your iOS.
Delete Bookmarked Page on iPhone and iPad

Delete Bookmarked Page on iPhone and iPad

  • Step 2: Tap on the Bookmark icon.
  • Step 3: Next, Under the Bookmark tab, Find all the folders and Saved URLs into Bookmarked.

That’s it.

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There is no other alternative option for hiding Bookmark pane in the safari landscape. So you must be remembering.

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  1. The bookmarks panel was killing me! Thanks for this tip. Now I can watch videos in full landscape view!

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