How to Hide Purchase apps on iPhone or iPad – iOS 8, 8.1.3

If you are enabled with family sharing and you want to hide purchase apps on iPhone or iPad from any member who are Sync with same Apple ID for Family sharing. Learn in this post how to Hide purchased apps on your iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S and earlier iOS 8 device iPhone and iPad purchases apps history on your iPhone or iPad (iPad Air, iPad Mini) without use of iTunes. In iOS 8, Family Sharing feature is the amazing for the share purchased app in family member so, no require to purchase again for other family member. Have you ever experience trouble on your iPhone or iPad Screen by the large number of free and purchase apps though follow beneath given tip how to hide it? Switch them into sleek and attractive look. Hidden items will also be hidden from family member. Know from below steps for useful tip Hide Purchase apps on iPhone or iPad.

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Step on Hide Purchase apps on iPhone or iPad – iOS 8, 8.1.2, 8.1.3   

Step 1. Launch, App Store app on your iPhone or iPad  

Step 2. On the iPhone, Tap on Update and then tap on Purchased button; on the iPad, Tap on Purchased button lower side on your iPad

Select, My Purchased if you’re enabled with Family sharing group. You can see their All or Not on This iPhone options.Hide Purchase apps on iPhone or iPad how to

Step 3. Tap on any app and swipe left, you will view Hide button

Step 4. Tap on Hide

That’s it. If, you want to re-download purchased or free apps then you can do it easily but, for that you’ve to need just access your iTunes account on your Mac or computer using correct Apple ID. In Apple iOS 8 Devices, user cannot hide other Purchase iTunes app Such as Music, Movie, TV Show etc. for that you’ve to follow hide purchased apps on iTunes.

After check out above tip Hide Purchase apps on iPhone or iPad, text your little replay it has been work good for you.