How to Disable/ Hide WhatsApp Message on iPhone lock screen

This is an experienced way to turn off/ hide WhatsApp message on iPhone lock screen as a preview or instant read. In iOS 8, iOS 9/ 10 and iOS 11 devices has an option for manage notification for individual app we can handle easily cause it has been constructed customize full and user friendly. If we talking about app Notifications for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, then everything about notification you can be keeping as you like Such as Notification sound, badge App icon, Show Notification on lock screen and Notification Alert Style when iPhone Unlocked (None, Banners, alerts) etc.

Please this point should be noted: if you have done turn off WhatsApp message on iPhone lock screen. Then you can’t access next coming WhatsApp message notification from the Control center on lock screen or Cover sheet.

Even if you agree with this above given condition, then the follow at below outlined way for to hide WhatsApp message on iPhone lock screen?

Steps let you turn off/ hide WhatsApp message on iPhone lock screen

So really want to make disable or stop next coming WhatsApp message on lock screen of your iOS devices then get started following six steps. And your messages will become unreadable from locked screen iPhone and overcome your worry about secret WhatsApp Chat message replay notification.

For iOS 11:

#1: Go to the Settings app on iPhone, iPad.

1 Notifications settings on iPhone

#2: Tap on Notifications under settings.

2 WhatsApp Notifications Settings on iPhone

#3: Here, See the list of app that we can customize notification alert and view or disable it completely. Disable Show on Cover Sheet.

3 turn off or disable whatsApp notifications on cover sheet

if you are disabling WhatsApp alerts on lock screen because of notification sound, keep turn on it and disable sound for WhatsApp only. Same like WhatsApp we can do for other social or messaging app installed on iPhone or iPad.

For iOS 10, iOS 9 and iOS 8

Find WhatsApp in the list, Tap on it.

Step 1. Go to Settings app on your iPhone home screen

Step 2. Navigate Notifications tab

Step 3. Tap on WhatsApp from appear apps listHow to disable or turn off WhatsApp message on iPhone lock screen: iOS 8.4

Step 4. Now navigate Show on Lock Screen then

Step 5. Here do turn off Show on Lock ScreenHow to hide WhatsApp message on iPhone lock screen, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus

Step 6. Leave everything as it is likely badge app icon, Sounds etc.

That’s it. So now nobody can see your next arriving WhatsApp messages on your locked Screen iPhone notifications bar. But yeah you can be getting WhatsApp message notification after unlocking iPhone screen.

This same way you can also follow for Facebook and Facebook messenger for iPhone and iPad. And you can make your often locked screen iPhone alerts and Notification pop up as Silent.

Let now tell us how you feel after make unseen/ hide WhatsApp message on iPhone lock screen. Hope you’d like this way and you’ll stay coupled with our site to getting more tip for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPhone SE, 5S and Mac OS how to tips.