How To Select Multiple Photos On Mac

Copying and moving the files on a Mac computer is pretty straightforward. Using Command + C for copy and Command + V for Paste, you can change the location. But right before copy and Paste, the targeted Photos need to select first. 

The ability to select multiple photos on Mac at once enhances Mac users’ productivity. But, are you familiar with all ways in which you have to select all photos or selected but multiple photos on Mac? Here are methods to select Multiple photos on Mac that you may need to learn about.

A Complete Tutorial to Select Multiple Photos

Undoubtedly, selecting the Photos one by one is troublesome as it is completely time consuming. In this article we will walk you through steps to select selected Photos on a Mac.

Click And Drag

Another nifty way to select all photos is by pressing the Shift key + Left Mouse (Translucent Box) Key to select all photos. However, this method is only useful when the photos are side-by-side. 

  1. Open the Photos App. Up next, select the first Photo. 
  2. Click on the empty spot and drag to the last Photo. As a result, you will encounter a Translucent Box, and the photos you select will appear with a blue border. 
  3. All the pictures you have select can copy-paste, deselect, and can be exported. 

We always recommend this method as it’s ultimately time-saving. And very fast compared to the other ways to Select Multiple Photos On Mac.

Use Command + Click

As of now and forever, the Command + Click is one of the easiest ways to select photos. And is ideal when your folder is stored with miscellaneous or scattered photos. Follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Photos App from the Dock or press Command + Space and search for Photos App. Click on the results to open it.
  2. Search for an array of Photos you want to select and work with. Now press Command + Left Mouse Click to select the Photo. The select photos will appear with a Blue Border on them. The number of selected photos will appear on the top of the Screen.
  3. If you accidentally select the wrong Photo, keep pressing the Command Key and next click on the Photo you want to deselect. That’s how easy this method is.

Once you have selected the desired photos, you can export, copy-paste, and delete them.

Select Group Of Adjacent Photo

For instance, the Photos app or any other folder in Mac has a total of 20 Photos numbering from 1 to 20. So what to do next if you want to select Photos from 5 to 13? Fret not, Click on the First image, means photo number 5 and then hold the Shift and click on Photo number 13; that’s it! However, this method only applies when photos are next to each other. 

Select All (Command + A)

To select all photos from the Photos App or any other folder. Here is how you can do so.

  1. For instance, open the Photos App. And head to the Album where the photos are being stored.
  2. Now choose Edit from the Menu bar.
  3. From the Edit Drop down, choose Select All. Alternatively, you can press the combination of Command + A to select All on Mac. 

If you want to deselect the photos on Mac, select Edit from the Menu Bar and choose Deselect All Photos (Option + Command + A). 

How To Share Selected Photos On Mac

Right after selecting the photos, if you want to share or export. Click on the Share Icon present at the top of the window. In the sharing pop, you will receive AirDrop, Mail, Message, Notes, Reminder, etc. select accordingly. 

Note: You won’t allow sharing the selected photos on Third-Party applications like WhatsApp. 

But if you want to share an album in Photos App, follow the steps below.

  1. After selecting Photos, click on the Share Icon at the top of Photos App.
  2. From there, select Shared Album > New Shared Album.
  3. Rewrite the name of Shared Album, and at the same point, enter the email address of the people you want to share with. In case you want to have access to share Album from the iPhone or iPad, ensure you have the email address they use to log in to Apple ID. 
  4. Lastly, click Create.

Bottom Line

Mac computer is an insightful and user friendly, allows to do critical task with ease. That includes multiple photos at once. So now, if you want to move around the photos or want to work on it, these are some of the best way to select multiple photos on Mac.

How To Deselect Specific Photos?

Keep pressing the Command key and then click on the specific photos you want to deselect. 

How To Deselect All Photos?

Nothing more; click on the empty spot all the selected images will deselect. 

What Is The Fastest Way To Select Multiple Pictures On A Mac?

Command + Click is one of the fastest ways to select selected photos. But in case you want all photos to be selected, press Command + A, and that’s It!

How Do You Copy And Paste Multiple Pictures On A Mac?

First, select multiple images with a combination of Command + Click, then right on the image and select copy. Next, head to the folder, right-click on the empty spot, and choose Paste. 

How Do I Select All Photos In A Folder On A Mac?

To select all photos in the folder, either press Command + A or select Edit from the menu bar of the open folder. Lastly, choose Select All.

How Do I Select Multiple Photos To Delete On My Macbook Pro?

Select the Photos using Command + Click, and then either press Command + Delete or Delete.

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