How to Sign out of Outlook on Windows & Mac (365)

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Signing in/out is always an easy task in any application due to its easily accessible sign-in/out option; in the case of Outlook, signing in is easy, but signing out of Outlook is a little tricky.

If you have ticked the save/remember the password option, then seldom do you forget your password, so you prefer to log in always. Sometimes, you want to sign out of the outlook desktop app for security purposes. Traditionally you can’t log out of Outlook. Instead, you must remove or delete your outlook email account to log out.

It’s easy to log out of Outlook on the web Brower, but there is a different procedure for Outlook 365 Logout for mac and windows desktop outlook app.

If you use the Outlook app on a mobile device, you must delete your Account to log out.

In this article, we’ll cover how to log out of the outlook app for windows and mac.

How to Sign out of outlook on windows (Outlook 365)

There is no easily accessible logout option for Outlook 365 windows; you must remove your email account.

Follow these steps for how you can remove your email account from Outlook.

1β†’ Open outlook on your pc.

2β†’ Select File from the menu bar.


3β†’ Click on Account Settings from the Account information.

4β†’ Again, Select Account settings from the dropdown menu.


Now, the Account Settings Pop box will generate. Create a data file to back up your data before logging out.

5β†’ Select the Data files tab and then click Add. It will create a new data file.


6β†’ Now Select the Email tab.

7β†’ Select the Email id which you want to remove/sign out

8β†’ Now Click on Remove

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Notification for backup of your data file (.ost file) will pop up; if you have already done back up, click Yes to continue.

9β†’ Select the Close button.

You can see that you have successfully logged out of your email account.

You can again sign in to your Account by following the steps.

  • Click on the file tab > Select add account > Enter you email Id > select Connect.

In this way, your email account gets added.

Log out outlook by changing your profile

You can also log out of your multiple email account by changing the profile from Account Settings – For Example, on surface Pro.

If you want to change your profile in Microsoft Outlook, here are the steps.

1β†’ Select File from the menu bar

2β†’ Click on Account settings.


3β†’ Select Change Profile from the dropdown list 

4β†’ The pop box with the message “Outlook will close. You must restart outlook to choose the different profile” will generate.


5β†’ Click Ok

You can see that your outlook window will get close. So, when you open the outlook app, it will first ask for the Profile name.

You can also remove or add a profile by following the steps.

  1. Click on the file tab from the menu bar. 
  2. Select Account Settings.manage-profile-in-outlook-windows
  3. Select Manage profiles.
  4. Click on Show Profile.see-profile-in-outlook-windows
  5. Here if you Select Add button, then a New profile pop box will generate in which you have to write the name of your profile that you want to create.add-a-new-profile-in-outlook-windows

First, select the profile from the list, then click on the remove button to remove the profile.


How to sign out of outlook app on mac (Outlook 365)

It is simple to sign out of Microsoft outlook 365 for a mac compared to windows.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to sign out of the outlook account on mac.

1β†’ Launch the Outlook desktop app.

2β†’ Select the Outlook tab from the top left side of the menu bar .

3β†’ Click on Preferences from the dropdown menu.

outlook-preferences-on-mac (1)
outlook-preferences-on-mac (1)

4β†’ Outlook Preferences pop box will generate; click on the Account under Personal settings.


Again, the new pop box will generate.

5β†’ Select Account to Sign out from the list of accounts present on the left side of the pop box

6β†’ Click on the (-) minus sign from the bottom.


7β†’Confirmation pop box will appear; click on Sign out.


Now you can check that your email account is removed from the list of email accounts that are still logged in.

You can easily log out of your email account for Outlook on a web browser by clicking Sign out option under your profile icon located at the top right of the menu bar.

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1. How do I remove Outlook account from Windows 11?

You can remove your outlook account from windows 11 with these simple steps.

Open Outlook desktop app > Select File > Click Account settings > again select Account settings > Select Data files tab > Click Add > Select Email tab > Select Email id which you want to remove > Click remove 

For detailed steps, please refer above article.

2. How do I remove a Microsoft account from Windows 11?

You can remove your Microsoft account from windows in two different ways.

First Way Via Settings 

1β†’ Click on settings from the start menu (Or Right Click on Start menu > Settings).

first way

2β†’ Select the Account option from the left sidebar.


3β†’ Click on “Family & other users”.

4β†’ Select user from other users which you want to remove.

5β†’ now click on the Remove button beside Account and data.


6β†’ Confirmation box will appear; select “Delete account and data” in that.

Second Way Via Control Panel

1β†’ In the start menu, Search for Control Panel.

2β†’ In the control panel, Select “User Accounts.”


3β†’ Select “Remove user accounts” under User accounts. 


4β†’ Now select the Account that you want to remove from the list of Accounts.


5β†’Select Delete the account option from the left side.

3. How do I remove Outlook from Windows 10?

It is impossible to remove/uninstall the single outlook app from your pc as it is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite. And To Uninstall MS Excel from mac.

If you want to remove/uninstall Microsoft office 365, follow these steps for windows 10.

a) Write Control Panel in the search box.

b) Click on Programs.


c) Select Program and feature.

d) Right-click on Microsoft 365.

e) Select Uninstall.


f) Now confirmation window will appear. Click Yes to proceed 

4. How do I change the primary Account in Outlook?

Follow this simple step to change the primary Account in Outlook.

Open Outlook desktop app > Click on File > Select account settings > again Click on account settings from the dropdown.


Click on email tab > Select Account from the list which you want to make Primary Account> now Select Set as default > Click on Close. 


5. How do I add an account to my Outlook?

You can add an account on Outlook (Microsoft outlook 365) by the simple steps.  

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Open outlook app > Click on File tab > Select + Add Account > Enter Id and Password > Select Connect.

With this Simple Procedure, you can add an account to your Outlook.

6. Why can’t I sign out of my Outlook email account?

You can’t traditionally sign out of your outlook email account on the desktop app. Windows and mac have different steps to do so. You can check the above article as we have cover detail steps on how you can sign out of windows and mac.

7. How do you sign out from Mail on iPhone?

You can sign out from any mail on your iPhone with the below steps.

Go to settings > tap Mail > tap on Accounts > Choose the Account you wish to log out > Delete Account. Now confirmation pop-up will appear. Tap on Delete Account to sign out from that mail account.

If you are an Outlook app iPhone users follow the below steps.

  • Open Outlook App > tap on the email icon from the bottom-left side > next tap on profile at the upper-left corner > now choose setting icon > under email Account click on
  • now scroll down and then tap Delete Account > confirmation box with the text “Delete account from this device?” appear then select delete. That’s it!delete-outlook-account-from-iphone

Now you will have to add an account again to sign in.

8. How do I sign out of my Microsoft account on my laptop? 

With these steps, you will learn how to log out of your Microsoft account on your laptop.

1β†’ Open anyone office app from Outlook, Word, etc.

2β†’ Select File.


3β†’ Click on Account (Office account in Outlook) from the bottom of the left sidebar.

4β†’ Select the Sign out option under your profile icon.


5β†’ Close All office apps.

9. How do I sign out of Outlook on my Samsung phone?

With the steps mentioned below, you can sign out of your Samsung phone or any android phone.

1β†’ Open the Outlook app on an Android device.

2β†’ Tap on the Outlook icon from the top left corner.

3β†’ Tap on Setting gear from the bottom left.

4β†’ Now, select the mail account which you want to sign out.

5β†’ Scroll down to the Delete Account option, then tap on Delete Account.

6β†’ Confirmation box will appear tap Delete.

10. How do I delete an email account from Outlook app?

To delete/remove an email account from the outlook app, follow the below instructions.

Open Outlook desktop app > Select File > Click Account settings > again select Account settings > Select Data files tab > Click Add > Select Email tab > Select Email id which you want to remove > Click remove

For detailed instructions please refer to the above article.

11. How do switch accounts in Outlook for Mac?

If you want to switch accounts in Outlook, you have already added several email accounts, and you have a list of emails in your Outlook. So, you can switch between different accounts by clicking email from the list.

12. How do you Sign out of email on a mac?

You can sign out of email on a mac with these instructions.

Open outlook app > Select outlook tab from menu bar > Click Preferences > Click the Account > Select Account > Click on the (-) minus sign > select Sign-out

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