How to Sync Google Calendar With Outlook on Mac Sonoma or PC

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Google’s Calendar service is exceptionally prominent. Despite that, many small or big corporations utilize Microsoft Outlook as an email client to access and schedule Dates & Times on built-in calendars for future meetings or occasions as reminders.

Adequately, there might be an array of user’s who rely upon both Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar, don’t panic due to the inconveniences of checking the Calendar on both platforms. As of now, you can easily sync Google Calendar with Outlook on Mac or a PC. 

Different Ways To Sync Google Calendar With Outlook, Complete Guide!

Your work may persist with Microsoft Outlook, but simultaneously, you rely upon the Google Calendar as you can swimmingly sync Google Calendar with Outlook.

There are different ways to sync google calendar with outlook 365 on both Mac and Windows. So kindly go through the complete guide without missing any important steps.

How To Sync Google Calendar With Microsoft Outlook Email-Client App On Mac

From the two-way sync Google Calendar with Outlook, one of them is adding the Google Calendar account to Microsoft Outlook on Mac. To make it convenient for you to understand, we performed steps, so kindly follow to sync Google Calendar with outlook mac.

Step 1 โ†’ Navigate to the Outlook App.

Step 2 โ†’ Choose Outlook > Preferences… ( Press Command +,).


Step 3 โ†’ On the next window, select Accounts.


Step 4 โ†’ Click on the + Icon present at the bottom left corner of the screen. Select New Accountโ€ฆ


Step 5 โ†’ Enter the Corresponding Email > Continue.


After this, you will be redirected to the Google Browser Window, asking you to select the preferred Account to sync google calendar with the outlook calendar. 

Step 6 โ†’ Select the Account that you have entered into Outlook.


Step 7 โ†’ There will be the pop-up “Microsoft apps & services wants to access your Google Account” scroll down and choose Allow


Step 8 โ†’ Again, you will encounter the “Open Microsoft Outlook?” pop-up, and choose Open Microsoft Outlook.


Step 9 โ†’ Now, you will be redirected to Outlook. Select Done > Continue.

In the end, hover the cursor, click on the Calendar Icon, and capture all the upcoming events you have entered in the Google Calendar.

How To Sync Google Calendar With Microsoft Outlook Email-Client App On Windows

Can google calendar sync with Outlook? Yes, you can easily sync all your scheduled events of the Google Calendar on Microsoft Outlook on Windows. If you are not familiar with the steps, continue reading the article.

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Step 1 โ†’ Head to the

Step 2 โ†’ Click on the Settings Gear Icon > Settings.


Step 3 โ†’ On the next screen, choose Import & Export, located on the left side panel. Now click on the Export option to download the zip file of the Calendar.


Step 4 โ†’ After the completion, navigate to Microsoft Outlook > File located in the upper Menu Bar.

Step 5 โ†’ Now move the cursor to the left panel and click on Open & Export. Select the Import/Export option.


Step 6 โ†’ On the next screen, select Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file (.vcs) > Next.

Click on Next

Step 7 โ†’ On the File Folder Screen, search for the Zipped file(in case you didn’t get the zipped file, go to the browser and right-click on zipped file > Show In Folder. From there, copy-paste file to the desktop) of the Google Calendar and then open it.


Step 8 โ†’ Click on Import.

Click on import

As of now, I can say that “can you sync google calendar with outlook” got cleared after performing the mentioned steps. 

How To Sync Google Calendar On Outlook Web [Mac/Windows]

Importing a Google calendar into Outlook has now become easier, as you can sync the Google calendar with So, no matter the peripheral you are working on, either Mac or Windows, follow the steps below and enjoy hassle-free syncing.

Note: There will be no Secret Address In iCal Format of by-default Calendar (Birthday, Tasks, Reminders) on the Google Calendar.

Step 1 โ†’ Go to and Sign-In.

Step 2 โ†’ Under the My Calendar Section in the left panel, choose three-Vertical dots present next to the Calendar you want to sync. 

select three-vertical dot

Step 3 โ†’ Click on Settings And Sharing.


Step 4 โ†’ In the left panel, scroll down and select Integrate Calendar.


Step 5 โ†’ Now swipe to the Integrate Calendar, and copy-paste Secret Address In iCal Format (If the secret address in iCal Format is not visible, click on Eye Shape Icon > Ok).

Step 6 โ†’ After this, navigate to

Step 7 โ†’ Choose the Calendar Icon located on the left panel.

choose calendar

Step 8 โ†’ From the Calendar Page, click on Add Calendar > Subscribe From Web.


Step 9 โ†’ Paste the link on the Subscribe From Web page and Give the Name To The Calendar.

As of now, if you won’t give the name to the Calendar, you will not be able to sync it. Ultimately results in google calendar not syncing with Outlook.


At-last select Import and wait until Successfully Imported ‘Calendar Name’ appears on the screen. 


Web Calendar Already Exist Issue! While Syncing Google Calendar With Outlook Web

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Don’t hesitate! This issue occurs when you enter the same Secret Address In iCal Format Url in Outlook Web more than once with a different calendar name.

To get rid of this, we suggest clearing out all the Calendar from the Outlook Web and after try re-entering it. 


In the end, Sync Google Calendar With Outlook on PC or Mac highlights all your future Meetings, Calls, and Appointments in a single Calendar. 


  1. How Do I Merge Calendars In Outlook?

To combine or overlay multiple calendars on Mac or Outlook Windows, follow the below steps as per the peripheral you are using.

Merge Calendar On Mac: Go to Outlook > Calendars at the left bottom corners. Then, check all the round boxes next to each Calendar on the next window.

Merge Calendar On Windows: Open Outlook > Calendar > Uncheck one Calendar > View > Change View > List > Choose the calendar from the left panel. Choose any calendar and select all data; then, select Move > Copy To Folder > Select other Calendar > Ok.

2. How Often Does Google Calendar Sync With Outlook?

Google calendar sometimes takes up to 24 Hours to sync with Outlook. However, Outlook only takes up to 3 hours to update. 

3. How Do I Sync My Google Calendars?

To sync the Google Calendar with Outlook, steps vary from device to device. If you want deep knowledge of Sync Google Calendar With Outlook on a PC or Mac, go through the guide mentioned above.

4. Can I Edit My Google Calendar In Outlook?

Yes, you can edit a Google Calendar Outlook Event with Outlook, and all your changes will be featured in the Google Calendar. 

5. How Can I Add Gmail To Outlook?

To add the Gmail Account in Outlook is quite easy; navigate to Outlook. Choose the Outlook from the Menu Bar > Preferences > Accounts > + Icon > New Accountโ€ฆ > Enter the Account > Continue. Now will be redirected to the browser; select the Account you want to add > Allow > Open Microsoft Outlook > Done.

6. How Do I Import A Calendar Into Outlook 365?

For Mac’s Outlook, most of the users found import/export greyed-out Outlook. However, reverting to the old Outlook(Outlook > untick New Outlook) shows the import and export under the file section. But it seems that old Outlook doesn’t support .ICS file format. In this case, you can sync the Google calendar with Outlook Mac using the above guide. 

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Windows Users: Willing to import a calendar into outlook 365? Here are the steps you need to follow. Google Calendar > Settings Gear Icon at the right top corner > Settings > Import & Export > Export. After completion, navigate Outlook App > File > Open Export > Import / Export. Moving forward, select Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file (.vcs) from the next screen > Next. Now search for the Zipped file of Google Calendar in the file folder screen and click on it. Click on Import on the next screen.

7. How Do I Sync My Google Calendar With Outlook And Windows?

Want to sync the Google Calendar with multiple platforms like Windows and Outlook? Kindly go through the steps below. 

To Sync Google Calendar On Windows Calendar: Go to Calendar > Settings Gear Icon at the left bottom corner > Manage Accounts > Add Account > Google > Enter The Email & Password ( in case you have a two-factor verification code, enter it). Now you will be directed to the Google Browser; scroll down and click on Allow > Done. That’s it! 

To Sync Google Calendar On Outlook: Go to Google Calendar and log in. Click on the Three-Vertical Dots located beside the Calendar you want to sync. Choose Settings And Sharing > Integrate Calendar, in the next window, copy the Secret Address In iCal Address Url > go to > Calendar > Add Calendar > Subscribe From Web > Paste Url > Import. Syncing the Google Calendar with Outlook Web will show a synced calendar on all your devices at the same point on Outlook Web App.

8. How Do I Sync My Outlook Calendar With Google Calendar 2019?

There are multiple ways to sync outlook calendar with google calendar. Still, this is the easiest way to do so, move to > Settings Gear Icon > View All Outlook Settings > Calendar > Shared Calendars. Then, under Publish A Calendar, from the Select A Calendar Drop Down, click on the Calendar that you want to sync. And from the Select Permission Drop Down(If the Select Permission and Publish are greyed out, try creating the new Calendar and check if the issue gets fixed. If not, head to the My Microsoft Account and verify your subscription; if it’s active, try opening present under the manage) and click on Can View All Detail. There will be two links link, the one named ICS. 

Now move to the Google Calendar Account and log in. And select the + Icon present next to the Other Calendar > Enter With URL > Add Calendar.

9. Why Is My Google Calendar Not Syncing With Outlook?

There are multiple reasons behind this, but the most prominent is the wrong method to sync the Google Calendar. To get your work done, we have mentioned the best way to actually sync Google Calendar to Outlook in this article, so go through it.

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