How to Turn Off location Services on an iPhone

The complete guide about in turn off location services on iPhone and iPad. Active location services Apps drain more battery. To stop battery killing and to maintain phone battery health all the time. I highly suggest you, please turn off the GPS AKA (location services) on your mobile. Just follow the steps given below and done your job quickly.

Now have a question, how to know LS is enabled on my phone? Let’s I’m telling you in case of your mobile status bar shows an arrow icon, that means Location services is enabled. Let’s scroll the screen to learn in-depth.

Steps to Turn Location Services Switch Off

We know that Location Services on iPhone improves the User Experience to get important data automatically on the App based on your location.

For Example, Nearby all Taxi on the Cab app. But some users are keeps disable Location services are unlikely because of Battery Drain issues, and all-time shows an arrow triangle icon on phone’s top Status bar. You can get here clue by hiding triangle icon on the iPhone Status bar.

Follow Steps to Disable Location Services on Phone

  1. Go to Settings App on your iPhone Home screen.
  2. Scroll down the screen and tap Privacy & Security.
  3. Tap Location Services,
  4. Now turn Location Services Off – The green background button means ON, and the gray background switch means OFF.
  5. You will get a popup,
    • Location Services will be disabled for all apps, but your personalized Location Services settings for apps will be temporarily restored if you Find My iPhone to enable Lost Mode.
  6. Tap Turn Off.

You’re done!

Trick to Turn Location Service Off for Individual App only on iPhone

Let’s now take an instance, if you want to turn off Whatsapp location services on your iPhone, go with the following steps.

  1. Head to Settings
  2. Tap Privacy & Security
  3. Click Location Services
  4. Scroll the screen to Find WhatsApp
  5. Tap on Whatsapp
  6. Your phone screen shows various settings, as given below;
  7. Under the Allow Location Access section- Never, Ask Next Time or When I Share, While Using the App, Always. So Choose Never.

That’s all.

Similarly, you can view all other apps as well. I mean various GPS-based app access locations, For example, App Store, Banking Apps, Calendar, Camera, third-party browsers, Apple Maps Navigation, Social media apps, Navigations, and many other apps they are using Phone location services to allow its features.

Location Services Settings on Mac to turn it Off

Stop mac showing location icon on Mac Menu Bar
Stop mac from showing location icon on Mac Menu Bar

Same like iOS devices, Mac uses your location to give location-based services through the Software running on Mac or From Browser. Also, Find My Mac is important for Everyone. Follow these steps and find the setting for location services on Mac.

  1. Go to the Apple Logo on Mac Menu bar.
  2. Choose the System Settings… option.
  3. Now, Click on Privacy & Security
  4. On the right side panel of the screen, you can see the Location Services option.
  5. Click on Location services, and turn toggle location services OFF.

That’s it.

Let’s share your thoughts on turn-off location services on iPhones running on the latest iOS.

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