How to Turn off Spell Check on iPhone 6 /6 Plus – iOS 8.1

Auto Spell check and correction might annoying for some users of iPhone 6 /iPhone 6 Plus. So that we glade for serving the tips – “disable or Turn off Spell check on iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus.”  You should do just switch Turn off Check Spelling and probably turn off Auto Correction through Keyboard Settings. This is the Custom tip for Quick Type feature of iPhone 6.

Auto Spell Check feature is helpful for them who have no skill to text correct spelling during Text on iPhone keyboard. We can say that it’s a boon for them. Would you not like that then disable/ Turn off Spell check on iPhone 6 / 6 Plus by under given Tip.

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Useful Way to Turn off Spell Check on iPhone 6/ 6 Plus – iOS 8.1

Step 1. Go to Settings app, on your iPhone 6/ 6 Plus Home Screen

Step 2. Tap General

Step 3. Tap Keyboard

Step 4. Now, Turn Check Spelling Off.Turn off Spell Check on iPhone 6 , iPhone 6 Plus how to

That’s it. Hope, from here your requirement is done; which is how to turn off Spell Check on iPhone 6 / 6 Plus. There are many new features in iOS 8.1 for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Such as Enable Emoji, New tip likewise, full stop your sentence by two time tapping space bar on Keyboard for iPhone 6/ 6 Plus through iPhone settings app. but for that you should enable “.” Shortcut;

You can do it at going – Settings > General > Keyboard > Turn “.” Shortcut ON. This is for Stop the sentence, just double tapping on Space bar will insert a full stop followed by a Space.

You can do Turn ON Spell Check again if you want. How to seem this tip for Turn off Spell Check on iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus Keyboard? Let to know us your true replay.


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