How to View Netflix on TV in June 2023

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In the era of Netflix, rarely people opt for cable connections, either they buy the best streaming player or go for Android TV and use it as a phone to watch YouTube, Netflix, Media Player, and more. Certainly, there are five different methods you could really watch Netflix on the TV and enjoy like hell on the huge flat screen. I’m bored of watching my favorite shows on iPhone and MacBook, but then now I’m using one of these tricks to watch Netflix on TV, you should also check them out.

From a Smart TV to Casting iPhone to a large display, Netflix can be viewed on the TV. All you need is a good internet connection, in some cases an HDMI cable and patience to set up all of it. Here are five different ways to view Netflix on your TV.

How to Watch Netflix on TV

1. Watch Netflix on Smart TVs

Usually, all the Smart TVs do come with installed Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and several other streaming services, in which Netflix’s the one, most popular. That’s why major television brands are including the Netflix button on TV Remote for direct access.

If you own Android TV or any smart TV on which it is possible to download Netflix or it is pre-installed, then all you need is an internet connection and Netflix subscription to play programs of Netflix on a large flat screen.

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2. Watch Netflix on Streaming Player

There are plenty of streaming players are available, if you want to turn the simple TV to smart TVs. Talking of streaming player services, the most adapted and affordable is Amazon Fire Stick; then you can also check for Roku TV and more. You can check out our post on the best Apple TV Alternatives to stream programs on TV.

The only thing needed to convert normal TV into Smart TV is a supportable HDMI port that works with the streaming players, so grab your deal.

3. Watch Netflix on PS4

Gaming consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One aren’t limited to gaming, they already have pre-installed media player apps including Netflix in the suite. So, if you own one of the gaming consoles, go and check if it supports Netflix, if yes, then log in to the Netflix and start streaming whatever you want on the PS4 or Xbox One.

They are much alike to streaming players like Amazon Fire Stick and Roku, along with gaming, you can scroll aside the front screen and play shows and movies right on the console.

4. Cast your iPhone or Any Phone to Watch Netflix on TV

Casting the phone on the Apple TV doesn’t require any third-party device; the same goes for if you own a TV with a casting feature. An alternate option is Google Chromecast. Chromecast is an affordable media player than can be helpful to cast the phone to the TV. Again the TV must have HDMI port in which the Google Chromecast can be plugged in.

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Its a handy device that works with Android 4.3 or later and iOS 9.1 or later, to cast shows. Movies, YouTube videos in 4K. Besides, you can control it with your voice, using Google Assistant.

5. Connect Your Phone or Laptop to Watch Netflix on TV

The last option to watch Netflix on TV is by connecting the phone or laptop to the TV. Well, the biggest concern is how do you connect phone and laptop to TV? What you can do is, connect the HDMI output of a laptop to the HDMI input of your TV. It depends on which TV model do you have if it is older then buying DVI cable is recommended and for the latest TV, HDMI cable would work.

To connect iPhone, Android phone to TV, buy one of these Lightning to Digital AV Adapter.

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