How to Use Animoji on iPhone X in iOS 11: Animated emoji & Faces

Apple introduces Animoji for the specific device and IOS version. Animojis are animation emotions. Especially for iPhone X users Use Face ID Technology. That detects your face expression and voice and convert into different Animojis. And now we can send in iMessage awesome in free. Animojis are the next generation emojis that cover very funny emotions and Faces of animals including monkey, cat, dog and cause piles of poop. we can not install Third-Party Animojis using Third-Party iMessage apps, it’s officially added to the app.

Animoji Compatible iPhone and iPad Models: iPhone X only support Animoji, Other 2017 iPhone 8/8 Plus doesn’t support.

Incompatible Model that Support iOS 11: iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 5S.


How to use Animoji animated emoji on iPhone x

Animoji is only available for iPhone X because of its use face detection. First, your iPhone X record your face expression with the audio sound.  After that, it’s automatically converting sample emoji in your expression and sound just like you speak at the recipient and in iMessage.

Animoji is available in your iMessage app drawer. Pick emoji app on your window by the tap on Emoji near to App Store icon on App Drawer. First, record your expression and send in a message with amazing sound effects and screen effects just like you are sending a message as before.

4 Animoji for iPhone X in iMessage how to use guide

Once your open Animoji pane, You can switch between dozens of different types of funny and Cute faces.

2 Emoji for Facial Expression on iPhone X

1 Facial Expression in Animoji on iPhone X

Create and Share animated Animoji on iPhone X on Message app. That’s recording your Voice and mirror your facial expression.

Pre-Installed Dozen on Emoji for create Animoji sticker and Playable Animoji sticker.

You can share Animoji message on Mac, Other iOS device and Smartphone (Android Mobile and Tab in video Format)

Create and Send Animoji on iPhone X: Record Audio and Face Expression

Open Messages app on iPhone X, Now start a new conversation or send it on existing text.

Next, Tap on App store icon Near to textbox.

Find and Select Animoji on left side of the app drawer, now look at your iPhone X frame and Start to record your Expression and Voice by a tap on red recording button. And Stop.

3 Use Animoji on iPhone X record and download

Usually, Animoji can record up to 10 seconds. More than 10 seconds recording send in another message by repeat the same steps.

Before sending play preview, by a tap on “Repeat Play icon”.

To delete recorded animoji, Tap on Delete icon..

Finally tap on the send button, Upper Arrow blue icon near to textbox.

Create an Animoji Sticker

Simply create and Send Sticker on iMessage or Pin Sticker on reply. Open app drawer, Tap on Sticker icon. Adjust your Face in iPhone frame, give facial expression. Touch and Hold on animoji and Drag on Message conversation area. A message will send automatically.

Save Animoji on iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/6S/6

Save Animoji on iPhone X: In Message conversation, press and Hold on animoji than Swipe up and Save.

Save Animoji on iPhone 6 and Earlier: Tap and Hold on Animoji and Save.

Alternate way: Open animoji on full screen to play it. Find the box with the upper arrow icon at the bottom tab, Tap on it and Save.

Saved animoji locate in the photos app.

Note: in iOS 11, Echo and Spotlight are two new screen effects for iMessage.

It’s direct and straightforward way to use an Animoji on iPhone x using messages app. Before you send animation emoji to your receivers we can add emoji within the messages app.

Animoji uses Face Scanning features of new iPhone X, and automatically mirror their facial expressions.