Is iOS 13.4/12/iOS 12.4 iPhone overheating on iPhone & iPad? Here’s Standard Solutions

An iOS 12 is the last iteration of the several iOS running devices including iPhone 5S, iPad Mini, iPod, etc. hence, defiantly, it could running slow on covered all devices. Typically, due to the latest user interface, massive changes in Control Center, iCloud family sharing, and hot coding make old device CPU extremely hard to run and therefore lots of users reporting iOS 12 iPhone Overheating problems outside and also observing too overheat while charging.

One of my friends have an iPhone, and the iPad mini 2 was smoothly compiling on iOS 10.3.3. But after updating to iOS 12/ iOS 11.4, both are running too slow along with blistering problems so uncomfortable in hand.

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Therefore, as a tech guy, I gave him the following listed clarification. He reverts me your solution undoubtedly helpful. So dear friend if your old iOS device also discovered iOS 12 heating Up phone outside issue. Much overheating behaves unhealthy for iDevice battery. Don’t worry. Let’s a closer look at my #1 troubleshooting like a Pro.

Fix iOS 12 iPhone overheating Problems Ruining Experience on iPhone and iPad

How to fix iOS 11 overheating on iPhone

In actual, device not getting overheating but hmm its getting Very hot. In this spot, first of all, you should check out the Power usage logs, and through that, you can get approaches what apps are killing your device battery power too fast. Cause of mostly warming is an indication of power usage. And it could become hardware issue, not the software issue.

Fix iOS 12 Battery Drain Problem

I hope that this would work best to reduce too warm and will double the lifetime of the battery.

Fix #1. Is your iOS 12 device’s internal temperature sensor showing forcing the device to shut down?

To shutdown your iOS 11 device

Go to the SettingsGeneral → scroll down the screen to the end and tap on Shut Down → next up, Slide to Power Off to shut down your Apple iDevice.

Alternative you can also force the device to shut down using the Power button,

Press + hold on sleep/wake button until you see a Slide to Power off. Now, slide it to power off.

Please leave the device for 5-10 minutes before you that button press down to until the Apple logo comes back again. Don’t worry. You don’t lose any documents and data.

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Fix #2. Check out Power Usage

Open the Settings App – Tap Battery – under the Battery usage section what app eats much battery.

How to iOS 11 overheating on iPhone and iPad

Navigate and force close apps.

An Area where there is a hot temperature, and it can also happen it’s charging, playing high intensive GPU 3D graphics game.

Fix #3: iOS 12 too hot making your iPhone boil?

Don’t Wrap up your Phone in thick Case because A thick iPhone case is helpful to make device CPU overheating like Otterbox. So I recommended you leave habit to use that type of Case and keep your phone in the crisp case which also provides safer protection against bump, drop and daily wear and tear.

Fix #4: Check for iOS Update to get rid of iOS 12 heating up Phone issue

Apple frequently pushes a new update if ever it gets feedback from many users and developers too. Therefore, you should check for new firmware through below given step.

Settings App – GeneralSoftware Update.

Software Update on iPhone iPad

If any update available, please update it via OTP or using iTunes on Mac or PC.

Still, latest iOS 12 is available to download and install.

If not update there – you can downgrade to iOS 10.3.3 from iOS 11. For more, don’t miss the remaining workaround to overcome iOS 12 iPhone overheating trouble.

Force Close your all-running Apps || Turn off Wi-Fi and bluetooth || Go Simple with directions (Stop turn-by-turn navigation GPS)

If none of the above way works then you need to take the latest backup and erase all data + Settings of a device. Next, you should restore the iOS device using iTunes.

You should Force Reboot Your iPhone to get rid of iOS 11 overheating problems

one time; force restarts your iPhone to make your device cool compared to current position. Apple’s different iPhone model wise force reboot method is different that thing you can know from below. Note: Don’t worry – you don’t lose any data and documents from your device.

Force Reboot iPhone 8 Plus/8 Plus/ iPhone X:
First Press and Quickly Release Volume Up button, then Press and Quickly Release Volume Down Button, now Press and Hold Side Button until you see the Apple logo on Screen. Get more details- how to force restart iPhone 8 Plus-iPhone X

Force Restart iPhone X iPhone 8 Plus

To Start iPhone, Again press Side button until the startup apple logo on the screen.

To force restart iPhone 7/7 Plus users: press and hold Sleep/Wake button + Volume Down button at a time
To force restart  iPhone 6S and Earlier users: Sleep/Wake button + Home button simultaneously

Force Restart iPhone 5S iPhone 6 iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Which iPhone and iPad Users major Notice iOS 12 too hot issue?

  • Keep away your gadget from direct sunlight
  • Apple also recommending not leave your iOS device in the Car in hot weather season
  • You should limit to use unnecessary functions such as location services
  • On a beach, you should pack your iPhone into a cover
  • Portable cooler for drinks is an ideal tactic to put your iPhone

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, and iPhone X users can able to put (its own risk) into cold water for a while cause of both are IP67 water resistance models.

An iPhone 6S plus, iPhone SE/ 5S and earlier models are not water resistance henceforth don’t take the risk to submerge your iPhone in cooling water or the ice cube.

Whether your iPhone getting overheats notice like iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it at that moment, you can call to an emergency contact.

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Don’t use hard cover case, we always recommend to iPhone user that use Clear Case that facilitates protection and overcame from heating problems. For instance,

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