iOS 11 Screen Recording not working on iPhone/ iPad? Get Here Six Fixes

Ohh, iOS 11 Screen Recording not working? Don’t worry. Apple’s iOS 11 Screen recording is one of the undeclared features on the Stage. Albeit people are much talking about the Screen recording instead of send and receive Payment using Apple Pay Cash, Customize Control Center, and much more. And hmm, I know that why built-in Screen Recording becomes enough favorite in just a few days. Because of I have already tested that iOS 11 Screen recording does works to record on-screen playing videos of Facebook App, Instagram videos, Snapchat and many none-apple and Apple official Apps screen with audio sound without time limits.

I experienced fresh but a lot of users reporting their problem iPhone Screen recording not working iOS 11 after starting from the Control Center. If you are also facing screen recorder bugs, don’t worry. I’m glad to help you with described troubleshooting on screen recording won’t work on iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone XiPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus, 6S/ 6S Plus, iPhone 5S/ SE, iPad and later. First here’s fix iOS 11 Control Center items not working.

Scroll down to the continue iOS 11 screen recorder fix and enjoy back brand new features after update iOS 11.

Troubleshooting on iOS 11 Screen Recording not working iPhone, iPad

iOS 11 Screen Recording not working on iPhone iPad Air iPad Mini

Fix 1: Make Sure Screen Recorder turned on in Control Center

Whenever you trying to record iPhone Screen on iOS 11,

Launch Control Center from the bottom of the Screen and check out Screen recording shortcut icon turns red. If it appears white/ gray (disabled), please gently press force touch and tap Start Recording. Now try again.

Screen Recording on iPhone iPad iOS 11 or later using Control Center

Fix 2: Screen Recording working but Audio problem

Having trouble iPhone screen recorder works but won’t record sound? You must have to turn Microphone Audio ON. To do that open up swiping up settings menu from the iPhone/ iPad Screen.

Note: As we know, Apple old iPhones included iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch 4th Generation. So that you can’t download and install iOS 11 on your device, so update to new iPhone.

Next pressing & holding on Screen recording icon appear on control center, so you get a pop-up with Microphone audio option. Tap on Microphone icon to turn Audio On. Now, test back.

Note: now you’ll have to record iOS 11 or later device screen from the starting point.

iOS 11 Screen Recording working on iPhone iPad with recording audio

Fix #3. iOS 11 Screen recorder is not saving video so, the recorded video can’t appear in Photos App?

After you stop screen recording, you will get a notification on top bar it looks like on given screen.

iOS 11 screen recording notifcation on top bar on iPhone screen

If you got, then check out the video folder in Photos app camera roll. You can see screen recording video clip at last in the Photos app video folder.

iOS 11 Screen Recording works good but recorded video can’t appeared in Photos App

You’ve to make sure that your iPhone/iPad has sufficient storage space onboard memory as well iCloud Storage Space. [Check out Storage Space iOS 11]

Go to Settings → General → iPhone Storage.iPhone Storage iOS 11 or later iPhone iPad

You can upload Screen recording video to iCloud to able to watch on your MacOS High Sierra, Sierra MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac, Windows, etc. Still screen recording video won’t save – Hint how to optimize storage space iOS 11

Fix #4. Screen recording won’t start just icon blinking

You trying to screen record in iOS 11 or later with tapping on Screen recording icon on Control Center, then please Verify that Screen  Recording Restrictions is disabled under Game Center. You can easily understand given steps and through pictures.

Launch Settings App → Find General → Tap Restrictions (Enter passcode) → Scroll down the screen to last until you appear Game Center → Screen Recording toggle must be disabled/Green. If white then turn green. Now test Screen recording back.

iOS 11 screen recording restrictions screen on iPhone iPad

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Fix 5: Does your iPhone Getting hot when are you recording Screen on iOS 11?

Some of the features that you don’t need to use when you recording screen then keep turned off like bluetooth, GPS service. Because of this two functions are consumes much battery though ultimately your device is getting hot.  The second thing is you need to unplug your iDevice if even in charging mode.

The second thing is you need to unplug your iDevice if even in charging mode. And leave it till cool off.

Hint to get rid of iOS 11 overheating on iPhone

If you fail by using above mentioned workarounds, then once Restart your iPhone. This way also useful when user unable to stop screen recording video. Hopefully, this worked in most of the case.

Force Restart iPhone is also an ideal solution to fix iPhone Screen recorder won’t work on

To force restart iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus/8 Plus:
1: Press and Quickly Release Volume Up button, 2. then Press and Quickly Release Volume Down Button, then Press and Hold Side Button until you see the Apple logo on Screen.

To Start iPhone, Again press Side button until startup apple logo on the screen.
For iPhone 7/7 Plus: Sleep/Wake + Volume Down button
For iPhone 6S and Earlier: Sleep/Wake + Home button

Fix 6: Does Screen recording Crashes your iPhone?

You should try this solution to get rid of App crashing on iOS.

Get more about how to how to screen record on iPhone iOS 11 correctly.

Fix #7. Is your iPhone Screen Recording broken?

Sometimes whenever you swipe up control center and trying to press on Screen recorder button that time Screen recording cut suddenly to fix this kind of issue – you should reset All Settings of your iPhone or iPad.

Go with this Steps – Open Settings App General – Scroll down the screen tap on Reset – Now tap on Reset all Settings and do complete the process until the reset confirmation.

Reset All Settings in iOS 11 or later iPhone

You don’t need to worry case you don’t lose any data and media. Just it will erase all settings. But this my tested way and it fixed my iPhone screen recording doesn’t work.

Do you want to use iOS 11 Screen recording landscape/ sideways mode? You need to know about iOS screen orientation lock.

Hmm, by the way, don’t forget to share with us that what number fix helped you to resolve iPhone recorder does not save video or iOS 11 Screen Recording not working problems.

If you’ve any other solution on the topic related, please leave in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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