How to fix iOS 9 personal hotspot missing? iPhone 6S [Solved]

The Apple has recently released its public version iOS 9. Unfortunately, there were many bugs in the developer iOS 9 beta version. Albeit, after the testing all right that was released by the company as the public download on Sep 16-2015. Typically, there is not such problems during download and install iOS 9. But, when users are try to share their carrier data with the help of Personal hotspot. Then they’ve encounter iOS 9 personal hotspot missing under the carrier/mobile data settings.

Basically, Personal Hotspot is not a bug of OS, but it’s also dependants on your Carrier service provider. So your first duty is make confirm that, your carrier is providing you personal hotspot service. If you know that already then go at down to get fix.

We’ve some workarounds to get back missing personal Hotspot in iOS 9. So follow below outlined ways under one roof.

Note: The Cellular data must be turned on to see personal hotspot on iPhone or iPad Settings screen. How to fix personal hotspot missing in iOS 9 on iphone 6S, 6S Plus easily step wise

Alternates to fix iOS 9 Personal Hotspot Missing: PH is gone on iPhone 6S, 6 Plus, 5S

Now start given ideal ways and get back iOS 9 personal Hotspot missing on your iPhone or iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular).

First way: To get back iOS 9 Personal hotspot is gone

Step 1. Go to Settings app on your iPhone or iPad (iPad Mini, iPad Air)

Step 2. Cellular/Mobile data

Step 3. Tap on Cellular Data Network and go for APN Setting

Step 4. In Personal hotspot section Enter Same APN as your cellular data APN,How to fix iOS 9 personal hotspot missing iPhone 6S, iPad, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 5S

Now go one step back you must see personal hotspot in Cellular/ Mobile Data under Settings.

Hope, you got it back. If you see same problem again then let’s go on next solution.

Second Way: to fix iOS 9 personal hotspot Missing: Hard restart your device

To hard restart iPhone or iPad, Press and hold on Sleep/Wake button and home button simultaneously until you see Apple logo. Then Start your iOS device again with same buttons. And Check out personal Hotspot under cellular Settings.

Third Way: Reset network Settings in iOS 9: iPhoen 6S, 6S Plus

You should do once reset network Settings on iPhone or iPad. You can learn that from here step by step.

Let’s now Share your reply which one way out of three is become your solution. You’ve iOS 8/iOS 7 devices and Personal hotspot missing then go with this post.


  1. Thanks a lot, I had just got my iPhone 5s and I was worried.. But the first step worked wonders ✌🏽️


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