iPhone/iPad keeps Freezing and Hanging, Touch Screen Unresponsive after Software Update

Last Updated on Jun 22, 2021

Some features and settings are new for beginners and existing iOS users. This will smoothly run your all iOS device and future of easy life. So people are crazy to update to iOS 14 for public users and iOS 15 Beta latest versions. But some users are regretted with the most common problems of the iOS device screen are Freezing and Hanging time to go after the update. We have a problem with special app activities like a tap on the settings icon on the iOS app (App closing when Open it) and also App Unexpectedly Quits.

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Sometimes high configuration games and apps stuck or Make the touch screen unresponsive or Freeze the device.

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Let’s see possible causes and solution of your iOS 15 Beta keeps Freezing and Hanging overtime on iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6S/6, iPhone 5S.

Troubleshoot the problem of iPhone and iPad Freeze and Hanging

Turn Off Screen Time if not in Use: Hanging and Unresponsive

Screen Time in iOS 15 on iPhone, iPad we are using for App Limit. That we can set own device or Other Devices as a Parental control. Go to the “Settings App” on iOS device > “Screen Time” > “Turn Off Passcode” [Enter Screen Time Passcode] disabling Screen Time on iOS 15 device.

Having Freeze or Crashing, Rebooting in loop Other iPhone, Quickly check Screen Time that applied from the Parental device? Using the Steps above.

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Hard Restart or Reboot your iPhone

Hard restart erases the memory and releases more enough memory to process the app. Hard Restart or Reboot process is different for each iPhone model.

Let’s see how to restart or Hard Reset iPhone.

Check for Update iOS

Apple releases a new version of iOS 15 after few days in the cycle. Apple Add new features and a bug fix related to improvement and lightly access any compatible iOS 15 devices.

Go to the Settings > General > Software Update.

Force Close all apps running in Background on iPhone

First, we need to close all the app recently use, and that run in the background. We can see these all apps from the app’s switcher screen. Use double click on the home button or on iPhone X slide finger up from the bottom edge of the screen.

Once you entered in App switcher screen, Slide your finger up that moves your app to the upper side, will close the app. Or Hold on to the app to close on iPhone X then swipe up.

Reset all settings

You can repair this fix by reset the settings of the iPhone. The reset option will set all the iPhone settings to the default value. Follow the steps below to reset all the settings.

1: Go to the Settings app on iPhone.

2: Next, Tap on General > Reset.

Carefully find the Reset all settings option only. Enter Passcode two times and verify again to start the resetting process.

Not Enough Storage on iPhone

Very low space on your iPhone and iPad is a big issue for the app running on your iOS device. Apps not finding more space to save some important data locally from the internet while you are using.

You can know the available storage space on your iPhone from the settings: Settings > General > About > Available field.

Check the overall status, and which types of data used your iPhone memory. Also, know Free Up storage in iOS on iPhone.

Extra Dose: Important!

You really need to text the New iOS 15 Beta release or Publick Version all time. you can try to install it on the Spare device. Otherwise, Downgrade to Previous Public iOS. Let’s Downgrade iOS Developer Beta on Your iPhone, iPad.

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Hardware Issues: Recommend Apple Help Desk

Apple Helpdesk handles your request and helps to give a satisfied solution if any hardware damage inside or on screen.

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