Fix iPhone 13 Overheating when using or Charge, Play Game

1 iPhone X Overheating issue

Here I defined normal cases for that you feel your iPhone 13 Pro/ 13 Pro max gets heating and you feel like biggest issues. Yes, we can fix it using some techniques that work and causes iPhone 13 Overheating. Person to person reason for iPhone 13 overheating are different like iPhone 13 overheating on Hotspot, iPhone 13 Overheating battery draining, While using FaceTime or Video call on List of social apps, Using Wireless Charging, Use of Third-party Charger or iPad’s charger, iPhone 13 Overheating 4k video, Listen music or Watch YouTube or Video.

People also get overheating while using Audio call for a long time. The app that uses location services like Maps, Banking apps, AR and VR Games

9 Fixes to consider iPhone 13 Overheating issues and Solutions

Use Backless case or Leather Case

  • Remove Case while on a charge if Case is faulty

Today iPhone users using worthless and fancy cases, that useless and harm your iPhone 13’s hardware internally. If you read this article then quickly remove your back case and try to use your iPhone 13 without cover. You can go with iPhone Premium case, not so costly by perfect to use.

Disable or Turn off Bluetooth or WiFi

  • Check your Bluetooth and WiFi is turned on

Your iPhone 13 is not connected Bluetooth or WiFi. So it will continuously check and scan new Connection around you. Also, this is an issue, while we turn off iPhone and Turn on again, check WiFi and Bluetooth automatically turned on. This is a really serious reason for iPhone 13 battery draining issue.

Always Charge your iPhone 13 for Full Battery Cycle (91 to 95%)

  • Check Battery Percentage on iPhone 13, Don’t put your iPhone in full night.

Turn on Battery Percentage on iPhone 13 and know how to check?

Charging cycle is an important role in any smart gadgets. Here I am talking about iPhone 13, Always charge your iPhone for the full battery cycle. Your iPhone will charge 1% in 1 Minute; unplug the iPhone after 90% to 95% charge.

Remove unused installed Apps

  • Check Battery status used by apps in Percentage

Check your iPhone’s home screen and remove the app that can’t in use. Old version App might be the issue. Tap on Hold on App icon until All App icon jiggle on screen with a cross mark. Tap on “X” and Delete app. After delete tap on ‘Done’.

Disable Background App Refresh

Some background app is running on iPhone 13 and using your Location, Cellular or WiFi Data. Manage Background app refresh,

Go to the Settings app on iPhone.

General > Background App Refresh

Turn off Location service or Enable while app in use

Select Off or Use another two depends on use (WiFi or Wi-Fi & Cellular Data)

Restart or Force Reboot iPhone 13

Quick Restart: Press and Hold Sleep/Wake button > Side to turn off and Again use side button to turn on.

Quick Reboot: Quickly Press and Release Volume up button, then Press and Release Volume down button. Press and Hold side button until you see the apple logo on the screen.

Update iOS 15

Check for New iOS 15 Update, Go to the Settings > General > Software Update > Download and install update.

Use official iPhone 13 Charger

Third party Charger is an always biggest issue; People are buying third-party lightning cable after damage or frayed. Or use it in different places.

Backup and Restore

  • Repair iOS system

First, take a Backup of your iPhone 13, Open the Latest version of iTunes on Mac or PC.

Connect iPhone 13 to iTunes via lightning cable. Go to Summary section > Backups > Click on the Backup button.

Clean iPhone without iTunes

Once a backup is done, Reset iPhone 13 series to factory default = Go to the Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Erase All content and Settings > Erase This iPhone screen appear Tap Continue > Enter Passcode for This iPhone > A pop-up ask you Upload Data to iCloud – if you have iCloud turned off – a message pop-up that iCloud Upload and Backup failed – Choose Erase Anyway or go with Don’t Erase iPhone.

Way using iTunes

Restore iPhone 13, Connect to iTunes > Follow on-screen instruction for restore latest back up from iTunes.

Wrap Up

Still, iPhone 13 Overheating issue persists, contact Apple support center via online chat or Call. Or Visit nearest Apple Store. Also, Apple is helping for battery issue via Battery Replacement program. Participate in and get free iPhone 13 battery replacement.

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