iPhone, iPad app Can’t Update on Mac App Store [M1 Mac, MacBook]

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if you won’t able to update the app on the Mac app store because it’s iPad or iPhone app that is installed on M1 Mac or MacBook Pro/Air. here’s a quick solution to fix the app is not updating or stop processing while pressing on Update button for the app on the Mac app store.

Here are the multiple solutions that are helpful in your different types of problems you should check it step by step when your Mac won’t update the iOS or iPadOS app.

Fix iPhone, iPad app Won’t update from Mac App Store

1: Check Internet Connection

To download and install app updates on Mac, a stable Internet connection is required to verify and update the app successfully on your Mac from the app store.

So, check using an online internet speed checker tool or Connect with stable internet.

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Force Close App Store app on Mac: & Try again

  • Open App Store > App Store from the top Menu > Quit App Store

2: Apple Server Status

this problem looks like your Request for an app update stopped silently and automatically after a long wait. In such a case, you should check the current apple server status and find the service is under maintenance or alert for the app store. here’s the check of apple server status online in any country. or See the app store server in other countries.

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if all apple services are up and running okay, then diagnose the problem with other solutions for your Mac.

3: Clear Mac App Store App Cache on Mac

this is a workable solution for the users who are not able to start updating the app on the Mac app store. clear the app store app cache manually using the terminal command and Re-try for Downloading the app from the app store.

  1. Open the terminal app on your Mac. [Command + Space and type terminal].
  2. Type and run the below command,
sudo rm -rf /Users/xxxxx/Library/Caches/com.apple.appstore
sudo rm -rf /Users/xxxxx/Library/Caches/com.apple.appstoreagent\

That’s it. and Try again to download the app update on the mac app store.

Still, your app store won’t be responding due to apple ID authentication and Some security issue that we can fix using the next solutions.

4: Disable VPN or Delete VPN

VPN on mac uses a Proxy connection that loses the System Privacy, and Won’t allow the apple server to download it using the unbiased connection. So, Turn off the VPN on your Mac or Uninstall VPN from Mac.

5: Check Apple ID: Logout and Login again

On Mac, the user can download the app from the app store from a verified profile or signed mac. To fix this problem on your Mac, Start updating old Apps and Download a New App store you must verify your apple id on your Mac. follow the below steps,

  1. Go to the Apple Logo from the top mac menu > System Preferences.
  2. next, Apple ID > Overview.
  3. Logout and Login again using Apple ID once you do it. Force close the app store app and Re-open it to start finding a new app and downloading old apps. read more: Apple ID Sign out Greyed out on Mac’s System Preferences.
  4. That’s it.
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Still, the problem is not fixed due to an internet software bug or an Existing Third-party app on the mac that prevents downloading a new app on startup your Mac.

6: Safe Mode

Safe mode on Mac determines the software issue while turning on your Mac. to Stop that, Put your Mac in safe mode, and follow the below steps for M1 mac or Intel Mac.

For M1 Mac: Shutdown your Mac, and After 20 seconds, Press and Hold the power button until your mac show the startup volumes and Options on Screen. Now, Select Startup Volume, Hold down the Shift key, and click on the “Continue in Safe Mode” Option. Wait for a few seconds, you will see the Mac login screen after the macOS Recovery popup.


For Intel Mac:- Shutdown your Mac and after 10 seconds, turn on your Mac, Now Quickly press and Hold on the Shift key, until your Mac show a login screen, Safe mode level at the top right corner.

Log in to your Mac and check the issue is solved.

To Exit from safe mode, Restart your Mac.

7: Delete and Reinstall

Is your Mac stuck and won’t update because downloaded through another apple ID that’s not verified during the update. In that case, Mac users have to delete the app from Mac completely and re-download & install it on their Mac. To delete, Go to the Application folder in finder > Right-click on the app and Move to a bin to uninstall completely from Mac.

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8: Contact App Developer

Need another help from the app developer to troubleshoot the installation error, launching problem, and usage issue. here’s an alternate method to find App support and get a solution from the developer. Know how to Contact app developer on Mac.

9: Update macOS

Update macOS also fix the software bug and issues while you are using the updated app and old apps like for you found a problem with the updated app.

Restart your Mac & Try after Force Close the app store

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