Mac OS X Yosemite Show or Hide File Name Extension [How to]

Way for show all hidden file name extension on Mac

How to Tip for OS X Yosemite, you might refer the tip for hide file and folder on your Mac. But have you ever been read the tutorial for Show or hide file name extension to your Macbook Air, MacBook Pro or iMac. No right whatever, you are on right place here you can get steps to show or hide file name extension on Mac OS X Yosemite. File name extension is a two or three letters word, which always appear after dot mark in files names. In the file names that denote files are open with particular extension programme such as .JPG extension is always open With Image viewer tools, because JPG is an extension of the image file. Apple provides to their users hide and show option of file name extension. File extension are usually hidden in OS X, but if you find them that useful for you then you can show them in your Mac.

Note – when you rename your file name at that time don’t change that file extension, otherwise that file you may not longer be able to open the file with that was use to create it.

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Step for Show or Hide File Name Extension For, One File

Step 1. Select a file

Step 2. Then Choose File

Step 3. Get Info or press Command – IHow to Show or Hide File Name Extension on Mac

Step 4. Click the triangle next to Name & Extension to expand the file name section, and see the file name section for the file.

Step 5. To show or Hide file name extension, Select or Deselect “Hide extension”.

Step for Show or Hide File Name Extension For, All Files

Step 1. Choose Finder

Step 2. Preferences, then Click on Advanced.

Step 3. Select or Deselect “Show all filename extensions” Better tips for how to show file extension on iMac

That’s it. According to our experience some file names can’t be hidden such as .JPG file   for example, image imported from digital camera may continue to show the .jpg extension although if you deselect “Show all filename extensions”. Now, your turn give your replay in the bellow comment box, respect to the Show or Hide File Name Extension on OS Yosemite tutorial.

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