How to Stop/Remove Apps From Opening On Startup Mac, MacBook: macOS Big Sur, Catalina & Earlier

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Here is the very useful tip for Mac, This is most useful for all professional that interacting your Mac’s primary usage apps, files and folders at once in a day or after login every time. This means when he/ she is logging the first time. Normally most of the people interacting own his/ her task in a day on office or home. Suppose you want to read the news first then you need a browser or whether apps from there you can easily get notification or alert. At that time safari browser, you have to set auto-open when you log in on the Mac machine. Spectacular thing is that, in Simple case, you need more that one action to open different apps, files and folders. But now this problem has been resolved once we enable or add Startup Programs on Mac, After that it will be automatically launching on startup Mac computer. if you feel that your Mac freeze on Startup time, Becuase of too many processes included Startup login items launching first, Then we can stop that software by removing it from Login Items.

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Note: Use these ways on Mac running on macOS Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, and Earlier, That give the option to automatically or by default open apps, document files, and folders. For that, you have to the setlist in setting, which wants to open at login time in Mac.

How to Add or Turn Off Auto Program Startup on a Mac, MacBook

  1. Go to the Apple Logo on Mac from to Menu.
  2. Now, Select System Preference.

    Finder System Preferences option on Mac

      Finder System Preferences option on Mac
  3. Select Users & Groups options. In Next Window Select, Your Login User name from the side panel,

    Users and Group option under the System Preferences option on Mac

    Users and Group option under the System Preferences option on Mac

  4. Now Select Login Items Tab.
  5. Just Select the Program that you want to be removed from automatically launch items list. Next click on Minus sign to remove from the list.

    Remove Login items on Mac that Automatically launch

    Remove Login items on Mac that Automatically launch

  6. Now the Unwanted Find my app stopped from automatically launch on startup Mac. See Below Screen.

    Remove Login Items that Automatically Launch on Startup

    Remove Login Items that Automatically Launch on Startup

  7. That’s it. But, How to add new Login Items.
    • Tap on “+” icon, to add as an Auto open apps and Document on Mac, For Perticualt user login.

If you want to remove it, then tap on the “-” sign.

Note: you can also remove startup items in your Mac through very easy steps.

Remove startup or auto open apps and Document in Yosemite OS from all Accounts

  • Open Finder on Mac. and Go to login items fonder on Mac using the below steps.
  • You can see all the startup items in a window by pressing Command + Shift + G.
remove start up item from all user

Remove startup an item using a command

Then type /Library/StartupItems

You can see all the startup Apps, Folders and files in single windows. Just copy that item, you want to remove as a start-up for all the accounts and paste it in different places or folders.

Now you are done after restarting your Mac.

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