Mail Search Not Working on Mac After Ventura Update

In the current macOS Update, Apple hardshiphed hard to enhance the Improved Search results to make the users get accurate and complete results. But, at the same point, suggest before they start typing. 

Thus, the users continued using Apple Mail after the latest macOS update. But as time passed, users of Apple mail started complaining; end up going wrong when they searched for something specific in Apple Mail. 

It doesn’t end here!

Some sturdy users of Apple mail encountered Apple Mail doesn’t show all emails, documents, ​​People, subjects, attachments, flagged messages, mailboxes, and sometimes none at all. 

Suppose you are one such user continuously experiencing Mail search not working after upgrading to macOS Ventura. Troubleshoot it as early as possible by following the below-mentioned guide. As of now, it could highly impact your work productivity. 

Why Is Apple Mail Search Not Working?

There are two possible reasons Apple mail search filter doesn’t load or display just showing a blank screen; a plague within the software or software is running on old hardware. 

The hardware; usually, the older processors don’t match up with the software requirements, resulting in a Mac mail search filter not showing search results. For the most part, it can be due to software bugs.

Mail Search Not Working After Ventura Update

If you search and, in return, get no search results or matches on Apple Mail, continue reading the article as we cover the different ways to get rid of it. 

Note: Before compiling the troubleshooting steps; formerly, navigate to the Mac Mail and see if you have selected All Inboxes in the left upper corner before searching in the search filter. Because if any unrelated option is selected, the Apple Mail search will not show a relatable query.

Solution#1. Check Apple Mail Server

With a closed eye, always believing the System Software or Hardware as the culprit behind the Mac mail search not working can sometimes go wrong. 

So before going through any troubleshooting steps, first of all, check Apple Mail Server Status. If it’s down or showing Red Symbol, wait until the issue gets fixed on its own.

Solution#2.Log-Out And Log-In Back

The simplest way to cut the crab is by logging out and back into Apple Mail. As always, it refreshes the connection between Apple Mail Account and Apple Mail Server.  

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Navigate to the Apple Mail.
  2. Select Mail > Accounts…
  3. Pick out the account you are facing the issue with, and then disable the Toggle next to Mail.

Reperform the same steps and check on the box present next to the Mail. That’s it!

Solution#3. Restart Safe Mode

Apple has its sword known as Safe Mode, which helps to find and fix the causes of mac search not working after the latest macOS update. Considering this as a practical solution, try Booting Up The Mac To Safe Mode. 

Solution#4. Shift Launch Mail

Performing this troubleshooting will refresh the Application memory and make it as if you are using it for the first time by forgetting its current state. 

What you need to do is, 

  1. Navigate to the Application Folder, press the Shift Key and open the Mail App.

After doing so, exit the application, hold for a few seconds and Shift launch it again. Now restart your Mac device and open the application.  

If you have various email folders carved with a long array of lists. Then, you must pick out the Folder to make the search filter work more effectively and efficiently.  

  1. Navigate to the Apple Mail. Then, select the preferred Mail ID from the left side panel.

Choose the Folder and search for the desired phrase in the search filter to check if Mac mail search not working macOS Ventura is fixed. If not, you have to try your luck with rebuilding Mailboxes. 

Solution#6. Rebuild Your MailBox

Your Apple Mail search doesn’t work at all; try to rebuild your mailbox. Doing so will rebuild the mailbox for Exchange or IMAP Account by clearing it out from the Mac Mail, and after that, it will be restored again from Apple’s Server. 

However, your mailbox seems to be empty until the procedure gets finished. 

  1. Head to the Apple Mail and then press Control-Command-S. 

Note: In case the preferred mailbox is not highlighted in the Mail Sidebar, choose Mail > Preferences > Accounts > Account Information, then ensure the account is enabled.

2. Select Mailbox > Rebuild.

That’s It! For instance, if the attachment, documents, or messages seems to be garbled or missing in the Mail boxed will reappear. 

Solution#7. Reset Mac’s SMC

SMC, known as System Management Controller, is the built-in chip on the Intel-based Mac. Which is used to carry out specific tasks in Mac; however, it can sometimes come in contact with the System Bug; and ultimately results in Mac mail search not working. Therefore, considering all the possible scenarios, perform Reset SMC On Mac.

Solution#8. Reset NVRAM

Non-volatile Random Access is the small part of Mac’s memory that stores the various settings, such as Display-Resolution, Brightness, Time Settings, and Start-Up Disk.

Thus, Resetting The NVRAM On Mac can be an effective solution when got stuck with a search not working in Apple Mail. 

Solution#9. Rebuild Mail And Spotlight Indexes

We didn’t usually recommend such a type of troubleshooting step because it only works for some Mac Users. But still worth trying your luck, as we have come too far to fix the Search bar not working on Apple Mail. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Go to the Apple Logo > System Settings…
  2. Select Siri & Spotlight > uncheck the Box present next to the Mail & Messages.

After doing so, exit the System Settings… and hold for a few seconds, and then perform the same step to enable the Mail & Message.

Disable And Re-enable Google Account

  1. Open the Apple Mail, and then select Mail.
  2. Select Settings > Account.

Click on Google, and on the next screen, tap on the Toggle next Mail to disable and enable it once again.

Quit corespotlightd

  1. Move to the Finder > Utilities.
  2. Select Activity Monitor and then search for corespotlightd. Lastly, choose X Icon.

Solution#10. Re-Install macOS

In this long journey, if nothing works as per your orders, the last spoon of water left is Reinstalling macOS. As it might be due to the corrupted file coming along with an update causing Mac mail search not working on macOS Ventura.

Important Note: Before reinstalling the macOS, we suggest creating a Backup Of Mac’s Data to prevent data loss.


An array of users who frequently complained about Mail App search not working or else showing wrong results will now get free after following the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the guide. However, if you are still facing a similar issue, kindly Contact Apple Support!

How Do I Reindex Apple Mail On Mac?

Rebuilding Mac mail is the best solution, but if you are still facing the issue, try your luck with reindexing Apple Mail. To do so, Exit Apple Mail > Finder > Go > ~ /Library/Mail/ > Go. On the next screen, select V8 Folder (as per your macOS Version, it can also be named V5, V6, or V7) > MailData. Now delete all the files starting with Envelope Index or Envelope Index-Wal.

After that, reopen the Apple Mail, which will load with a new Envelope Index. However, this process seems to be time-consuming, so be patient!

How Does Apple Mail Search Work?

If you have selected single or multiple Mail from the Mail Sidebar, Mail search will only work for the selected Mail ID. Nevertheless, if you want to search all mailboxes in Mac Mail, select All Mail Box in the left sidebar.

Where Is The Search Field In Apple Mail?

The search field is on the left-upper corner of the Mail mail toolbar.

How Do I Filter Emails In Apple Mail?

To filter the Mail, navigate to the Apple Mail > Filter Icon presented above message > View > Filter > Enable Message Filter. That’s It!

How Do I Fix The Mail App On My Mac?

Search not working on the Apple Mail is to fix; if you recently come up with it, try force quitting the Mail App. If it seems to reappear, go through our guide to fix it.

How Do I See All Emails In Apple Mail?

To see all emails in Apple Mail, For Single Conversation: select the message count located in the top message. For multiple Conversations: Select View > Expand All > Conversations.

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