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MacOS users have reported the issue with the launch of the Messages app; messages won’t start and keep crashing automatically on launch. So, here are the essential solutions that work in your case. if not, you can send a bug report to apple support or wait for the next macOS update.

On the other end, Apple is releasing a tasted macOS update, So there is no chance get Apple users are in trouble with native Apple apps like Messages. So, You have to troubleshoot the install Apps on Mac or Other systems & software issues with the below steps,

Basic Solutions to fix Messages crashes on Mac

hope you get done with the primary solutions like Restart your Mac, Reset PRAM or NVRAM on Intel Macs, and Noting works then go with the other solutions.

Quick Troubleshooting

  1. Check Apple Server, That might be under maintenance.
  2. Force Quit all the apps running on Mac. Go to the Apple Logo > Force Quit > Select all apps [Command + A] > Force Quit.
  3. Check the Correct Date and Time,
    • On MacOS Monterey: Go to the Apple Logo > System Preferences > Date & Time > Click on Lock to make changes, Select Checkbox for “Set time and date automatically [apple (]”.
    • On MacOS Ventura, Sonoma: Go to the Apple Logo > System Settings > General > Date & Time > Set time and date automatically. also, enable “Set time zone automatically using your current location” toggle.
  4. If your Messages app is not crashing constantly, then Sign out and Sign in again. Open the Messages app, While it’s open go to Messages from the top menu > Preferences > iMessage Tab > Sign Out.
  5. Keep your MacOS and Mac Apps up to date. Apple has given small & large bug fixes and improvements in each macOS update. So don’t miss any updates.
    • For macOS Ventura & later: Go to the Apple Logo > General > Software Update > Download and install.
    • For MacOS Monterey & Earlier: Go to the Apple Logo > Software Update > Download and install.

Safe Mode

Safe mode on Mac determines the software issue on your Mac startup and launch apps on startup. First know your Mac is M1 or Intel, and find the steps to put into Safe mode using the below-given steps,

Sometimes Entering your Mac in Safe mode will take some time, Becuase your Mac automatically fixes itself.

For m1 Mac,

  1. Shut Down your Mac and turn it on after 20 seconds. Next, Press and Hold on the power button [Touch ID] Button until you see the Startup volumes and Options on the screen.
  2. Select the Startup Disk, Press Shift from the keyboard, and Click on Continue in Safe mode and log in with your Mac login password.m1-mac-safe-mode
  3. That’s it.

For Intel Mac,

  1. Shut down your Mac and wait for 20 seconds, Next quickly press and Hold on Shift Key from the keyboard. Until you see the Safe Boot label at the top right corner of the screen.
  2. That’s it.

Now, Open the messages app on Mac and See it is fixed or not. Also, Still not then go with another solution, Reinstall MacOS.

Reinstall macOS

Reinstallation will take some time, depending on your internet connection speed, and mac Data size. here’s a tutorial on how to Reinstall macOS fix the software issue without removing or Erase data from Mac.

Although, I recommend taking Mac backup in Time Machine for safety purposes.

Check for Update

Hope this will definitely fix in Apple’s MacOS Subsequent update. So, you need to Wait for the next update or Go with the Clean install Mac, in this Process your Mac Data and Settings are completely erased and you have to download & install Apps from the app store again.

  • Go to the Apple Logo > System Preferences > Software Update > Download and install.

Contact Apple Support

If your problem is different that is not covered in the solution and want to reach quickly to apple support or Find the ways to send a bug report to apple, then we can do it.

Or, Contact apple support on a Phone call, email, or Chat to Book an Appointment at apple genius bar. or Visit the nearest apple support.

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  1. For anyone like me who has tried everything on the net regarding fixes of this issue with absolutely no positive result, here was what I did:
    Computer:2017 iMac 27″ w/Ventura
    Fix: System Setting – General – Storage – Click on the “I” circle on the right side of Messages – highlight any jpeg in the list – Click on “Open Messages”. When I did this the Messages came back after one month of trying any other fixes.
    Hope this will help the most frustrated users.


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