Reply whatsapp lock screen iPhone: iOS 9, iPad

WhatsApp, One of the most popular social chat app available for all the mobile and desktop platform. In the recent update on whatsApp iOS app, one key feature added by whatsApp officially. Very useful and quickest way to reply Chat directly from lock screen iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Instant reply whatsapp lock screen iPhone Not only useful for iOS 9 users, but all the users, who have update whatsApp version 2.12.16 or later.

Simply pull down app notification center for quickly reply all incoming message from WhatsApp’s recipients individually, saved in your whatsApp iOS application.

Compatible Devices: iPhone 4S/5S/5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus. iPad and iPod Touch.

Steps for use quick Reply WhatsApp lock screen iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: iOS 9/ 8

Sent from locked screen

See the below locked iPhone screen, incoming WhatsApp message will be show up like below screen. Otherwise, you missed or reply old message at the time on comes to your iPhone or after display timeout. Swipe your finger from top to bottom; See the notification pane for all apps.

Slide right to left on WhatsApp message notification,

Next, Tap on Blue section “Reply”.Reply whatsapp lock screen iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Then, you can send message in text file. By tap on text box field.

Sent/ Reply WhatsApp message from unlocked screen,

If you are an active on another app, you will also get the WhatsApp message from top of the screen. Slide below like drag message, you can see reply box. Type and send.Reply WhatsApp Message from any screen

Security: (Chat on lock screen)

With this feature you might be loose the security like unknown can read and sent reply without unlock screen or enter pass code. Right now you have no option for disable instant Reply whatsapp lock screen iPhone.

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Reply WhatsApp lock screen iPhone or other iOS great help from WhatsApp for social fans just like iMessage instant reply also works like that.