Safari Tab Groups Name Ideas For Mac, iPhone, iPad

Monterey & iOS 15 introduces new methods to stay in touch with friends and family, work more efficiently across devices, and stay focused. macOS Monterey, the latest and most powerful desktop operating system globally for Mac forever, introduces new ways for users to connect, get more done, and operate more fluidly across their Apple devices.

Safari has been fully redesigned from the ground up. By adopting a new design language, Apple has succeeded in providing more webpage real estate than before. Thankfully, Apple didn’t stop there; Safari has just arrived in the store with a slew of new improvements that we’ll be sure to let you know about. For the time being, let’s learn more about the Safari Tab Groups feature. Safari for iPhone, iPad, and Mac now includes a tab group feature that makes managing several tabs an easy-peasy job. It is helpful if you’re doing a lot of research or want to keep things organized.

Safari’s Tab Groups

If you use Safari for research or any other online browsing, you’re probably aware of how difficult it is to manage tabs in several Safari windows. Thankfully, Tab Groups in Safari on macOS 12/iOS 15 or later allows you to organize all of your open Tabs into separate groups, making it easier and faster to access them again and again. This new feature in Apple Safari is intended to help users manage their tabs more effectively. The Tab Groups feature includes a long-press button that allows you to create a single tab group. 

Safari’s Tab Groups Name 

Working with various tabs while browsing the internet is tiresome. With the new Tab Group feature, Apple has further made Safari more user-friendly. To not get confused while using Safari’s Tab Groups, naming them is brilliant. You can also categorize these group names according to what your tabs are about. It will help you organize if you left your browsing work mid-way and are catching up later. You can continue from where you left off instantly without searching for which tab group you were working/browsing with. If you have multiple Apple devices with the same Apple ID, the tab groups will automatically be shown over all the devices. 

Here are some ideas for naming your tab groups on Safari in your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. 

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Catchy Safari Tab Group Name Ideas

You can use catchy names. For example, if you have been online shopping, you can name your tabs groups “Online Window Shopping,” or if it is for a particular event you are shopping for, you can name it

  • “Wedding Wishlist”,
  • “Daily Hookup”,
  • “Classy Talk” for Social Webs,
  • “Pay Bills” – Check Monthly Statements, Renewals, and Some account reviews
  • “Part of Life” – Very Important and favorite Websites

Safari Emoji Tab Groups Name With – Examples

Here are some most common Categories for Websites that people interesting in daily and important to Group with names and Emoji to Easily understand. if you don’t want to see the name then keep Emoji icons only to set Hidden or Secret Group Tabs on Safari.

  • Finance 🏦,
  • Trading 📈📉,
  • Investment 🧐,
  • Retail 🎙
  • News 🗞
  • Social 📡
  • Sports 🏸🏑🏌️‍♀️
  • Education 📚
  • Banking 🏦
  • Gaming 🎮
  • 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

Funny Safari Tab Group Name Ideas

Giving your tab group a funny name not only reminds you of how you were having fun while browsing but also tests your sense of humor (although you are your only competition). Some funny tab group names are-

  • “Fast and The Curious,”
  • “Movie Bug,”
  • “Don’t Open”
  • “West of Time”
  • “Anonymouse,” and many more. 

Professional Safari Tab Group Name Ideas

Separating your tab groups is very important. While working, you will not want unnecessary distractions. Professional tab groups will help you focus and make it easier to find your tabs when in a hurry. Few examples are

  • “In Progress,”
  • “Need to follow up,”
  • “Completed,” etc.

You can name your tab groups as to how urgent or casual it is. Making tab groups helps when you’re working with several projects. You can name your tab groups according to your project requirements, or it could be as simple as your skincare regime. By the end of it, this feature will help you stay organized. 

How to Create a Tab Group on Mac?

To create a Tab Group in Safari for Mac, follow these steps: 

  • On your Mac, open Safari and click the ‘Sidebar’ icon in the window’s top-left corner.
  • In Safari, if you have a few open tabs (say, four), you’ll notice a ‘4 Tabs’ option in the Sidebar panel. By right-clicking the ‘Tabs’ option in the Sidebar and selecting ‘New Tab Group with 4 Tabs’ from the expanded menu, you may create a Tab Group of the tabs presently open in the browser.
  • After you’ve created a group, you’ll be given a choice to name the Tab Group. Do give it a name and press Enter.

How to Create a Tab Group on iPhone?

Follow the following steps to create a Tab Group in Safari on iPhone:

  • Tap the two-square icon to open the new Safari. You can now also use the redesigned bottom address bar to swipe up.
  • Tap Start Page, 1 Tab, or [number] Tabs.
  • To make a tab group with a single empty tab, tap New Empty Tab Group. You can later open or add tabs to it.
  • To create a tab group with all of the currently open Safari tabs, tap New Tab Group from [number] Tabs.
  • Assign a name to the tab group, and then tap OK.

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Share your favourite Safari Tab Groups Name with us in the comment box.

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