Fixed: iMessage Not Delivered on iPhone, iPad: iOS 11, iOS 10/ 9

Apple’s iMessage is free messaging service that’s very secure and easy to send media file, text with effects, Handwritten text and more. Now new iOS 11 iMessage updated for Send Money via iMessage (Apple pay Case). Here are the quick guide and help for who are hesitated on iMessage not delivered or iMessage error from iPhone and iPad, after activated successfully.

First Know how to activate iMessage from iOS settings app? and then troubleshoot if you don’t send or failed.

Steps for Fix iMessage not delivered on iPhone, iPad: iOS 11 or later

8 Fixed iMessage Failed delivered on iPhone

Here I found common iMessage problems that’s more enough to treat your problems in iDevice installed on all iOS version (iOS 11, iOS 10 and iOS 9).

iMessage take tool long time, Failed to send or Delivered Status Failed

1. Dreaded Red Exclamation Mark on iMessage

This mark is notifying to the sender, message unsent from your iOS device due to many reasons like the internet or cellular data does not turn on, Bug in Message app after update iOS. Try to resend it.

Due to the server problem, iMessage sent to your recipients but wrong delivery report or status showing red (!) Not delivered Mark, Check Apple iMessage server status.

1 iMessage System Status on iPhone with iOS 11

iMessage stuck on send due to low coverage or WiFi speed. If you are sending video, Photo messages usually, New Sync iMessage in iOS 11 really great for use left iMessage conversation on Mac or iPad.

2. Turn off and Turn on iMessage

Depends on your carrier, Apple suggested that your carrier will activate iMessage service after the specific interval (3 to 4 days).

Send request (If your device is new or activating first time iMessage on your mobile number).

Step 1: Go to the settings on iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Next, Messages -> iMessage. Enable toggle. Few seconds or minutes you will see “Waiting For Activation”.

2 Enable iMessage on New Number from iPhone or iPad

Once it successfully activated, the message will hide itself.

3. Reset Network, Try another attempt

Re-connect your cellular network by enable airplane mode and then disable.

Or Go to Reset network settings from iOS settings app

1: Go to the Settings on iPhone

2: Next, Tap on General and Reset (Bottom of the screen)

3: Under the Reset, Tap on Reset Network Settings.

3 Reset Network settings for iMessage not sent from iPhone

4. Restart or Reboot

Disable/ Turn off iMessage like 1st step, on iDevice then Restart or Force Reboot device.

Restart iPhone: Press Power button until you see Slide to log off on screen.

Force Restart: Press Sleep/ Wake + Home button in iPhone 6s or Earlier and Volume down button for iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus or later.

5. Check WiFi or Cellular network

Not Deliver error, Must check the internet is turned on in your Browser. If the internet is not in iPhone then send a message as a text for emergency purpose. Otherwise, we can try iMessage Alternatives. Are you looking for a way to send iMessage to Text message automatically? It should work really well and Enable that from settings app.

Go to the Settings > Messages > Send as SMS (Enable Toggle)

2 Enable iMessage on New Number from iPhone or iPad

Read more: Send iMessage as Text.

6. Sign out of iMessage Apple ID

The error message like this: “The message couldn’t been delivered“, Simple logout iMessage, then Reboot and Turn on iMessage (With Apple ID) and test it.

Go to the Settings App on iPhone and iPad.

Next, Tap on Messages > Scroll down and Find Send & Receive.

4 Signout iMessage apple ID on iPhone in iOS 11

Next, Tap on Apple ID and Select “Sign out”.

5 Signout iMessage Apple ID on iPhone settings app

7. Resend iMessage

Are you outside your country or your carrier not providing iMessage service internationally. Call to your career help desk and know carrier specific issued if any.

Tap on Exclamation Mark (i) not delivered; Now your resend message popup will display on the screen.

Send message as an iMessage then tap on “Try Again.”

Or Tap on “Send as Text Message” this is not iMessage, the carrier will charge you.

6 Resend iMessage on Failed delivered

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