What to Do if MacBook Pro Touch ID Stopped Working on Big Sur, Catalina?Touch ID Won’t Work on MBP for Unlock/ Apple Pay or App Store

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Touch ID by Apple very smart technology to scan or identify original biometrics fingerprints and Validate the final one. But Touch ID in MacBook Pro totally different compare to iOS Touch ID. It’s hence that capacitive ring only available around the button, iOS device home button but Macbook pro Touch ID structure space totally covered with the capacitive ring. Sometimes Touch ID not working on MacBook Pro hopefully, that point you need to reconfigure/ Reset Touch ID problem using alternate troubleshooting steps.

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Touch ID is not recoverable, just like a password or Passcode. IF you are habituated only with Touch ID, they also keep the password in mind. When Touch ID not working on MacBook Pro, You can easily unlock or Verify using Touch ID alternatives.

The solution for all the following symptoms:

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Steps for Touch ID not working on MacBook Pro 13 inch or 15 inch

Reset SMC on Your MacBook Pro – Touch ID

Generally, Reset SMC does work very well on almost mac Problems. Try to do this and check out the fingerprint on your Mac again. Follow the Below Steps for Reset SMC on your MacBook. New Touch ID MacBook has T2 Chip this provides a New Level of Security. Follow the Correct way to Reset SMC on T2 Chip Enabled MacBook Computer.

  1. Shut Down your MacBook.
    • Press and Hold Shift On the Left Side of Your Keyboard,
    • Command on Left Side of your Keyboard and
    • Shift on Right Side of your Keyboard. On Holding Three buttons,

      Reset SMC ON T2 Chip MacBook

      Reset SMC ON T2 Chip MacBook (Source: apple.com)

  2. Hold Down these Three Buttons continuously for 7 Seconds. After 7 Seconds, Also Press and Hold the Power button. Keep Holding Down These Four Keys for 7 Seconds. Wait for a few seconds, Then Press the Power button to turn on Mac.
  3. That’s it.

Check Touch ID enable For Use on Apply Pay, unlock or App Store

  • Go to the Apple menu on your Macbook. Next System Preference > Touch ID.
  • Enable Touch ID for, from three options are Apple Pay, iTunes & App Store, Unlock login. If Already Enable then Disable first and Re-Enable. See image below,

3 Enable Disable Touch ID fingerprints on Macbook pro for use

Remove Touch ID and Re-Add Touch ID

Delete saved fingerprints from MacBook pro and Reset all by adding new fingerprints. Get How to use fingerprints on Macbook pro. A word of advice, after removing the Touch ID from the MacBook Pro, give it a restart (click on Apple logo > Restart) and then re-add the Touch ID.

  1. Click on Apple Logo () From Top Mac Menu.
  2. Next, Open System Preferences from the menu.
  3. Now, Hove over touch ID, until you see Cross icon to Remove That. Click on X icon to Delete Touch ID from MacBook Pro.
  4. Click on the Delete option.

That’s it. After

Now, Reset up Touch ID on your MacBook Pro.

Update MacBook Pro

If none of the above solutions work out to fix the MacBook Pro Touch ID, another worth trying shot is to update the macOS to the latest software version available to avoid different problems of the Mac.

MacOS Mojave or later:

  1. Click on the Apple logo.
  2. Select System Preferences.
  3. Then, go to Software Update.

Earlier MacOS: Open the Mac App Store and click on Update tab > select Update All.

Care Touch ID Safe

Dry finger and Macbook Touch ID face area, Note sure then regularly clean up that sensitive area.

Rest your finger properly, from top to bottom finger point area. Keep your finger stay more time.

MacBook Pro Touch ID Hardware Performance

MacBook Pro Touch ID improved very well, do not meet to adjust finger area to capacitive area because the whole area is capacitive.

Full body protector or cover might overlap the touch ID area. Crop that area or Choose your MacBook Pro design compatible accessories

If Touch ID not working on App Store or Apply Pay

Quite an application on the system, Re-open and try again. Else Restart MacBook pro.

Forgot Touch ID and Password or Touch ID not working after macOS update

Try Alternate Fingers your own, on time interval again and again.

Restore/ Install macOS Big Sur, Catalina new copy, after that not working then contact Apple Store.

Touch ID Behave Like Buggy

Many users experienced and Faced Time to go, Touch ID become slowly in scan finger and Fail to scan in the first attempt. So my suggestion is that over one month reset Touch IDs from MacBook Pro.

I personally experience and found a tricky solution for my iPhone XR and iPhone 11 Pro Max in the last months.

Above are the most common problem and Troubleshooting steps must follow to fix Touch ID not working on MacBook Pro 16 inch or 13″.

Contact Apple

MacBook Pro maybe water-damaged or hardware damaged, in that case, take the MacBook to the Apple Store. The experts will examine the root cause and fix the MacBook Touch ID. Plus, its better if you go with appointment, prefer our article on how to make reservation at Apple Genius Bar.

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