How to Uninstall or Delete App on Apple TV in 2023

Uninstall or Delete App on Apple TV 4: Official Way

Are you thinking to hide/delete unwanted apps on your Apple TV screen?  Learn this tutorial. I promise this helps you to do that. I have no way to uninstall or remove built-in Apple TV apps such as TV Show, Movies, or Photos. Even though, you can uninstall the third-party app or Delete app on Apple TV 4 streaming player TV Screen (Smart TV like Samsung, LG, VIZIO, and Sony Smart LED TV). If you have enabled restrictions on your ATV, you might ask for a four-digit passcode.

Before uninstalling or Delete the app on Apple TV 4/ Apple TV 4k, here’s how to move an app from one point to another on the same screen. I mean, you can arrange apps on the TV Home screen.

Complete Steps to Delete App on Your Apple TV

Highlight the app that you want to move – hold down the Touch surface until the app starts to shake – using Siri remote touchpad to move app swipe left, right, up or down – When you’re finished – Press the touch surface. – That’s it.

Steps to Uninstall or Delete App on Apple TV 4K/ATV 4

For instance, in the below steps, I take the Netflix app for your ease to understand. The bottom-described steps, also help you when your Apple TV app does not work or running slow or app disappeared. At that time, just delete once and reinstall back from the ATV app store. Hope it, this be useful for you.

Uninstall or Delete App on Apple TV 4: Official Way
  • Step 1. Go on the TV home screen.
  • Step 2. Navigate the Netflix app and Highlight the Netflix app
  • Step 3. Press and hold the center of the Siri Remote touch surface until the Netflix app starts to jiggle on.
  • Step 4. Now press the Play/pause button to uninstall Netflix (for example).
press the Play/pause button on siri remote to uninstall hide or delete Netflix apple tv 4
  • You will be asked to select confirm when prompted.

You’re done!

Do you have any idea or found a way anytime to delete App on Apple TV 4K (5th gen)/ Apple TV 4th Gen?

For example, here I’m showing you

How to Delete Netflix on your Apple Tv

Step #1. From the Apple TV home screen, Find and highlight the Netflix app
Step #2. Now Press and hold the center of your ATV remote’s touch surface or Clickpad until the Netflix App icon starts to Jiggle/shake.
Step #3. Now you will have to press the Play/Pause button to delete the app.
Step #4. in the last, Your tv screen will popup for confirmation select Delete again to confirm.

That’s it.

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Let me know in the comment box. Also, share if any software problem or error regarding tvOS. We will try to solve it and reply to you as soon as possible.

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