Why My AirPods Charging Case Won’t Charge

why is my airpods case not charging

Is your Apple AirPods case not charging? AirPods are currently one of the best wireless earphone available in the market. Since it is wireless, you need to charge the AirPods every now and then after considerable usage. What to do when AirPods charging case won’t charge? If it happens with you there is no way out to use the AirPods again unless you fix Why My AirPods Charging Case won’t charge.

However, AirPods can harass you like every other electronic device including AirPods not charging. Forget the causes of the problem and let’s focus on how to get rid of this bug and resume the functionality of AirPods.

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My Apple Airpods Case not Charging: Lets a Look on Reasons and Potential Solutions

Solution 1: Reset AirPods to Factory Settings

Resetting AirPods is quite reliable than restoring the iPhone to factory settings. Because in AirPods you don’t need to take a backup of data or anything just the AirPods will get un-paired which can be paired later.

Step #1: Hold the Setup button, right on the back side of the charging case.

Step #2: When you see status light flashes amber and white then release the setup button.

Solution 2: Clean the Charging Case

Another thing should be done when AirPods charging case won’t charge is to clean the charging case as well as the charging port. The charging port is a narrow hole that can attract the dirt and dust which are invisible to us.

Take a magnifying lens and check the charging case. Otherwise, clean up the Charging case with brush or toothpick and scrape the dirt out.

Solution 3: Try another lightning cable

Apple device works perfectly when you use the original lightning cable provided by Apple only. So in case you are trying to connect uncertified lightning cable then avoid it and borrow from your friend to check if charging case is working or not.

Solution 4: Don’t use any extension cord

If you are connecting the charger through extension, then don’t do that. Sometimes due to the insufficient power supply or malfunctioning of extension board the charging case won’t charge. Instead, directly connect the charger to the socket and check if it is working or not.

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