Why are my AirPods not charging equally? Here’s Real Fix

Last Updated on Aug 20, 2020

Is your Apple AirPods Case Not Charging? AirPods Pro, AirPods 2, and AirPods 1. AirPods are currently one of the best wireless earphones available in the market. Since it is wireless, you need to charge the AirPods every now and then after considerable usage. What to do when AirPods Charging Case Won’t Charge? If it happens with you there is no way out to use the AirPods again unless you fix Why My AirPods & AirPods Pro Charging Case Won’t Charge or airpod case only works when plugged in.

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However, AirPods can harass you like every other electronic device including AirPods not charging. Forget the causes of the problem and let’s focus on how to get rid of this bug and resume the functionality of AirPods.

Note: End of the All solutions for Airpods charging case not charging – you can watch the hands-on video tutorial at last for the Advance trick.

My Apple Airpods Case not Charging: Lets a Look on Reasons and Potential Solutions

Solution 1: Reset AirPods to Factory Settings

Reset AirPods Pro

Reset AirPods Pro, All AirPods Model

Resetting AirPods is quite reliable than restoring the iPhone to factory settings. Because in AirPods you don’t need to take a backup of data or anything just the AirPods will get un-paired which can be paired later.

  • Hold The Setup Button, That is available on the backside of the charging case. When you see Status Light Flashes Amber and white then release the setup button.

Now Your AirPods Case too much fresh like a new recently purchased. But You Need to process for Clean up the Case from inside charging port and Left/Right Connector as well. Let’s Move on to the second step.

Solution 2: Clean the Charging Case Using Teethstick And Earbuds

Clean Charging Case of AirPods Pro

Clean Charging Case of AirPods Pro

Don’t Spend more, Another thing that should be done when AirPods charging case won’t charge is to clean the charging case as well as the charging port. The charging port is a narrow hole that can attract the dirt and dust which are invisible to us. During Gym or Regular use, Sweet with a heavy mesh cover up the AirPods’ connected after a long period of time, which depends on person to person.

  • Use Earstick to Clean up Left and Right AirPod’ Charging Connector
  • Next, Use Dry Teeth Stick to Clean up Charging Case Lighting Charging port.

    Clean Charging Connector of Left Airpod or Right AirPod

    Clean Charging Connector of Left Airpod or Right AirPod

Take a magnifying lens and check the charging case. Otherwise, clean up the Charging case with brush or toothpick and scrape the dirt out. Rolled Out stick inside the Charing connector and lighting port. Remove all Debris and Mesh that gathers inside the Hole and stick on metal Connector. That’s it.

  • After that Keep your AirPods On Battery Charge At Least 30 Minutes.

Solution 3: Try another lightning cable

Still Not Fixed, Now Check the Supplying the power source or not. Use Your iPhone at first to charge with the same Power adapter or Cable.

  • if Not then you should inspect the Charging socket, used Adapter, and Lighting Cable in last.
  • Apple device works perfectly when you use the original lightning cable provided by Apple only. So in case you are trying to connect uncertified lightning cable then avoid it and borrow from your friend to check if the charging case is working or not.

Solution 4: Don’t Use an Extension Cord

If you are connecting the charger through extension, then don’t do that. Sometimes due to the insufficient power supply or malfunctioning of extension board the charging case won’t charge. Instead, directly connect the charger to the socket and check if it is working or not.

Solution 5: Update Your AirPods Pro

I am glad to inform you that, Apple is giving a new software update for the AirPods and AirPods Pro. The process of Update AirPods all generation is very easy and automatically. Though, we can update Any AirPods Manually using the below steps. Watch this video for more hands-on help.


Your AirPods pro must be on Charge with Both the AirPods [Left & Right] inside the Charging case and Keep Your AirPods’ Charging case lid open until got the update. Also, Keep Your AirPods Paired with iPhone.

Check and Update AirPods, AirPods Pro Firmware Version

Check and Update AirPods Pro Firmware Version

  • On your Paired iPhone with Any AirPods for that, you want to look after,
  • Go to the Settings app
  • Tap General
  • Tap About
  • Scroll to Screen on iPhone
  • Tap on AirPods name
  • Look at the Firmware version.

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Solution 6: Use QI Certified Charger

Charge Using Wireless Charging pad on Airpods Pro

Charge Using Wireless Charging pad on Airpods Pro

This is Alternate methods to Charge AirPods, Also, Check Wireless Charging supported AirPods Model Name.

  • AirPods 2
  • AirPods Pro

Internally Damage in Your Lightning port from inside of the AirPods’ Charging Case. Apple is recommended to buy a New Charging case only.

Solution 7: Buy a New One

If you don’t have a wireless charging case then we can buy it separately from Apple Store.

  • Pay for Apple Care Plus Fee for The Apple Care User and Buy New One. Who has no Apple Cover protection plan, Pay for Out of Warranty free for one.
AirPods Pro, AirPods 2 and 1 Replacement cost

AirPods Pro, AirPods 2 and 1 Replacement cost

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Solution 8: Make Your AirPods, AirPods Pro Safe Using Protective Cover [Waterproof]

AirPods Pro Waterproof Protective Cover

AirPods Pro Waterproof Protective Cover

Get extra protection to your AirPods while not in use. Hundreds of Hundreds of daily cases of Damage are increasing because of Water, internet Damage due to dropping from a height. and the ultimate solution for these kinds of problems is Buy a Protective Cover.

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