Fix AirDrop Not Working on iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPad [Here’s The Fix]

handy way turn on airdopr for iOS 9 on Mac

The AirDrop is a feature of Apple iOS that works with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Whenever you’ll do turn on Airdrop, then both will turn on automatically. So while you’re trying to share files, music, or videos using Airdrop that seems unresponsive after upgrading iOS. At all on the control center placed AirDrop sometimes bothers you. Since definitely without AirDrop, you may be going to find the best data transfer apps for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

You’re not alone in such a problem. But some iOS users have the same issue as Airdrop not working on their iDevice. Since we offer here some possible workarounds to fix Airdrop not working.

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A potential solution to fix AirDrop not working on any iPhone, iPad

As discussed in starting, the Airdrop is not working without Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. So make confirm that both are enabled and working well on your iOS device and Mac.

  1. Both the device must be nearby in the Bluetooth Range and under the Same WiFi.
  2. Both the Device’s screen must the Turned on While Transferring files. Do Gentle touch on the screen or change the Lock screen time on iPhone, iPad from the settings.
  3. Restart Both the Device if one of your device is not showing another AirDrop connection.
  4. Sometimes, Users have to wait longer to scan or see the AirDrop of an Unknown Apple device, that’s not signed in with the same apple id.

Turn On BluetoothSix advices to fix Bluetooth not working in iOS 9: iPhone 6S, 6S Plus

Go to SettingsBluetooth → turn Bluetooth On/Green

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Turn On Wi-Fi

Go to Settings Wi-Fi → Turn Wi-Fi On/Green

If both are working well, notwithstanding Airdrop not working in iOS, then try the following clues.

Turn on AirDrop on iOS

Make sure that AirDrop is enabled on your iOS device as well as on the recipient iOS device. To check AirDrop,

Step 1. Go to iPhone home Screen or from anywhere on the screen

Step 2. Swipe up the Screen from the bottom on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

Step 3. Tap on AirDrop

6 Enable AirDrop on iOS 11 control center

Now Choose the option Contacts Only or Everyone. You can also appear Off option to turn off Airdrop.

You should do once turn off AirDrop & turn it on back. If still AirDrop is not working in iOS then go on next.

Force Restart your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

To force Restart, Just Press and hold the Home button and power button simultaneously for 10 seconds and it’ll restart.

Press and Hold Below buttons until you see the Apple logo on Screen,

  • iPhone 6 and Below: Sleep/Wake + Home button
  • iPhone 7/7, iPhone 8 Plus/8 Plus: Sleep/Wake + Volume Down button
  • iPhone X: Side button + Volume Down Button

Now check AirDrop, it should work.

AirDrop Not Working on Mac

if you are transferring files to Mac using AirDrop, then your Mac has an active airdrop connection. Turn on from the Finder window and Allow Permission for Everyone.

After that, your iPhone’s Share sheet will see your Mac’s name on Available AirDrop that’s nearby and Turned on Airdrop.

Step 1. Go to the Finder

Step 2. Click on AirDrop from the left-Side pan

AirDrop not working in iOS 9 to Mac OS X Yosemite or OS X EI Capitan

Step 3. Click Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth then

handy way turn on airdopr for iOS 9 on Mac

Step 4. Select Everyone or Contacts only

And try to share files between iOS to Mac or vice versa.

That’s it.

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Hope you would be got here perfect solution on AirDrop not working. Do you have any workarounds? Apart from mentioned above please share with me.

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