How to Force Close Apps on iPhone 12Pro Max,11Pro,XS Max,X and iPhone 8 Plus

How to Force Close Apps in iOS 12 on iPhone X

Apple iPhone X OLED display is pretty responsive and best for vision even in the night too. It needed some cool features and that Apple added in iOS 12. After installed iOS 12 Beta on my iPhone X. I’m feeling great bcz my 256GB iPhone X running smoothly than iOS 11. Except for certain iOS 12 Beta Problems, I noticed that the iOS 12 Beta super fast for me so far. I much impressed by force close App on iPhone X running iOS 12 Beta. Damn, I pretty like the instantly force close Apps in iOS 12 on iPhone X instead of Long Press.

At the first time on your iPhone X, you might address that the Force Close or Apps Switcher not working on iPhone X with iOS 12 Beta.

Even though iOS 12 has new concepts for iPhone X and almost gestures have been placed on iPad, too. Like now on iPad iOS 12- user can access control center from swipe down to the right corner.

How Force Close Apps faster on iPhone 

How to Force Close Apps in iOS 12 on iPhone X

You know guy, we can access App Switcher and swipe App is simple but when we want to force quite an App then all-time Force Touch on App then Swipe up away.

Now in iOS 12 – iPhone X users can force close App just swipe up an App Card. Very faster than ever before.

To Force Close Apps on iPhone 8 Plus and earlier Model

Just Double Click home button to get App Switcher screen then choose an app that you want to force close – just tap and swipe up away app card.

That’s easy!

Do you find other most important in iOS 12 for iPhone X? Let me know in the comments.

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