Dropped AirPods In Water? Here are the Real Solutions


Electronics and moisture are rivals. So if there’s an event when expensive AirPods fall in a sink, a swimming pool, or a bathtub, and in the worst case, wash in the washing machine, can you expect it to survive? Unfortunately, they won’t, but before you toss wet AirPods to the nearest service station, read this guide first. We have covered tips and tricks to help you bring cherished AirPods back to normal working.

8 Things To Do When AirPods Dropped In Water

Here are some of the necessary workarounds you need to perform when your AirPods are dropped in the water. But before that, evident all your confusion regarding Is my AirPods are Waterproof or Water-resistant. Is water damage considered under Apple Warranty?

Are AirPods Waterproof Or Water resistant?

Any AirPods that are released till now aren’t waterproof. Instead, AirPods 3rd Gen and AirPods Pro (1 & 2) are water and sweat resistant. Which means they can intake the usual water splashes, dust, and moisture. To get a complete overview of the IP ratings of AirPods regarding, you can read our article.

Is AirPods Water Damage Considered Apple Warranty?

Yes, but No! Why? Water damage isn’t considered under the Apple One-year warranty. However, if you have purchased the Applecare+ extended warranty, you can ask for replacement or repair for free before the warranty period ends

Don’t Use AirPods

The first and foremost thing you should do when you drop the AirPods Pro in water is don’t turn it ON. That’s because if the water has gone inside, it may cause more severe damage. So to start with, keep it as it is without enabling it. 

Clean Them With Soft Cotton Cloth

Take a cotton cloth or tissue paper, and clean the exterior of the AirPods. But remember, don’t apply more pressure during the cleaning process. Instead, keep the AirPods stationary and gently move the cloth or tissue paper.


Conversely, if you dropped the AirPods in liquid beverages, for instance, soft drinks, coffee, etc, in this scenario, you can use a slightly moist cloth. Moreover, you can also clean the AirPods Charging Case using the cotton swab with no pressure.

Place AirPods In A Dry Place


The next step after cleaning the AirPods is to place them in a warm and dry place. That’s because it will evaporate the water present inside the AirPods Pro. Usually, we suggest placing the AirPods next to the window with sunlight. But ensure that they aren’t placed in direct sunlight. Instead, we prefer placing where there is no constant heat. However, you can put it over the TV or laptop.

Put Them Under A Fan And a Slightly Warm Environment

Place your AirPods upside down under the fan at a slow speed or a slightly warm place to let them dry up instantly. It will be best if you won’t overheat, or else you will experience severe damage. 

Dry It With Silica Gel


Even after cleaning the surface AirPods with the cotton cloth, the moisture can still be inside your AirPods. Considering it, the best way to resolve this is to dry the AirPods using the Silica Gel. It’s often found in the box of newly bought electronics, or you can buy it from the store.

Eject Water From Airpods Using Siri Or Other Tools

Before we begin the procedure, remove the silicone tips if you own AirPods Pro. 

  1. Link up the AirPods to your iPhone or iPad flagship.
  2. Now navigate to the Settings App.
  3. Search and select Bluetooth.
  4. Hit “i” Button next to the connected.
  5. Disable the toggle next to the Automatic Ear Detection.

Now detach the AirPods from the ear and keep them aside. 

Using Siri To Eject Water

Head to this page and further select Get Shortcut. This will automatically open the Shortcut App. 

Water Eject Shortcut Install on iPhone
Water Eject Shortcut Install on iPhone

Hit Add Shortcut to registered Siri Shortcut App. Move to the Shortcuts tab and select the Water Eject shortcut.

Run Water Eject Shortcut on iPhone
Run Water Eject Shortcut on iPhone

Allow All Permission to Run Shortcut.

Allow Permission to run Water Eject app
Allow Permission to run Water Eject app

Hit Start > 3 Level Begin Water Injection. 

Pair AirPods and Start Water Eject Shortcut
Pair AirPods and Start Water Eject Shortcut

Once the procedure begins, you hear a sound from AirPods., and it will eject water.

Water Ejected Successfully from paired airpods
Water Ejected Successfully from paired airpods

That’s It!

Place Them Uncooked Rice


You might have often heard about this trick when dropping AirPods in water. Placing the AirPods in a bag or bowl filled with rice in such a way that you won’t submerge it. Ensure they are uncooked rice, or else your device will get dirty. Keep your device in the uncooked rice for at least one day, and make sure the water gets completely absorbed. And after that, remove the AirPods from the rice and further check for problems.

Replace AirPods If Not Working

If none of the solutions work and AirPods aren’t working, you can wait for several days and further check for problems. If yet not working, the solution left is to replace the AirPods for repair. However, water damage isn’t considered under the Apple one-year warranty. So you will need to pay asked price


Final Thought!

I hope your wet AirPods didn’t suffer severe hardware damage and sound great after performing the abovementioned steps. If you found something that can be beneficial to fellow readers, feel free to drop it in the comment box below. 

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