This App Can’t Be Moved To Trash Because it’s Open or in Use on MacOS Monterey/Big Sur

Last Updated on Dec 6, 2021

Let’s See mac can’t delete the app because it’s open in Backgroud.  Are you trying to remove unwanted Apps that are installed on your Mac, But Mac System show or giving a message like “app can’t be moved to the trash because it’s open or in Use”, “After force quiet app running the app on screen still not deleting”. Here I found the exact solution for all the Mac users who are running MacOS Monterey, Big Sur Mojave, High Sierra. I also discussed why this happens for the selected apps that cannot delete from Launchpad or under the application folder. Becuase it stays on Top Menu Bar like DropBox, Skitch…after quit from the screen.

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Also message clearly shown the app is running, open, or in use. So, first, we need to find where is the app open and how to identify it. In the reply, the activity monitor will help to find running the app in the background, then force close from the activity monitor.

our readers mail us and ask the solution for queries like they can’t empty trash Mac because don’t have permission, file in use or facing error 8003 or some guys getting error code 50, or time machine, can’t empty trash on Mac external hard drive. We advise all of them to follow the given solutions.

mac can’t delete app because it’s open macOS Monterey/Big Sur: MacBook Pro/ MBA/ iMac

This app Can't Empty Trash Mac because it's open or in Use on Mac OS Sierra

To check running the app on activity monitor, Open spotlight search > type “Activity Monitor” > Search app name from the search box under the Memory tab.

Here, I want to delete the Google Drive app. Select all the process threads of Google Drive one by one and click on the “X” mark in activity monitor.

To move or uninstall app from Mac

Next, the Activity monitor will ask for the “Force Quit” process, Go with it and done by completely stop all the processes behind the particular app.

Force Quite running application from Activity manager on Mac

After closing down all types of process threads from the system we can go for uninstalling applications in alternate ways.

Move Trash or Uninstall the App from the Application Folder

Under the Application, folder finds the app that you want to move into the Trash/Remove or uninstall.

To move or uninstall app from Mac

Note: you can’t remove or uninstall the app that has been preinstalled on a system with MacOS. Make sure and try to remove only a third-party app or app store app.

Above steps, we should try in the case simple method to force quit or uninstall app not work or close frozen windows on Mac.

Use Uninstaller

Can’t uninstall the app after force stop?

Still are you not able to uninstall the app after stopping all app processes. Now, you have to use uninstaller app for the app that you have installed on Mac. Some apps keep the installer app in the Applications folder or You have to download it from the app’s official website.

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  3. Thank You so much! I had downloaded and tried pCloud. It was no good, and they have NO uninstall instructions at all, not even in their FAQ’s. pCloud won’t let you move the application to the Trash, and says it’s open. Companies that pull this nonsense, and won’t let you uninstall their garbage should be punished by the DOJ.
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