Best Flashcard Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2024

Flashcards serve as effective tools for both studying and learning when they are used properly. Whether you want to cram for an exam or learn a new language, the flashcard apps let you study smarter. They are suitable for students and life-long learners. If you are looking for a straightforward yet potent flashcards app to streamline your study process easier, then this article is for you. They help you to remember information and make your mind sharp.

These apps let you upgrade your study with cutting-edge applications and score the best with less effort. Following flashcards correctly benefit you with an improved learning experience. Some of the flashcard apps also support Apple Pencil. The Internet has many flashcard apps, so it may be confusing to choose the required one. However, the following article lists the Best Flashcard Apps for iOS to simplify your decision.

1. Quizlet



  • Effective practice tests regime
  • Detailed textbook solutions
  • Allows studying from past papers
  • Easy sharing of flashcards with other
  • Easy smart grading system


  • Advanced features are not free

Quizlet is the simplest way to learn, practice and be an expert in whatever subject you’re learning. Thus, it is one of the market’s Best Flashcards for Language Learning. It lets you prepare flashcards or search for the one to learn from 500+ million sets prepared by students and teachers. It is one of those Teacher Approved Flashcard Apps that guarantee high reliability without compromising the learning experience.

It consists of science-backed study tools that allow you to remember vocabulary, get acquainted with your course’s fundamental concepts, and practice problems before the test day. Moreover, you can explore its vast library of study material curated from the most famous subjects like medicine, math, social science, law, and more.

2. Chegg Study

Chegg Study
Chegg Study


  • Easily explains tough concepts
  • Provides detailed explanations
  • All solutions and answers are easy-to-understand
  • Covers various subjects for learning
  • Huge library of solutions


  • Only allows two registered devices

You obtain expert, 24/7 study assistance and support from expert tutors. You can easily image capture any homework question and send it to the respective Chegg expert with the question scanner. Subsequently, you will obtain in-depth answers within 30 minutes. Besides, you can search the app’s library of 60+ million, which includes fully solved homework questions.

3. Drops



  • Supports lots of languages
  • Easy tracking of learning progress
  • Effective explanation of vocabulary
  • Allows setting goals for achievements
  • Visually appealing interface


  • May show continuous popup ads

Drops are the Best Flashcard App for iPhone to learn common phrases and vocabulary in Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, and Russian. It stands out because it allows you to set goals, discover achievements, and obtain rewards. It makes you fluent in your chosen foreign language. It lets you read scripts and characters from various alphabets of foreign languages. The app is suitable for beginner to expert-level learners.

It supports personalized illustrations for each vocabulary word to make it easy to remember. Its professionally enriched vocabulary list consists of 3,000+ phrases and words. Besides, the game-like language lessons make the language learning experience effective and fun. The ability to track your progress motivates you to learn better.

4. Brainscape



  • Easily imparts foreign languages
  • Easy sharing of decks with classmates
  • Creates high-quality learning content
  • Allows handling flashcards from any devices
  • Seamlessly syncs across the web


  • Limited features in the PRO upgrade

SMART FLASHCARDS facilitates hyper-efficient studying and effective learning habits to enhance your learning speed. It effectively implements active recall and spaced repetition of any flashcard app existing in the world. It is a knowledge bank curated by millions of global experts and users. So, you can easily find, create, and share flashcards anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

You can carefully organize and smoothly sync the app’s content across mobile, web, and all your devices. Furthermore, this app partners with leading educators, schools, and publishers to create all-inclusive collections of reliable flashcards. Hence, you can explore various subjects in foreign languages. You can effortlessly organize multimedia flashcards showcasing images, text, and audio files.

5. AnkiMobile



  • Supports optional game controller
  • Allows large card decks
  • Efficient search function
  • Can display mathematical equations
  • Allows adding images drawn with Apple Pencil


  • Minor bugs in functionality

Are you looking for a reliable flashcard app that boasts a flexible interface? If yes, then AnkiMobile is the Best Flashcard App Free. It is an intelligent, powerful flashcard program that is open-source and multi-platform.

The free cloud synchronization service lets you synchronize your card’s content over multiple computers and mobile devices. Consequently, you can easily add content to your device and then study it later. Hence, you can track your study progress between an iPad and iPhone. The verified scheduling algorithm of Anki’s computer version reminds you of learning material if you are about to forget it. The app’s flexible interface provides an efficient and smooth study experience. You can set up the app to accomplish various functions when you swipe or ap on different screen parts.

6. Flashcards with Cram 

Flashcards with Cram 
Flashcards with Cram 


  • Memorize mode lets you focus on your study
  • Seamlessly syncs with your Cram account
  • Access to a myriad of flashcards
  • Includes 4 study modes
  • Quickly shows the whole set of flashcards


  • May not allow studying from where you left

The aforementioned app is the Best Free Flashcard Apps ios that bring all the flashcard features to your iPhone. When you log into a Cram account, the app automatically downloads your account info, such as your preferred flashcard sets, created flashcard sets, and the ones you study most frequently. It syncs with your Cram account to easily organize the app’s content.

You can access 80,000,000+ flashcards on this app. It works both offline and online once you are ready to learn your flashcards. Moreover, it supports 4 study modes: Memorize mode, Card mode, Cram mode, and Games mode. Specifically, Card mode lets you rapidly view a whole set of flashcards and iterate them as frequently as you want.

7. AnkiApp



  • Makes decks on the go
  • Easy sharing of decks with others
  • Detailed stats provided on each deck
  • Supports HTML and CSS
  • Allows offline studying


  • Lots of materials may create confusion

Do you want to learn medicine, Kanji, or Chinese characters? If yes, then you can try this Free Flashcard App for iPhone. It helps you to memorize your preferred subject’s content. It helps you make the most of your study time. It employs the latest Spaced Repetition (SRS) version, implemented with Artificial Intelligence (AI). So, it maximizes the learning you aspire to do from each study session.

The app allows you to create personalized flashcards. So, you can use desired bulleted lists, colors, underlines, and other components. Alternatively, you can browse through millions of ready-to-download flashcards. You can directly add cards from the mobile app. Moreover, with a couple of taps, you can flip your decks to study all the required content.

8. Flash Cards

Flash Cards
Flash Cards


  • Allows text formatting on cards
  • Single tap allows flip flashcards
  • Supports swipe gestures
  • Night mode for an easy studying experience
  • Easily syncs to iCloud


  • Few glitches on the app

Regarding convenience, simplicity, and speed, Flash Cards is the Best Flashcard App for iPhone. It is suitable for anybody studying for exams, cramming for competitive exams, and practicing for homework. The included flashcards help you to quickly learn and master your subsequent homework assignments or next tests.

It lets you easily add cards and decks according to your subject preference. You can copy/paste content and shuffle decks. Moreover, you can recover all your saved content because the app can sync to iCloud to back up and save your flashcards. You can easily share decks with students, friends, or instructors through Airdrop and email. The ability to format text makes your flashcards more engaging and easier to learn.

9. FluentU



  • Real-world interactive videos
  • The quiz lets students build vocabulary
  • Keeps motivated to learn every day
  • Includes bilingual dictionary
  • Aesthetically pleasing interface


  • An issue in portrait mode

FluentU connects with your desired language via real-world videos. It is the Best Language Flashcard App for learning a new language while connecting with the culture. The app comes in handy irrespective of your interest or skill level. Instead of scripted phrases, the app lets you learn to speak languages. Moreover, the app lets you add words to your vocabulary list.

You can quiz yourself on your learned vocabulary. Hence, you can further strengthen your vocabulary and pass the next tests with better scores. Besides, you can listen to audio dialogues to better understand the language. The app is well-known for offering an immersive educational that imparts you to speak and understand new languages naturally.

10. SmartCards+



  • Includes custom reviews and smart filters
  • Effective progress tracking
  • Retains study history and settings
  • Smooth Cloud synchronization
  • Smart keyboard switching for languages


  • Text in flashcards can be richer

If you want to build your vocabulary and memorize efficiently, SmartCards+ is the Best App for Vocabulary Flashcards. It uses the latest spaced repetition techniques to let you learn and memorize more words. You can easily prepare custom flashcards with audio, images, and text. Moreover, you can import pre-made decks from Quizlet and Anki. The interactive statistics help you to track your progress.

To keep the learners focused on learning, the app provides customizable reviews. The implemented advanced algorithm provides daily reviews depending on your learning needs and performance. 

Moreover, the app predicts where you might forget a card, and thus, it shows it before this situation arises. The tough cards are reviewed more frequently. Typically, SmartCards+ is perfect for language learning, test preparation, mastering difficult concepts, and more.

11. Flashcards by NKO

Flashcards by NKO
Flashcards by NKO


  • Effective organization of languages
  • Excellent user interface
  • Offers precise punctuation
  • Includes Cambridge dictionary
  • Rich text formatting in flashcards


  • An issue with the iOS update

Flashcards by NKO is an easy-to-use and powerful flashcards app to improve your learning experience. It allows you to prepare rich text formatted flashcards consisting of pictures. You can download plenty of flashcards on any subject created by both novices and experts. The features like True/False, Matching, Spelling, Memory, Word Search, Q-Battle, Flow, Dig It Up, Flappy Dog, Ninja, Letters games, etc., make your study more engaging.

All its games and tools are connected to an advanced Spaced Repetition System (SRS). It tracks your progress and also keeps you organized. Tracking your progress for every card and deck is now better and easier. To improve the retention of learners, the app supports Linear, Adaptive, and Shuffle modes. Manual and Slide show modes are also available.

12. Lingvist



  • Supports motivational statistics
  • Also imparts grammar
  • No advertising or unnecessary clicks
  • Allows remembering languages forever
  • Advanced speech recognition technology implemented


  • Short trial period

You can proficiently and quickly learn your preferred language with the help of in-depth courses provided by Lingvist. The content is curated after performing thorough research in machine learning. Hence, you benefit from the best and most updated content. The app allows you to learn the vocabulary that displays most often in a language. So you can accelerate your learning.

The sophisticated speech recognition technology makes your pronunciation perfect. Alternatively, you can type your answers. Each sentence contains audio to improve your listening skills. You can learn grammar passively like a native through the included bite-sized sentences. The included French course helps you to practice conjugated French verbs. After you submit your text/words/images, Lingvist will automatically collect vocabulary related to the theme for learning.

Enriching your learning experience is now possible by choosing a suitable flashcard app for iOS devices. These apps encourage students to summarize complicated topics into succinct flashcards to simplify learning. Besides, they serve as the best high-level mental activity for learners to grasp their learning fundamentals easily. They help you to prepare and organize plenty of multimedia flashcards effortlessly. One of the best aspects of these apps is they support various languages that help learners easily master the languages.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are online flashcards good for studying?

Various studies have demonstrated the advantages of using flashcards to boost memory, specifically for second language learners learning vocab. Those students who use online flashcards found improvements in their vocabulary performances. Online flashcards can support various media types rather than traditional devices that allow you to memorize trivial facts. Besides, you can use them on mobile devices or the web. Moreover, online flashcards can be made adaptive to ensure that they are automatically updated in intervals personalized for the learner’s speed of personalized learning.

Are flashcards good for the brain?

Flashcards involve active recall, so they are good for the brain. Since flashcards can easily facilitate repetition, they are the finest way to prepare multiple memory-enriching recall events. Also, some research has demonstrated that this type of active recall accesses practice leading to better retention rather than passive studying. The flashcards help you see a term and then remember the meaning. So, the particular meaning will be saved in your long-term memory. Consequently, your brain will focus on what is significant to be grasped, and that too in a matter of seconds.

Can you make digital flashcards?

You can prepare digital flashcards comprising tiny information relevant to your industry or business. They could include essential lines, words, numbers, or images that allow you to learn rapidly. Moreover, they let you test your learned content so that you can find where you excel and where you lack. The choice of the best and most affordable Digital Flashcards App lets you create your set of cards for an enhanced learning experience.

At what age should flashcards be used?

Some parents allow their kids to use flashcards as young as six months. The short-term flashcard practice sessions with colorful, vivid cards can engage even young children. Your little one will develop more advanced number and letter recognition skills by 18 months. As kids continue to grow and learn, they will become more comfortable with identifying shapes and colors, reciting the alphabet, and also learn to count. The flashcards can maximize the limited young period from birth to 6 years old for appropriate brain development.

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