11 Top Best Business Apps For iPhone and iPad in 2023

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With the evolving world, apps and technologies play a major role in keeping business smooth. We all know handling the entire business is never an easy job, especially if it’s on a single person, but thankfully, there are the best iPhone Apps for Business that have made business management so much easier. From seamless communication and project management to finance tracking and creative design, these apps have been handpicked to elevate productivity. Stay ahead in the corporate race and harness the potential of your Apple devices by exploring our top picks for the best business iPhone apps

1. QuickBooks Accounting – Invoices, Expenses, & Mileage

QuickBooks Accounting Business Apps For iPhone and iPad
QuickBooks Accounting

If you want to simplify your small business finances and manage your accounts in a better way, then QuickBooks Accounting is your go-to app. It allows you to effortlessly track your mileage using GPS without draining your phone’s battery, maximizing tax deductions. You can create and manage invoices in multiple currencies, ensuring you’re always on top of who owes you and who’s paid. The Cash Flow dashboard centralizes your financials, offering a 90-day cash flow forecast and Envelopes for payroll and taxes. You can quickly get data-driven insights to make informed decisions. It allows us to monitor profits, expenses, and balances, categorize expenses, and manage invoices seamlessly. Capture receipts for tax savings, connect bank accounts for a comprehensive view, and easily add customers on the go. Enhance your accounting with customizable invoices, accountant access, and a range of partner apps.

Benefits of using the QuickBooks Accounting app:

  • Track your overall business finance in one place
  • Send estimates and invoices in multiple currencies
  • Track mileage and get maximum tax savings 

Price = In-App Purchases start from $9.99- $124.99

2. Square Point of Sale – Payment & Inventory Dashboard

Square Point of Sale Business Apps For iPhone and iPad
Square Point of Sale

Empower your business with Square Point of Sale, the versatile free app that lets you sell anywhere. With optional hardware, it allows customers to pay in their desired way. You can easily process contactless payments with your phone, including Tap to Pay for cards, digital wallets, and via touch-free methods like QR codes, Apple Pay, and EMV chip cards. The app is best for managing invoices with ease, personalizing them, and setting up recurring ones from your dashboard. Enhance efficiency with Square tools like Online Checkout and Team Management, all integrated with your POS. Sync with Square Online Store for order management. Receive funds in 1-2 business days and monitor sales, inventory, and analytics in real time. 

Benefits of using the Square Point of Sale app:

  • Track inventory in real-time
  • Faster online Checkout, Gift Cards, and Team Management
  • Issue, track, and customize invoices directly from the app

Price = Free

3. WhatsApp Business – Help Grow Your Business

WhatsApp Business Apps For iPhone
WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is an excellent app for communication between businesses and their customers. You can establish a professional business presence on WhatsApp, enhancing customer interactions and business growth. Enjoy the convenience of having both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger on a single phone; you just need to register it with distinct numbers. Beyond the capabilities of WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business introduces features such as a comprehensive business profile showcasing vital information, responsive away messages, and support for landline numbers. You can run both apps concurrently on one device and efficiently engage with customers using WhatsApp Web directly from your computer’s browser.

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Benefits of using WhatsApp Business app:

  • Allows the creation of a detailed business profile
  • Supports free calls, free international messaging, group chat, and much more
  • Quick replies to customers using a business account

Price = $4.99

4. Smartsheet – Manage Tasks & Work in Sheets

Smartsheet Business Apps For iPhone and iPad

The Smartsheet app empowers teams to create, collaborate, and conquer projects on the go. Available on Mac, iPad, and iPhone, it offers seamless project management anywhere. You can easily access projects, tasks, and workflows anytime, boosting business collaboration on mobile devices. You can effortlessly review and edit documents in progress, ensuring a unified team effort. Organize tasks and projects with versatile sheets, assigning due dates, followers, and files. It allows automation of workflows with ease to simplify updates and approvals. You can work in one comprehensive hub, integrating work and discussions for optimal project visibility. The app allows the collection of data effortlessly with forms, ensuring consistency. You can monitor work status in real-time and seamlessly integrate favorite apps for streamlined productivity.

Benefits of using the Smartsheet app:

  • Access to projects, tasks, workflows, and sheets from anywhere.
  • Send alerts and reminders
  • Customize the smart sheet using drag-and-drop UI

Price = $94.99

5. Salesforce – CRM

Salesforce Business Apps For iPhone and iPad

Experience efficiency with the Salesforce app’s Mobile Home feature. Kickstart your day by accessing a personalized dashboard that showcases favorite reports, tasks, lists, and events, enhancing your workflow. You can easily operate across Salesforce clouds and industries with mobile-optimized Lightning components and apps. It allows you to update critical business data on the go while enjoying enterprise-grade security and compliance. With built-in security measures, your data remains safeguarded both in transit and on your device. You can always stay engaged with customized push notifications to get real-time updates, keeping you in the loop about your business data. 

Benefits of using the Salesforce app: 

  • Personalized dashboard of tasks, events, and reports
  • custom push notifications according to the workflow
  • Safe and secure cloud platform

Price = free

6. Spark Mail – Mailbox for Business & Teams

Spark Mail Business Apps For iPhone and iPad
Spark Mail

Spark Mail + AI: Email Inbox app redefines email management. Centralize multiple accounts – Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, and more – into one inbox for seamless organization. The app has AI to compose responses, proofread, and adjust tones for perfect replies. Now, you can prioritize your important emails with personalized filters while grouping newsletters and notifications. The app allows to control with Gatekeeper and filter new senders by blocking unwanted ones. You can mark important senders and group emails according to your needs. Master your inbox with features like task management, scheduled sending, and efficient searches. Enjoy secure and private communication with encrypted emails and GDPR compliance. 

Benefits of using the Spark Mail app:

  • You can block unwanted senders
  • Send encrypted emails with secure Google Cloud infrastructure
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Price = In-App Purchases start from $4.99- $59.99

7. SAP Concur -Travel and expense solutions

SAP Concur Business Apps For iPhone and iPad
SAP Concur

SAP Concur is one of the best iOS business apps to simplify expense management and streamline travel hassle-free. You can effortlessly review and approve expense reports, invoices, and travel requests. Simply snap photos of receipts for instant inclusion in expense reports. You can also book flights, hotels, and car rentals at a good price using this app. The app allows updating meeting invites and adding attendees on the go. You can receive personalized hotel recommendations and automatically capture and track mileage. Integrate with TripIt for real-time travel alerts and updates. Experience efficient expense and travel management in the palm of your hand with the SAP Concur app.

Benefits of using the SAP Concur app:

  • Get the best suggestions through the largest travel network
  • Easily book flight, hotel and rent a car
  • Get real-time travel alerts and other expense updates

Price = free

8. Slack – Business Communication

Slack Business Apps For iPhone and iPad

Slack is among the best Free business apps to elevate team communication within the organization. You can categorize conversations by topics, ensuring efficient collaboration on projects or vital subjects. It allows to message or call individuals or groups seamlessly. It also allows you to precisely collaborate on documents, integrating with tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. You can effortlessly incorporate existing workflows by integrating services like Salesforce, Asana, and Twitter. Simplify knowledge retrieval with a searchable central database archiving past conversations and files. You can receive notifications to stay focused. It is the best app to upscale your productivity and simplify your workload with the scientifically proven Slack app.

Benefits of using Slack app:

  • Organised conversations
  • Connect with project partners and friends in real-time
  • It can be integrated with over 2600 works apps

Price = free

9. Adobe Acrobat Reader – Document Editor & Converter

Adobe Acrobat Reader Business Apps For iPhone and iPad
Adobe Acrobat Reader

Experience enhanced PDF interactions with the Adobe Acrobat Reader app. The app allows you to view and print any PDF seamlessly, selecting Single Page or Continuous Scroll mode. You can optimize your reading with Liquid Mode and adjust font size and spacing for the best experience. You can annotate PDFs with sticky notes, comments, and drawn elements. Simply fill out forms and sign documents with ease and manage files across devices, linking accounts like Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Work effortlessly with scanned documents from the Adobe Scan app. 

Benefits of using the Adobe Acrobat Reader app:

  • Easily find and copy text in pdf
  • Create a link for quicker file sharing
  • Add personalized notes, highlights, and comments

Price = In-App Purchases start from $9.99 – $69.99 

10. LinkedIn – Connect, Apply & Get Hired

LinkedIn Business Apps For iPhone and iPad

Empower your professional journey with the LinkedIn app. You can easily browse a variety of jobs and other content using filters to pinpoint the perfect role. You can receive job alerts for relevant opportunities and network directly with recruiters and peers. You can also browse industry news, converse with your contacts, and share insights. Amplify business networking by following influencers, companies, and industry trends. Explore millions of job openings, submit resumes seamlessly, and receive alerts for new positions. It allows you to craft your career finder profile, leveraging your accomplishments and experience. Maximize LinkedIn’s potential with features like Find Nearby and a QR code scanner. 

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Benefits of using the LinkedIn app:

  • Search and apply for your desired job
  • Share and read knowledgeable articles and various other contents
  • Get all industry news and updates 

Price = In-App Purchases start from $29.99 – $69.99

11. FileBrowser Professional – Advanced File Manager

FileBrowser Professional Business Apps For iPhone and iPad
FileBrowser Professional

Upscale your file management to the next level with the FileBrowser Professional app. It allows access to file servers and cloud storage, viewing and storing documents offline. You can deliver presentations directly from servers and copy/move files effortlessly. It has automatic bidirectional sync of network folders to backup local files and can be easily integrated with various apps for editing, saving, and sharing. For photographers, XMP sidecar file support enhances image rating. Experience MDM integration for centralized settings and enforced security. The app connects to Macs, PCs, NAS drives, and Windows File Servers using SMB protocols. Moreover, you can also access local storage, USB drives, SD cards, app folders, and more.

Benefits of using FileBrowser Professional app:

  • Access file servers and cloud storage from just one app
  • Easily integrate with other apps and ios data protection
  • Allows to create multi-page PDF sheets

Price = $13.99


Business handling can be hectic if not done properly. If you want to run your business at your fingertips and avoid hassles, then you must include the above Top business apps for iPhone in your daily work. These apps are just worth trying. Hope you found the above article useful in exploring the best business apps for iPhone and iPad. Do you find any of the above apps interesting? If you also use any of these business apps in your routine, then feel free to share your experience and other recommendations in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q-1. Is iPhone and iPads good for professionals?

Yes, iPhones and iPads are excellent tools for professionals. They offer a seamless ecosystem, powerful hardware, and a wide range of productivity apps. With features like multitasking, Apple Pencil support, and strong security, they enhance efficiency in tasks such as communication, content creation, project management, and more.

Q-2. Why do professionals use iPhones?

Professionals prefer iPhones due to their robust security, reliable performance, and seamless integration with other Apple devices. The App Store offers a plethora of productivity apps, while features like FaceTime, iMessage, and iCloud facilitate efficient communication and collaboration. The iPhone’s sleek design and regular updates further enhance its appeal.

Q-3. How can I use my iPhone and iPad for business?

Maximize your iPhone and iPad for business by leveraging productivity apps like Microsoft Office and Google Workspace. Use iCloud for seamless data sync, and employ FaceTime and Zoom for virtual meetings. Apple Pencil helps in note-taking and design tasks. Remember security measures like Face ID and Find My iPhone for protection.

Q-4. Can I claim an iPad as a business expense?

You can often claim an iPad as a legitimate business expense if you primarily use it for work-related tasks. You must keep detailed records of its business use and consult with a tax professional to ensure compliance with tax regulations in your jurisdiction.

Q-5. Is an iPad good for starting a business?

Yes, an iPad is a valuable tool for launching a business. It offers portability and powerful apps for tasks like communication, project management, and presentations. Its intuitive interface aids quick learning, while accessories like the Apple Pencil enhance creativity. Consider your specific business needs to determine its suitability as a startup tool.

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