Mac Mail Not Showing Attachments (macOS Ventura)

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Mail App is one of the reliable platforms to exchange conversations; however, it’s not a complete overhaul. As a new issue we recently discovered is Mac mail not showing attachments. Usually, it could be due to the New Mail app UI, corrupted attachments, a bug in mail app, outdated macOS, or a poor internet connection. Luckily, there are several potential ways to fix the issue. And that’s what we will show in the below troubleshooting blog.

How To Resolve Mac Mail Not Showing Attachments

Follow this guide to fix Apple mail not showing attachments on Mac.

1. How To View And Download Mail Attachments On Mac

Are you following the right way to view and download attachments on Mac? Then, cross-check it with the steps mentioned below. 

1→ Access the Mail App, and open the Mail with Attachments. Now search for the attachment icon below date of message. Or hover the cursor on the sender detail and then click on the Attach Icon.


2→ Click on Save All.


That’s It! Otherwise, Choose Quick look to Preview the attachment without downloading the file.


2. Check Internet Connection

Possibly, the Wi-Fi to which your Mac computer is connected might be corrupted. So first, check the internet speed; if it’s unsteady, connect to an alternative Wi-Fi or Mobile Hotspot.

Conversely, if you don’t find an issue with internet, move forward to the next troubleshooting step. 

3. Rebuild Mailbox

To fix the issue, we are going to rebuild the mailbox. And the best part is the procedure is easy to perform. But before that, backup the data of Mac to prevent losing it. 

  1. Access the Apple Mail App.
  2. Choose the Inbox of the problematic Mail Account.
  3. Next, click on the Mailbox option from the menu bar.
  4. Finally, click on Rebuild. However, the procedure will take some time to finish.
  5. Now, click on Mail from the menu bar.
  6. Then select Settings…(Preferences…for macOS Monterey And Earlier).
  7. Click on Accounts. Select the problematic account from the left sidebar.

Choose Account Information. Next, click on the Download Attachment Dropdown. Lastly, set it to All. 

4. Check With Sender

It can be the mistake of sender. He or she might not have adequately uploaded the attachment. Conversely, they might forget to attach the files or photos to the mail message. Ask them to cross-check. 

5. Delete the Account And Add It Again

This basic solution will refresh the mailbox and efficiently fix the attachments not showing up issue. Here is how to do it.

Delete Account

  1. Open Mail App.
  2. Choose Mail from the menu bar.
  3. Click on Accounts…
  4.  From the list of accounts, select the one you are having an issue with.
  5. Lastly, click Delete Account Button.

Re-Add Account

  1. Open Mail App.
  2. Choose Mail from the menu bar.
  3. Click on Accounts…
  4. Select Add Account…

And follow the on-screen instructions. Once you are done with it, check for the issue. 

6. Check Storage Space On Mac

If there is low storage on Mac, you may not be able to see and download the attachment on Apple Mail. Hence, check the storage first. 

macOS Ventura And Later,

  1. Go to Apple Logo.
  2. Choose System Settings…
  3. From the left sidebar, click on General.
  4. Next, select Storage. 

macOS Monterey And Earlier,

  1. Go to Apple Logo.
  2. Click About This Mac.
  3. Next, select Storage Tab.

On the next screen, you will see Storage Bar. If you find a lack of storage, read our article on how to free storage on Mac.

7. Update macOS

If it’s a software-related bug. Apple will consider it and resolve it through a macOS update. Hence, keeping your device updated to latest macOS is always recommended.

macOS Ventura And Later,

  1. Go to Apple Logo.
  2. Choose System Settings…
  3. Click on General.
  4. Select Software Update. Let the system check for updates, if available. Select Update Now. 

macOS Monterey And Earlier,

  1. Click on Apple Logo.
  2. Select System Preferences…
  3. Choose Software Update. 

Let the system load up the new update; if available, select Update Now.

8. Disable Firewall

The Firewall aspect can protect your Mac computer from unwanted contact initiated when you are connected to the internet. That might be why Attachments not loading on Apple Mail. Thus, it’s to turn off the Firewall on your Mac.

macOS Ventura And Later,

  1. Select Apple Logo.
  2. Choose System Settings…
  3. Click Network. 
  4. Select Firewall from the right side and disable the toggle next to it. 

macOS Monterey And Earlier

  1. Choose Apple Logo.
  2. Select System Preferences…
  3. Click Security And Privacy > Firewall Tab. Then click on the Lock Icon, and enter your Administrator Name And Password. 
  4.  Select Firewall Options…Lastly, tap Turn Off Firewall.

That’s It!

9. Disable VPN

VPN for Mac is best, but there are possibilities where it can prevent Apple Mail from connecting with Apple Server, and thus it ended up with Apple Mail not showing attachments on Mac. So here it’s highly recommended to disable VPN.

10. Disable Antivirus

Antivirus on Mac can prevent mail apps from loading attachments, and it’s great since many attachments contain viruses. But sometimes, it can prevent legitimate files from loading up. 

Bottom Line

Are email attachments not showing on Mac? You can fix it with troubleshooting steps mentioned above in the article. And if they didn’t work for you, it’s time to Contact Apple Support!

Where Are Mail Attachments Stored On Mac?

Attachments are stored in the preferred location you have configured in the Mail Account. To know it, open the Mail App. Select Mail from the menu bar. Choose Settings…(Preferences…). Select any desired from the left sidebar. Choose General. And search Download Folder dropdown. The location mentioned there is where the Attachments are stored. Similarly, you can know where mail is stored on Mac.

How To Send Attachment In Mail Larger Than 25MB

Luckily, Apple Mail allows sharing large files sizing up to 5GB. Here is how to do it.

  1. Go to Apple Mail.
  2. Choose Mail from the menu bar. 
  3. Select Settings…(Preferences…for macOS Monterey And Earlier).
  4. Next, click on Account from the left sidebar. Further, go to Account Tab. Choose the box next to the Send Large Attachments With Mail Drop. 

But if it’s larger than a threshold, you need an alternative of Apple Mail Drop. 

How Do View All Attachments In Mac Mail?

To view all your attachments, access the mail app. Now, select All Inboxes or All Sent. Next, enter Attachment in the top right corner’s search bar. All those messages consuming attachments will appear. 

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