How to Resize Disk Partition in macOS Mac MacBook (Ventura)

Resize/Merge or Delete Partition on Mac using the native apple’s partition manager, That’s called apple’s Disk Utility app. Prior Mac Users were worried about expanding/enlarging partitions on Mac, But Smart Apple gives very secure options on the official way, using this way you can increase space in drive partition. Or most of the users trying to install windows on another partition at that time need enough space there for installation through the boot camp.

Here is the one limitation before Enlarge partition on Mac running on the latest macOS, You must have to delete/ Format the partition coming after you have to select for enlarging. So keep your partition data backup on other external drives for later use.

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Delete Partition on Mac and Merge Partitions on Mac

Are you looking to manage partition on Mac without Extra investment with Purchase for Third-Party software or Expert? Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to Delete Partition on Mac and Merger Partition with it that means you will get a new Resize Partition itself. Using the same method we can add or Create a new Partition Using the Disk utility. Follow the below steps,

  1. Open Disk Utility on your Mac from Launchpad or Using Spotlight Search.
  2. Clean on the Partition to analyze how we can free up space or Resize the Existing partition by delete some
  3. To delete Partition, select that Partition and CLick on the [-] button, or to Add New Partition Click on [+] size, Resize the Partition using Mouse or Enter exact Number in Size. here I am deleting the partition to resize the primary partition on
  4. Click on the Partition Option from the popup. Make sure “Partitioning this device will permanently erase the data stored on some of the partitions. You can’t undo this action.”select-partiton-remove-and-resize-partition-on-mac
  5. Now Every time, Resizing the startup volume will cause this computer to stop responding. So, do this in Break or in your free time.your-mac-will-become-unresponsive-during-resize-partition-on-mac
  6. Now, I Resize Mac Partition by deleting the old one. That’s an automatic and Easy Process.

Step to Enlarge Partition on Mac OS X: MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac

From this step, you can also decrease, not only increase Mac partition from your drive throughout a very secure way, without losing your data.

Step 1: Launch Utilities app under the /Applications/Utilities/Folder option. or Use Spotlight Search and Find “Disk Utility

Step 2: Go to the “Partition” tab from the top tabs under the Disk Utilities management windows shown above.

Disk Utility on Mac for manage Disk partition

Step 3: View Volume and Select Disk From Left side of window > Now, Tap on Partition from the top tab.

2 Partition make on Mac

Step 4: Enter New Partition size in GBs.

3 Enter Volume for Partition on Mac

Step 3: From there you have to drag through mouseClick and move it up and down.

By dragging the downside, your disk space utilizes automatically the selected partition from your Mac.

Enlarge partition on Mac running on OS X Yosemite,

Verify you have added efficient space on the existing partition and Click on “Apply” to save it.

Now you are done, But to creating another partition or Drive you can do it from the same window, So continue with the next step.

If you wish to delete the partition that chooses it and tap on the delete (-) sign. And otherwise, add a new partition then tap on (+) sign.

And assign a valid name for that partition, Size, and type of format.

Step 4: Next, click on the Apply button.

Step 5: Now give time to process and make partition through disk utility.

For your kind information, you can also install windows on another partition and set it at a primary OS through Boot camp, without spent money on third-party software tools.

how to resize BootCamp partition on mac?

Yes, we can resize the BootCamp partition on Mac. Use Disk Utility to Give more space to the BootCamp partition. At last use Partition manager in windows to Mouse the free space to Windows Partition. see the below video guide given in this tutorial,

Have any trouble guides for Enlarge partition on Mac running on Lion, Leopard? Share with us; we will be glad to assist you in expanding more space in a single partition without effect on data securely.

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