17 Best Vehicle Tracking Device for iPhone, iPad in 2023

🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelIt is straightforward and needed a device for those who have expensive things (Bags, Vehicles – Car, Bike, Bicycle, or Other moving objects), and there is the fear of stolen of these things. With the use of this device, you can quickly locate your things on which you have set this tracker. This tracking device operates with the GPS technology and featured on Best Vehicle tracking device for iPhone or another iDevice which helps this device to work correctly or current position by a live tracking report on Map.

It is very helpful when your vehicle gets lost or stolen so you can get its position on your screen over the air. There are so many advantages of this GPS tracker in today’s modern world. If you are traveling to some unknown place you can easily get this specific place by searching on a dedicated app and Web platforms.

Top best Vehicle Tracking Device for iPhone/ iPad

#1. LandAirSea Waterproof Magnet Mount TrackerLandAirSea Vehicle Tracking for iPhone

LandAirSea, is the ultimate solution to track, Vehicles, Personal Devices, and anything that you want for real-time tracking. A small waterproof magnet mount can be adjusted anywhere, secretly. So far, this little GPS Tracking device is best for Vehicles, alongside, it fits even in small locations. Furthermore, it provides real-time tracking over SilverCloud App and Website integrated with Google Maps. All these functions work with AT&T SIM that is included with this packed, for unlimited tracking and access with a cost of $24.95/mo. However, this device is only working in US regions; for global countries, you may have to prefer different tracking devices.

Check LandAirSea Price on Amazon

#2. Vyncs GPS Tracker for VehiclesGPS Tracker for Vehicles Vyncs

If you want to use the tracker internationally, then, Vyncs’s the best vehicle tracker for iPhone and iPad, then, go for this. It comes with a one-year data plan from the date of activation, alongside, you can have 30 days free trial with this tracker. I’d suggest this tracker for fast-tracking, whether it is car tracking, tracking visited locations, vehicle’s health condition, and much more.

The device is compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile SIM, and you can view the real-time information by creating a Vyncs account and operate on PC/iOS and Android. Vyncs is not that tiny, but worth purchasing, if you don’t have an issue with the size and don’t want to hide from others. You’ll have more services than I’ve listed here; for them, follow the link.

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Check Vyncs Price on Amazon

#3. Tracki-Mini TrackerTracki 2020 Model Mini Real time GPS Tracker

Another GPS Tracker for iPhone and iPad is Tracki, it has a SIM card that tracks and monitors your location worldwide with high accuracy. While you are busy somewhere, but don’t trust your partner or want to guard the expensive things, Tracki comes in handy with several features like real-time tracking, from anywhere anytime.

You’ll have to subscribe to Tracki each month, with a cost of $13.95, $16.60 and $19.95; all these packages have different features. Other key features of Tracki are, History route playback can be attached to anything, fully customizable tracking features, alerts & notifications from the text, email or via app, and more.

Check Tracki Price on Amazon

#4. Spytec-Real-Time GPS Tracking Device

Spytec GL300MA GPS Tracker

When tracking plus visualization combines, no other tracking equipment can beat them. The newly launched Spytec vehicle tracking system for iPhone, iPad, comes with an enhanced battery backup of 2.5 weeks in a single charge. This tracking system uses GL300MA tracker’s coverage with advanced technology and satellites working well, and lets you access and monitor the location anywhere anytime.

It’s not much bulky, that you have to think twice to carry it; just fit in your bag or behind the car’s seat, and get to know the location when you encounter any suspicious activities. You can even store the history up to a year and make a summarized report.

Check Spytec Price on Amazon

#5. Prime Tracking-Portable GPS TrackerPRIMETRACKING GPS Tracker for iPad in 2020

A mid-range GPS tracker for iPhone, is here, with all the latest features that you are looking for. Now, that it is not expensive, you don’t have to worry about the cost and personal luggage, of being lost or stolen. Get regular updates and alerts when the tracker goes far away, to secure your beloved ones, expensive items, and of course to track anti-social activities; it can be used.

The Prime Tracking is excellent when it comes to tracking anything and accuracy, the locations get updated every 10 seconds on PC, and App. Its maintenance is only $25/mo if you are subscribing monthly and $20/mo when subscribed for 6 months.

Check Prime Tracking Price on Amazon

#6. Driving Connected GPS Location Tracker by bouncieDriving Connected - GPS Location

If you are a forgetful person, who forgets where’s you have parked the car or needs to track someone’s car, or with your friends on a trip, whatever the reason, bouncie’s GPS Tracker has your back. Right from Google Maps, check locations, routes, streets, city, and zoom-in/zoom-out, everything is present in this tracker. Check the vehicle health, diagnose, and get roadside assistance when stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Moreover, with just $8/mo subscription fee, it can give you provide real-time driving information, auto-refresh every 15 seconds, and most importantly, roadside assistance.

Check Bouncie GPS Tracker Price on Amazon

#7. AMERICALOCReal Time GPS Tracker

This portable Vehicle Tracker looks like a mini music player; easy to use, quick to operate and handle. It supports, most of the countries including Canada, Europe, the US and more, from PC, iPhone, Mac or tablet, for smartphones you can download an app from the respective app store. Get instant alerts, on movements, low battery, parking, speeding, entering and leaving specific zones and much more.

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All of these data can be stored up to one year, so if you ever feel like going back and trace the locations you’ve visited, go to the App and check it out. It updates location data every one minute, at $25/mo.

Check AMERICALOC Vehicle Tracker Price on Amazon

#8. Optimus Tracker Magnet GPS TrackerMagnet GPS Tracker Case - Waterproof iPhone

A perfect Vehicle Tracker with enhanced GPS to track anything anytime. A strong neodymium magnet is capable to get tightly attached to vehicles and holds tight while the car jumps on speed breakers. However, you need to take care while attaching the tracker, don’t stick it on the hot areas, otherwise, exterior plastic surface will meltdown.

Among all, this GPS Tracker for Vehicle iPhone and iPad is the cheapest and available under $20.

Check Optimus Tracker Magnet Price on Amazon

#9. GPS Tracker for Vehicles by MasTrackGPS tracker for vehicles by MasTrack

As the name of this product is enough it works well without any problem and other issues. It comes with a one-year plan to use for free. There are so many benefits of buying this device you can get some discount on annual payment for this device. This gadget is very helpful while traveling in an unknown place.

Generate auto log history, Viewable trip path on the map in future

Free and Real-time trackers

Check MasTrack – Tracking System Price on Amazon

#10. Portable real tracking device – Spy Tec

2 Spy Tech GPS Traker for iOS

This device is 100% trustful about its work and capabilities. You can easily use this device with your vehicles so that you can easily get the position of your vehicle. With the constant use of this gadget, there is some problem with losing battery backup, it has a very good battery life of 2 weeks. This product is launched by the Spy Tec company. Some amount you have to pay for using this device and in return, it will give the best service to you.

No, any activation Free, Contracts or Termination Fees. Pay $25 per month for full pro features

Up to 1 Year Record data save in iCloud

Check Spy Tec Tracking System Price on Amazon

#11. Best Tracking Device for Cars/Bike/Trucks Family1stBest Tracking Device for Cars Bike Trucks Family1st

This device runs on google maps so that it can give the best result to you. After installing this device on your vehicle, you will receive the best service, and there is no fear of traveling to any unknown places. After using this device your car gets easily tracked on the screen. You can get tracking service at just a very low price, and anyone can afford it.

Get an update on every minute

Nationwide 3G car tracking service

Unlimited Tracking Emails and Text Messages

Check Family1st Tracking System Price on Amazon

#12. Trak-4 Portable GPS Device Tracker: Car/ Truck/Equipment or VanTrak-4 Equipment Tracker for iPhone


Easy and Fast installation better driving and safety of your precious vehicle. Also, run on GSM/ GPS network worldwide. Get start with first-year totally free. It is compatible with the android systems as well as on iOS systems. It is very easy to install with your gadget and very easy to use. After all, it is a GPS oriented device so you can easily get all the updates of your vehicle.

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Free app for iOS/ Android and Web

Free Call and Email Support

Check Trak-4 GPS Tracking System Price on Amazon

#13. ShieldGPS Best GPS System for CarShieldGPS Best GPS System for Car

This tracking device is very small and gets easily installs on your vehicle. It is not very expensive to buy and very easy to use. There are many advantages of using this device one of them is you can easily get the location of your vehicle and very safely you can travel to unknown places. With the use of this device, you can also save fuel and time and gives the best service to your boss if you are the employee.

This device is pluggable directly on Vehicle’s OBD port.

Theft control, Save Fuel, Monitor usage, Track Mileage, and History.

Check ShieldGPS Tracker Price on Amazon

#14. Portable Spy device and GPS locator

6 Portable and Magnetic body GPS Tracker for spy device and Car

Very small tracking portable device compare to other Best Vehicle tracking device for iPhone/ iPad specially made for vehicles. This type of gadgets needs a very high battery capacity because if you want to travel a very long distance, you can travel without any fear. The battery capacity of this device is up to 96 hrs, Power management built-in battery. It is very small in size and easy to carry it with your vehicle to track the location and it is a very useful device.

Pay for the Account as you use

Perfect co-ordinates map number for the location

Check AES Spy Camera for iPhone Price on Amazon

#15. MOTOsafety GPS Vehicle TrackerMOTOsafety GPS Vehicle Tracker

This GPS Tracker for iPhone is the best way to track down your kids, and family members, if they are gone for a long drive, without informing you or whatever the reason is. Alongside this, it delivers all the information including Speed, Direction, and Geo Location, to keep track of your teen’s activity and driving patterns, which of course will be sent to you by the end of the month. Another benefit of buying this tracker is, it doesn’t need a battery, but can be charged using the OBD2 outlet of your Car.

To use this tracker, you’ll need to have 4G LTE Cellular Data Connection, for better connectivity, at the cost of $22.99/mo.

Check MOTOsafety GPS Vehicle Tracker Price on Amazon

#16. LOGISTIMATICS GPS Tracker with Live AudioLOGISTIMATICS GPS Tracker with Live Audio

Aside from showing the current location of your Car, LOGISTIMATICS will also let you hear the nearby voice chatters of the tracker. It mainly shows you the precise location of the tracker, along with the report of where it has been visited so far, that’s quite helpful if you want to track someone badly. Rated IP67, means you can easily hide the tracker for incognito tracking, under the vehicle or in the frame of the car.

It supports iOS, Android as well as Web Browser, so there are no restrictions to it, with all that, it lasts for 2-3 weeks on a single charge.

Check LOGISTIMATICS Tracker Price on Amazon

Above all are valuable and Key options for your Precious vehicles, Objects when with you or not with you. Smart decision to buy the Best Vehicle tracking device for iPhone/ iPad or other mobile platform waiting and is open for all.

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