Switch Facebook account login on iPhone, iPad apps

Switch Facebook account login on iPhone: iOS App

Unfortunately, we can’t install more than two Facebook app like whatsapp, to use more account on one iPhone. But we have a great option to use more FB account by switch facebook account login from Facebook app. Just like switch Instagram account within app shared before this.

Same like Instagram app, Not possible in official way in Facebook app. But this tricks mostly user now experience, So you can also do that. Not confusing but simple for any iOS users. Here I have two different way on switch facebook account login, using third party app or without app depends on usability and easy.

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Steps for switch facebook account login on iPhone, iPad: iOS device

This guide useful for all iOS versions: iOS 6/7, iOS 8, iOS 9 or later running on iPhone 6, 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, 6S Plus, 5S/4s.

1. Switch Facebook account login using Third party app

Friendly Social app support any number of Facebook account in single app. Install on your iPhone, and add login email and password of each Facebook profile. You can see here I added two Facebook account. But you can try for any number. This app create separate login session for all users. So you can jump from any account to another in single tap.
Switch Facebook account login on iPhone, iPad apps

Clean app user interface, Set different profile color give best option to pick your profile at a glance. Know more about add multiple facebook account on iPhone.

2. Use multiple FB account profile without app

Without any third party app jump to another Facebook account, we must go with old fashion. Logout current login and re login with new one. Not problem at all, in that can you just need to enter password for new account, Facebook ID would be stay as a history and easy access.

On your iPhone Facebook app, Tap on ‘More‘ from Bottom right corner of screen.

Scroll down screen at last and tap on “Log Out” option. Login with another facebook ID on iPhone app

From the main screen, Tap on Log into Another Account. And Enter login details.

Now you are in to the another account.

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