Clean install Big Sur through Internet Recovery on Mac

Last Updated on May 10, 2021

MacOS Internet Recovery is Apple’s default service available in all Mac, MacBook [M1 & Intel]; After Hard Drive Replaced, And want to set up New SSD Hard Drive or HDD Drive on Upgrade System, or set up a new Hard Drive on your Mac Without USB or DVD Disk. Sometimes, the system is stuck, and you want to repair it. What if the inbuilt macOS Recovery itself stops working? And Your mac is showing Folder Flashing on Screen.

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As an alternate, Apple has introduced Internet Recovery on Mac. When the Mac doesn’t start in the macOS Recovery system, the Internet Recovery comes in picture to fix the things. In Internet Recovery, your macOS fetches the data from the Apple Servers directly, and the best part of this is you don’t need to use an additional drive or software.

With the below steps of Internet recovery on Mac, later on, you can reinstall macOS, fix Disk related problems, restore Time Machine Backup, and more.

How to Clean Install Big Sur through Internet Recovery on M1 Mac, MacBook

What is Mac Internet Recovery?

It’s an excellent and quick fix to the normal macOS Recovery mode; basically, when the macOS Recovery mode doesn’t work, you can take the help of Mac Internet Recovery and get the things done. All the options and settings are available through Mac Internet Recovery that you could see in normal macOS Recovery.

What Does Mac Internet Recovery Do?

Like I said, all the services and features of normal macOS Recovery are available in Internet Recovery, all you need is reliable internet connectivity, and everything is good to go.

  • Restoring Time Machine Backup [During installation time]
  • Reinstall macOS [Copy new macOS without effect on Mac’s Data]
  • Get Help Online
    • This will launch the Safari browser since you’ve opted to Get Online Help on Mac Internet Recovery. Though, there won’t be any active Safari Extensions.
  • Disk Utility
    • Repairing, Erasing, Partitioning, and other services are available in the Disk Utility section.

Why Should You Use Mac Internet Recovery?

Unfortunately, there is no other option available when you want to reinstall macOS or perform some changes on Disk, and the macOS Recovery doesn’t respond. In such cases, use the Mac Internet Recovery process to get it done since it fetches data from Apple Servers directly.

How to Reinstall MacOS using Internet Recovery Mode in macOS Big Sur [M1 & Intel]

  1. Restart the Mac, click on the Apple icon in the top menu bar, and select Restart.
  2. Immediately press and hold the Command + Option + R buttons on the keyboard.
  3. Within few seconds, a spinning globe on the Mac Display would appear, release all the keys when you see it.
  4. The system will ask you to connect the Mac to the Wi-Fi if Ethernet or any wired internet connection is not available. then, select the Wi-Fi network and connect the Mac to it. Alternatively, you can connect to a wired connection and wait for the Mac to detect.
  5. A progress bar will show the real-time status of the setup, let it complete, meanwhile don’t press keys or do anything.
  6. Up next, the macOS utility dialogue box will appear, with the list of options, Restore from Time Machine Backup, Reinstall macOS, Get Help Online, Disk Utility.
  7. Select Disk Utility Option > Continue.
  8. Select your Drive and Erase from the top of the window, Now, Give your Drive name, Select Format [MacOS Extended Journal], and Chema Partition type [GUID Partition Map]
  9. Click on Erase.
  10. Once Your Drive Clean up, Close the Disk Utility window.
  11. Select Reinstall macOS > Contiune.
  12. Follow the on-screen setup of MacOS. That’s easy and Install New MacOS using Internet recovery mode.

Internet Recovery Mode Not Working on Mac M1?

When you’re out of luck, the Internet Recovery Mode might not work for you. If the Internet Recovery Mode fails, a globe with an exclamation mark error will show up with error 143, -5101F. Here’s how to fix the Internet Recovery Mode on Mac M1, MacBook.

  • internet Recovery Mac Stuck [Check Apple Server Status, And Retry after Restart your Mac, Make sure internet is working]
  • Always refer to the Ethernet Connection. If the Ethernet Connection is not working, then Remove the Ethernet cable from the system. Now, Restart your mac and again put your mac into internet recovery mode, and Select WiFi.
  • Try connecting to Wi-Fi that has WPA, WPA2, or WEP security.
  • Go with an Alternate Wi-Fi connection.
  • Can you wait for some time? Then wait!
  • Try using the built-in recovery mode, power off and power on the Mac, and press and hold the Command+R to use the recovery mode.
  • Select Restore Time Machine Backup from MacOS Utilities Window.
  • Create a bootable drive to install macOS.

How Long Does internet Recovery Take

  1. We can put our Mac into Internet Recovery Mode in just 2 to 3 minutes [Restart Mac, use Keyboard Shortcut on Mac with Working internet – WiFi or Ethernet].
  2. But later on, the new Mac installation depends on which method you choose. The time machine backup restore option will take time depends on the Data saved on the External Time Machine Drive [1 TB data will take 1 hour of installation and copying].
  3. Reinstall MacOS Without Time Machine option will take times depends on internet speed [Ideally, it will take around 30 to 45 minutes].

How to Reinstall Mac os without disc

  1. First Way is, We can install MacOS Without Disk by selecting “Reinstall MacOS” from MacOS Utility Window. This option directly download the latest version of MacOS from the internet and install it on your Mac itself.
  2. Another Way: Make macOS Bootable Drive on Mac. and Install MacOS using Bootable Drive.

I hope you get the full solution guide on install MacOS Using the Internet recovery option on Mac. Still comment me for more help!

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