Clubhouse App Feed Not Loading? Here’s The Fix!

Last Updated on Mar 27, 2021

Check-in detailed solution for your Clubhouse app feed won’t load on app home screen, that means you have a problem with error loading data or Loaded data is not updated from the internet. To get out stuck Clubhouse feed screen or While Screen, Follow the below fixes.

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Suppose you’ve just received an invite to the app and you’ve completed setting up your account. However, you see problems with the navigation because it’s not showing up on your phone. That could be a problem because the clubhouse feed is the main section where you can listen to the ongoing programs of the clubs that you follow.

So, what’s next?

It might be a severe problem because the whole essence of the Clubhouse applies in the feed. In most usual cases, it’s either bugs or temporary errors that can cause the problem. Still, it’s always better to consider the other significant factors contributing to feeding not loading, such as the wrong configuration on your iOS device or Clubhouse’s server.

The app is still fresh in the market, and there aren’t many guides online to help you with troubleshooting the problem. Therefore, we have come to your rescue. These six tips listed below should be helpful if your clubhouse app feed is not loading.

1. Refresh or Re-login to your account

Minor glitches and random errors can cause your account data to get corrupted on the app. Try to refresh your account data to fix the problem.

To re-login into your account, follow these simple steps.

  • First, Open the Clubhouse app on your device and tap on the profile icon. It will feature on the top right corner of your iOS device’s screen.
  • Second, tap on Settings after the first step completes.
  • Third, to sign out of your account, tap on the Log Out button.logout-clubhouse-account-on-app

Do not log back into your account immediately after logging out. Wait for at least 4-5 minutes before logging back into your clubhouse account.

2. Reinstall the app

Glitches and errors, and corrupted installation could be other reasons why your clubhouse app feed is not loading. To fix this problem, try to reinstall the app and check again. First, delete the current app from your iOS device and reinstall a fresh copy of the app from the app store.

  • Find Clubhouse app icon on Home screen > Touch and Hold on the app icon until your iPhone jiggle and > Tap on cross “X” > Delete App.

3. Check the Stability of Your Internet Connection

You will need a stable internet connection for this online platform to function correctly. Therefore, it is imperative to have a fast and stable internet connection on your iOS device. If the network on your phone is running slow or/is unstable, it may cause your device to communicate with the clubhouse app’s server properly.

Use your own personal WiFi or Cellular Data. Here’s Cellular Data settings for Clubhouse.


Try after Reset Network Settings, Don’t worry about Data lost, Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings > Enter Passcode and Reset Network Settings. Your iPhone will reboot once.

4. Restart your Router to Re-establish Your Server Connection if a Network is Slow

After restarting your router, re-run the test to check the working condition of the router. If it is still running slow, contact your ISP provider to address the problem.

5. Check Clubhouse Servers/Visit Their Official Twitter Page

It’s entirely normal for problems to occur consistently in a brand new app like Clubhouse that is still on its beta testing. So if the feed of your clubhouse app is not loading, visit the app’s official Twitter page to check if scheduled maintenance is available or not.

The server-related issues are addressable on their ends only, so any changes on your device wouldn’t make much of a difference. You should wait patiently if their servers are down. You can check-in from time to time to know if their servers are running up again.

6. Try Turning off Your VPN

If you’re experiencing a problem with your clubhouse app, consider turning off your VPN services. VPNs redirect your traffic to their servers to filter them and change your IP address randomly. It can cause interruptions and unnecessary delays. To disable your VPN and see if it fixes the problem.

  • Open Settings app on your iPhone > VPN and Turn off the VPN Toggle.Turn off VPN on iPhone

7. Report the Problem

If the trick mentioned above didn’t help, you have one last option. Report the problem to Clubhouse and let the experts handle the situation from there. You can contact Clubhouse’s support by submitting a ticket on their official website. You can also visit Clubhouse Knowledge Centre and find answers on their FAQs page that might be useful to you.

On Support request page, select Technical issue from the dropdown option and send your problem to CH support team.

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