How to Create macOS Ventura Bootable USB Installer on Mac, MacBook [M1 or Intel]

You have multiple mac systems and want to update all with the latest new release MacOS Ventura Beta. It’s easy for you if the device is compatible with macOS. But this Download and installation process is time-consuming. Approximately 12.5 GBs setup download then installation takes more time depends on your internet connectivity and Mac System speed also. You are looking to build MacOS USB installer Drive for other macOS like mac Ventura/Monterey and Earlier, follow the same process listed below.

Let’s I have a great solution for you on installing MacOS Ventura without downloading installation files to each system. Just Prepare a single MacOS installer drive and use it on each mac.

Steps for Create Bootable MacOS USB installer Drive on Mac

MacOS Ventura Developer Bata: Follow this tutorial.

macOS Ventura Public Beta: Not Available

MacOS Ventura Final: Not Available

Prereqisite: 16+GB USB Flash Drive, Downloaded MacOS Setup

For Download Ventura Beta setup file:-

For Developer or Public Beta macOS Ventura: Login Your Developer account or Login with Apple ID for Download Bata on your Mac, Under the download, See macOS Profile installer and download macOS Setup using Installer.

For Download Ventura Final setup file:

1: The first Download macOS Monterey installer setup files on the system locally from the app store. Note: if you looking to make a Bootable drive for Earlier macOS: here’s a Direct download link for the mac app store (MacOS Ventura, MacOS Monterey, Terminal command for other Old MacOS.


2: Once the download completed, Installer automatically launched on the screen for start setup. But you don’t start it. Quite an application or press command + Q on Apple Keyboard or Windows + Q on Windows Keyboard.

3: Connect USB drive (Required minimum 16 GB free storage) to your Mac where you want to prepare USB bootable.

  • Flash Drive is not Showing on Mac because of the unsupported File format: Launch Disk utilities from spotlight search or Applications > Utilities. Your connected Drive will show inside the pane, select it and Under Erase toolbar. Choose Format type (OS X Extended) and Schema type (GUID Partition Map)> Erase.

Start USB bootable installer setup

Using Terminal

Open terminal from spotlight search or Application > Utilities > Terminal.

Copy Below lines of code and Run in your terminal,

For macOS Ventura:-

MacOS Monterey Bata Command:- Rename or Formate USB flash Drive with name “MYVOLUME”

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ 13\ --volume /Volumes/MYVOLUME --nointeraction

For macOS Monterey:-

MacOS Monterey Bata Command:- Rename or Formate USB flash Drive with name “MYVOLUME”

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ --volume /Volumes/MyVolume

Hit Return for run sudo command in terminal.

Next, you need to enter your system password Then press (Y) and Wait for Prepare USB drive by Extract bundle files into your Drive.

Finally, you will see the completed status in the terminal, then close the terminal window.

Now MacOS Ventura/Monterey Bootable USB drives ready to use on all mac systems.

How to Run macOS Ventura/Monterey Installer Drive on Mac

Start installation on Mac in Recovery mode, This MacOS Ventura/Monterey Drive Supported with M1 and Intel Mac. –

  • M1 Mac: Shut down your Mac, and Press and Hold Power button [Touch ID Button] after 20 Seconds. and Release the Power button when your Mac shows Disk Volumes with Bootable Drive. Click on Bootable drive and install on Mac with on-screen instruction.detect-macos-ventura-bootable-drive-in-recovery-mode
  • Intel Mac: Shut down your Mac, Press and Hold on Option (Alt) key until you see Start up volumes and Flash drive. Click on USB Flash drive and setup on Mac.

Start Installation of MacOS Ventura,


Method 2:- Create Bootable MacOS USB with Software

Use Third-Party Software for make USB bootable Drive on Mac are: diskmakerx and macdaddy

Note: Before the start installation process, you can take backup on Time Machine if you wish. Otherwise, follow the next steps to start MacOS installation using a Bootable USB drive.

Connect Bootable MacOS Ventura/MOnterey USB drive to the USB slot on Mac, Restart Mac

Press and Hold Option key for Startup manager screen. Select the USB drive from the screen and Start setup.

Follow the on-screen installation guide and Enjoy the new MacOS Ventura/Monterey on iMac, Mac mini, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air.

Any trouble and confusion on the make/ Create Bootable MacOS Ventura/Monterey USB drive then please share with us in the comment. Don’t miss to subscribe to us for more updates on tech tips.

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