How to Disable Voice Message Recording in WhatsApp for iPhone in 2020

Last Updated on Aug 19, 2020

The very useful trick about iOS Whatsapp Messenger app. maybe you never think of trying to perform this kind of way. The hidden idea is to Enable and Disable Microphone to Whatsapp on iPhone. Apart from Microphone, you can also subdue Photos, Contacts, Camera, Cellular Data and more. I mean you can turn on – turn off it as well as we have also the idea to make restrictions on it. The aim behind to put the restriction for a microphone to Whatsapp on iPhone. Nobody can record any kind of audio or speech and send it to your Whatsapp Contacts. So it’s very simple logic to keep away to others from touching the microphone icon in Whatsapp on your iPhone.

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There is an ideal step that you have to follow to make the turn off the microphone to Whatsapp on iPhone. just go with given pictures and steps. Useful for All iPhone users – iPhone 11 (Pro Max), XS Max, XS, XR, X, 8,7,6S,SE.

Guide about to Disable Microphone to Whatsapp on Any iPhone

iOS 12 or Later,  Microphone Restriction settings for the App installed on iPhone

  • Step 1. Head Settings App from your iPhone Home Screen.
  • Step 2. Tap on Whatsapp.
  • Step 3. Turn toggle Microphone Off /White to do disable it.

turn off Microphone to Whatsapp on iPhone

You’re done.

It’s very simple, even though, anybody can enable it again. So if you want to wish that nobody can enable the microphone to Whatsapp on your iPhone then please give restriction to the microphone by the following guide.

WhatsApp Microphone Settings Grayed Out, Unable to Turn on

For the Restriction purpose, some Users keep microphone access disabled from the Restriction Called Screen time. Screen time allows iPhone users to restrict microphone settings to change under WhatsApp settings. Here are the steps on Microphone settings grayed out on iPhone under WhatsApp settings (whatsapp was not able to change privacy settings iPhone please try again later).

  1. Below Screen show, Microphone toggle grayed out or Restricted. Let’s Fix it in the next few steps.

    WhatsApp Microphone settings grayed out on iPhone

    WhatsApp Microphone settings grayed out on iPhone

  2. Open Settings app on iPhone > Scroll to Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions.

    Screen Time settings on iPhone

    Screen Time settings on iPhone

  3. Enable Content & Privacy Restrictions toggle to Green. Scroll to the Microphone option.
  4. Enable the option, Allow Changes.

    Content and privacy Settings on iPhone settings app

    Content and privacy Settings on the iPhone settings app

  5. Scroll to screen and Find WhatsApp Toggle. Enable the toggle to allow make changes under the Whatsapp restrictions and Turn off the WhatsApp Toggle if you wish no one can change microphone settings under the WhatsApp iPhone settings.
    Turn on/Turn off Microphone Restrictions from iPhone settings

    Turn on/Turn off Microphone Restrictions from iPhone settings

    1. Go back and Check Microphone settings now we can access under the Settings app.
      • Settings app on iPhone > Scroll to WhatsApp > Enable Microphone toggle.
    2. That’s it.
  6. That’s it.

Note: if the above solution doesn’t help then try after simply Hard Reboot your iPhone.

iOS 11’s Restrictions options are not moved to Screen Time option More about Where is Restriction on iPhone in iOS or later. You can get here more solutions to fix Whatsapp microphone not working on iPhone or android.

Now, Next for the iOS 11 running on iDevice.

iOS 11 or Earlier, How to give restrictions to Microphone to Whatsapp on iPhone?

  • Step 1. Go to Settings App – Tap on General
  • Step 2. Now hit on Restrictions, if it’s on then enter the passcode and go on the next step, otherwise, you have to create restrictions passcode.
  • Step 3.  After entering a passcode, scroll down the iPhone screen and Under Privacy tab tap on Microphone.
  • Step 4. Find Whatsapp and make green slider gray. To turn off the Microphone to Whatsapp on iPhone.
  • After that, do tick mark next to the Don’t Allow Changes.

how to Microphone Restriction to Whatsapp on iPhone

That’s it.

Now, launch Whatsapp on your iPhone then open contacts and tap on Microphone icon. So your iPhone will show you a message like: ‘’Whatsapp does not have access to the microphone, To enable access, tap Settings and turn on the microphone.’’

If you tap on Settings then it will let you on Whatsapp Settings, but there your Microphone slider will show you grayed out the color. It means your microphone settings to Whatsapp is now in restrictions mode. therefore, to edit or enable/ disable it, you must remove the restriction to a microphone by following steps.

How to Remove Microphone Restriction to Whatsapp on iPhone

Using the bottom steps, you can allow whatsapp to access the microphone iPhone.

  • Launch the Settings App → Tap General Restrictions → Tap on Microphone → do checkmark next to the Allow Changes and Turn Whatsapp ON.

Do Whatsapp microphone greyed out on iPhone iOS 13, iOS 12 users

in case of your device running with iOS 12 or later so following steps will let you allow or permission WhatsApp microphone on iPhone:

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  1. Go to Settings App –
  2. Tap Screen Time
  3. tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions
  4. Turn Content & Privacy Restriction toggle ON/Green
  5. Scroll down to Microphone
  6. Choose Allow Changes
  7. Turn Whatsapp toggle turn off/white.

That’s it!

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  1. Hi, I can’t find WhatsApp under that have requested to use Microphone. Even Siri can’t hear me. I can make normal calls perfectly, i can even make audio calls using WhatsApp , the problem is only with video calls.

  2. Thank you!
    I was stuck on this issue – and this helped my find the problem. My iPhone was set to “not allow changes,” and I had completely forgotten about that feature. Allowed changes, made the change, and then switched back to no changes. Just that easy!

  3. I just restarted my iphine xs max and whatsapp microphone is back. Also i noticed that iohine dialler was missing contacts earlier and reboot also fixed it.

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