Fix Mouse Double Click Doesn’t Open Folder Mac Sonoma issues

Why won’t my files open when I double-click? Is double Click not functioning on your Mac? Get Here complete guide. Here you get the straight solution after Double click on the folder, and the application can’t open, forward music in iTunes is not working correctly. We use Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad on iMac, Mac Mini, and Built-in Trackpad on MacBook laptop (Double click on trackpad mac not working). Most Mac and Windows users keep mouse arrow moment/ Speed and Double Click or Single click to be set at maximum speed. In this case, you made the wrong set up of your system. One of them is occurring in this case. Double click is not working on folder and file to open it, So you have to do right-click on it and tap on the Open option.

I have also faced this problem many times, but it has been automatically resolved when updating OS X or downgrading OS. So don’t panic; here is the complete solution for fixing the double click not working after macOS Update. However, if you don’t want to roll up your macOS, then here’s a quick solution to fix Double-click not working on folders in macOS.

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Double click won’t Open files Mac: Try Troubleshooting

Follow the different settings for the Apple Magic mouse & External Mouse (Third-Party, Wired or Bluetooth), To fix the Double click speed issues on Mac.

The latest macOS brings a few changes in the system settings of Mac, of which many users are not aware. Double-click to open a folder not working on macOS have only one solution, which is to reduce the double-click speed of the pointer. Here’s how to do it,

For Apple Magic Mouse settings,

MacOS Ventura:-

Step 1:- Go to the Apple Logo from the top Mac menu > System Settings.


Step 2:- Next, Scroll to Accessibility > Pointer Control.


Step 3:- Now, Change the Double-click speed using the slider and make the click speed slower. as you can easily open the folder with a slow click.


macOS Monterey:-

  1. Go to Apple Logo from the top menu > System Preferences.
  2. Click Accessibility.
  3. Select Pointer Control > Mouse & Trackpad.
  1. Drag the pointer of the Double-click speed to Slow.

That’s it.

How to Fix Double-Click issue Using External Mouse

is your Double click for selection, Open Files, and Folder with External Mouse not working? Follow the below steps while we are using External Mice (Third-Party) on MacOS. and Slow down the Double click speed from mouse system preferences.

On MacOS Ventura:-

1→ Go to the Apple Logo from the top menu > System Settings.

2→ Scroll to the Mouse Option. Double-Click Speed > Slow Down the speed. And Verify it’s working now.


If your Mac is running an old macOS Version, then follow the below settings and correct the double-click speed.

On MacOS Monterey:-

1→ Go to the Apple Logo from the top menu > System Preferences.

2→ Next, Find Mouse and See the Double-Click speed slider to control the Double click action in your macOS System. Make it slow. to Set it to maximum.


Double Click To Open Folder & Application Not Working: macOS High Sierra or earlier

Quick Soln: Slow Down Mouse click speed. Follow the steps below.

On your Mac, Move System preference > Accessibility > Mouse & TrackPad > Double click. For Slow down Double, click on the folder. 

Step 1: From the top Apple Logo click on it.

Go to the system preference and open it: Double click on folder

Step 2: Now click on System preference.

Step 4: The navigation option will hover over the Accessibility settings.

Step 5: Click on it and scroll down for the “Mouse & Trackpad” option.

Move down click speed

Step 6: “Double click mouse speed” slider moved to slower down position.

Mouse and track pad under the accessibility

Don’t close the Accessibility setting folder. Try out by opening any folder with a double click on it.

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Hopefully, you have fixed the double-click not working while opening folders on macOS with the help of the above trick.

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