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macOS is a super intuitive operating system. No matter if the user isn’t tech savvy or just jumped from Windows, it’s fastest to find a folder stored in a Mac

Coming to the point, if you didn’t know where is Mail Stored on latest macOS, you came to the right spot. We have mentioned the complete steps to reach out to Mail folders on the revamped macOS

Where MacOS Mail Stores Your Emails? Can I Change!

The blog post explains how to access all saved email files in all macOS versions, including macOS.

How To Access Mail Folders On the Latest macOS

The Mail Folders are stored inside the Finder’s library. So if you have planned to back up the mail data and want to store it on another computer, here is how you can access all stored Mail on Mac.

  1. Select the Finder from the dock.
  2. Choose Go from the menu bar.
  3. Click on the Go To Folders…
  1. Enter the ~/Library/ in the field and press the Return Button.
  1. From the Library Folder, search for Mail Folder.

In the result, you will capture an array of Folder and Folder named V along with a number such as V10 on the latest macOS.


Explore each, and don’t miss out to copy on your Hard Drive or Pen Drive. 

Bottom Line!

Keep a note every folder, either Photos App or Mail; all the folders are stored in the Finder Library. I hope so; this guide has cleared your questions Where Is Mail Stored On Mac?


How Do I Move Emails To A Different Folder In Mail?

Click and drag the desired email to save it in Folder on the left sidebar. Then, on the other hand, open the Mail you are willing to store, select Move To, and from the next screen, pick out the desired folder you want to email. 

What happens if I delete Mail from the library on Mac?

Deleting Mail folders from the library will not mess up the Mac computer, and if you reopen the Mail app on Mac in the future, it will regenerate the folder again. 

Where Is The Junk Folder in Mail?

To pick out the Junk Folder, open the Mail App. Up next, you will find Junk in the left sidebar. Click on it, and all your junk mail will appear. 

How Do I Clean Up Mail Storage?

We first need to see how much storage is acquired by the Mail in storage. For this, navigate to Apple Logo > System Settings… > Apple ID[Your Name] > iCloud. Then, right from the Storage Bar at the top, click on Manage. Next, click on Mail, and you get an overview of storage booked by Mail. Finally, if there is more storage to acquire, read our article on how to free up Mac mail storage.  

Where Are Mail Downloads Stored On Mac?

The Mac Attachments are stored inside the Download folder in Finder. If you want to change the location, navigate to the Mail App. Select Mail from the top, choose Settings…(Preferences…). Click on General, and then change the location in Download Folder Dropdown. 

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