Fix Bluetooth Not Working on iPad Pro or iPad Mini

Last Updated on Sep 16, 2021

Apple’s latest iOS 15 is packed up with powerful features. But as we see there are some problems that have comes after upgrading firmware. Including common Wi-Fi problems, Siri not working in iOS, Airdrop missing, or Bluetooth connectivity issues for iDevice. This year after iOS 15 upgrading the same type of problems users are reporting on the Apple Support Community. And it’s Bluetooth problems.

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We can’t say that it’s a little glitch because in this wireless technology era. Almost small to large gadgets are going to be wireless and working as Bluetooth-connected. So without pairing Bluetooth between devices your Bluetooth Accessory will stay in die mode. Since if your iPhone, iPad (iPad Air, iPad Mini, M1 iPad Pro), or iPod 7th Gen Bluetooth is not discoverable. Then try given ideas to fix Bluetooth issues after the iOS 15 update.

You may feel a hurdle (Bluetooth connectivity) mostly while you pair Bluetooth keyboard, headset, or Apple Watch with your iPad and iPhone.

Six potential advices to fix Bluetooth not working

You should try the following troubleshooting if Bluetooth device not showing up on iPhone, iPad, or unforgot a Bluetooth device.

1. Make confirm your iOS device and Bluetooth accessory are close to each other.

Six advices to fix Bluetooth not working in iOS 9: iPhone 6S, 6S Plus

2. Check your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Bluetooth is turn on/Green.

  • Settings → Bluetooth, if you can’t turn on Bluetooth then restart iPhone.

3. Find your device on iOS device Bluetooth settings and tap Forget This Device. Now toggle Bluetooth off and on again, and set up the connection from starting.

4. Make assure your Bluetooth accessory is turned on and connected to power or fully charged. If all is okay then restart once your Bluetooth Accessory.

5. Once Unpair the Bluetooth Accessory and then put back in discovery mode, and then make pair and connect again.

6. Reset Network Settings.

After trying all workarounds which one way has become your problem (Bluetooth not working in iOS 15) solver for you. Please share with us.

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