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Can’t Update to WatchOS 5 here complete solution

Can’t Update to WatchOS 5? Here’s Complete Fix Apple Watch Update Problems

Quickly fix your stuck Apple watch update problems, WatchOS 5 Can’t Update or Install on Apple Watch. There are certain fixes that you can try to overcome the Apple Watch update problems including connection issue, verification error, AW won’t reboot or sometimes error such as watchOS won’t download to Apple Watch, Stuck on Downloading to Watch, Resume Downloading to Watch, Apple Watch Stuck on Preparing.

WatchOS 5 update not showing up is also a common problem for most of the consumers. Let’s check out bottom given workarounds will help you to download WatchOS 5 smoothly. And Be Ready for WatchOS 6, New WatchOS 6 Can’t Update or Install, WatchOS 6 Stuck on Checking for Update on Apple Watch 4, Apple Watch 3, Apple Watch 2 follow the below solutions. Thumbs Up!


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  • Keep Apple Watch Charged at least 50% and Keep apple Watch charing with the original charging adapter.
  • Apple Watch is Paired with your iPhone and Near to Each Other. Because of iPhone Download new software Update on your Apple Watch. (Apple Watch has limited free space: total space in apple watch is 5 gigabyte to 12 Gigabyte). You can see downloaded WatchOS setup on your Watch App on iPhone. Open Watch App on iPhone > General > Scroll to Usage > Software Update > Tap on it “Delete” and Re-download & install.
Download WatchOS software on iPhone for Apple Watch
Download WatchOS software on iPhone for Apple Watch
  • Force Close Watch App on iPhone and Check Again for Apple Watch WatchOS update. Open Watch App on iPhone > General > Software Update > Download and install Available Updates.
  • Hard Reboot your Apple Watch if you iPhone watch app says “apple watch stuck on resume downloading to watch“. To hard Reboot your Watch, Press and Hold Side button and Digital Crown button at once until your apple black screen. and Turn on again “Press and hold the only side button”
  • iPhone Watch App Says “apple watch stuck on checking for updateHard Reboot your iPhone if your. also, Apple Watch must pair with your iPhone. Check WiFi internet connection, should be working properly.
  • Your Apple Watch Stuck on Preparing, Force close watch app on iPhone and Check again. Might be your Apple watch has not enough charging and won’t be connected to apple watch charger.
  • The problem looks like very serious, Clean install WatchOS. This Step will erase your Whole Apple Watch Data from Apple Watch and installs New WatchOS. If you want all the data back and without delete data, Try Backup and Restore Apple Watch.
  • Having problem after installing a new app or wrong settings on your Apple watch.  (Erase All Content and Settings from iPhone Watch App or Apple Watch Settings app)
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Why I Can’t Update to WatchOS 5: Get Troubleshooting

Can’t Update to WatchOS 5 here complete solution

Solution #1. Are you on iOS 12?

In case, no iOS 12 on your iOS device then you WatchOS 5 not showing up, Hence, you will need to update your phone Apple’s latest version of iOS before the WatchOS 5 update will show up in the Watch App. And it means taking the equal level on both the devices.

Fix: Unable to Check for Update

Unable to Check for Update WatchOS on iPhone Apple Watch
Unable to Check for Update WatchOS on iPhone Apple Watch

After internet is working on your iPhone, iPhone Watch App says “Checking for a software Update failed because you are not connected to the internet“.

  1. Turn on Airplane mode and turn off.
  2. Hard Reboot your iPhone.
  • Quickly Press and Release Volume up button and Down button one by one.
  • Now press and Hold side button until you see the apple logo on the screen.
  • Again Turn on your iPhone, By Press and Hold side button until apple logo on the screen.

Now Check Again. Hope for you it will work. I fixed this problem on my WatchOS installation.

Still not Fixed, Erase Apple Watch content and Settings, Now Pair Apple Watch Again with your iPhone. iPhone will install latest WatchOS on your Apple Watch.

  • We can Erase Apple Watch App and Data in Two Ways.
  1. Using your Apple Watch, Find the Settings app > General > Reset > Erase Content and Settings, Enter Passcode and Complete Process. now pair again.
  2. Using On your iPhone, Open Watch App on iPhone > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Enter the passcode and that’s it.

Solution #2. Check your Connection: Apple Watch Must Be Paired with iPhone

Before going to perform anything, make sure that you’re on Wi-Fi and your Apple Smart Watch is recognizing to your iPhone.

Step #1. Open the Settings App on your Apple iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on Wi-Fi. In more, also check bluetooth is ON.

Step #3. Now open Control Center on your Apple Watch by Swipe up to bring up (control center).

Apple watch must be connected with iPhone and WiFi turn on for Update WatchOS
Apple watch must be connected with iPhone and WiFi turn on for Update WatchOS

Note: If your Apple iPhone is connected to Apple Watch, then you’ll see a green Connected banner at the left-upper side of the screen.

Solution #3. You should Force Quit & Restart device

WatchOS 5 update Still won’t work? Let’s try to restart your Apple Watch and force quitting the Watch app on your iPhone to force the close app to follow bottom steps.

Step #1. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone.

Step #2. Next, double press the Home button to bring up the App Switcher. Then after Swipe up on the Watch app card to force close it.

Now Restart your Apple Watch

I give you a sort to restart Apple Watch.

How to turn off apple watch 4 when connection lost and stuck on update
How to turn off apple watch 4 when connection lost and stuck on update

Press and hold the Side Button on your Apple Watch. Then Slide to Power Off.

Solution #4: Erase All content and Settings on Apple Watch, and Restore [Videos]

After Erase the apple watch, Restoring process will install the latest version of WatchOS 5 successfully. This process will never lose important Data from your Apple Watch like Contacts, Messages, Activity and more.

Now, First Erase Data from your Apple Watch settings app. Go to the Settings app on your Apple Watch > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. (You need to wait for 10+ minutes because apple watch will take Data backup to your iPhone and Erase after that).

Now your Apple Watch is Erased and Unpair from your iPhone.

Again Pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone using Watch iOS app or Manually pair with Verification passcode that will be showing on your Apple Watch screen. once you Verify your Apple watch in your iPhone, Select Restore from Backup or Setup as a New Apple Watch.

Setup as a new Apple Watch Auto fix all the big software problems, i recommend if you don’t care copied songs, and more in apple watch. Contacts and Message will sync after that like earlier (Don’t worry about that).

Go to the next step and start the restoring process. it will take time to download the latest WatchOS version and Old Back at once.

in this whole Restoring process your Apple watch might be showing the apple logo and rebooting itself.

  • Don’t stop that and keep both Apple watch and iPhone near as possible.
  • Also, Keep both the Device on Charging connector.

First Erase Apple Watch and Settings (Hands-on)

Re-Pair Apple Watch (Hands-on Video)

If none of the above way work in your case then unpair and repair your Apple Watch and iPhone.

Here’s how to Unpair-repair Apple watch

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