Evernote App keeps crashing on iPad or iPhone? Here’s Fix

Is your Evernote App keeps crashing randomly on iPhone/ iPad Air/ iPad mini/ iPad Pro? Try this tutorial to get rid of Evernote shutting down issues.

Our business team most prefers Evernote to take note of projects and task to best work organize. It’s indeed useful tool build-up with easy to utilize user interface. Even though All of sudden Evernote starts crashing on startup and becomes unresponsive, then anyone will panic because you might have stored your essential data on it.


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Most of the people have also complained that Evernote crashes on launch, Evernote crashes when taking picture Evernote scannable crashing and much more. There are several ways which can be helpful for you to solve the Evernote keeps crashing trouble.

EverNote App Keeps crashing on iPad/ iPhone: Guide to Fix

Evernote keeps crashing on iPad or iPhone

Solution 1: Sync Evernote

Before trying any troubleshoot, sync your notes. Sign-in onto the Evernote account on the web and check that notes are visible or not.

Solution 2: Restart Evernote App

If you are operating Evernote on the iPhone, then just force close the app, which might fix some application related errors. After a few moments again launch the application and check it is working correctly or not.

Solution 3: Reboot your iPhone

Hard resetting iPhone will clear up all the mess related to iPhone’s system or processor and give a fresh start to iPhone. Launch the app after the device gets ready.

Solution 4: Upgrade the Evernote App

Verify that a technical team of Evernote may fix your crash problem in the update. Go to the App Store and check for updates.

Solution 5: Visit the Official Site of Evernote

Launch the browser and go to the Evernote official website and open Evernote Help & Learning. There check if there any solution to the error which you are facing in your device.

Solution 6: Check Evernote’s Status Blog

In Evernote’s Status Portal you can check whether the site is under maintenance or not. Each week they update software with new powerful functions that result in smooth working.

Solution 7: Uninstall and Reinstall the App

Make sure you all your notes are synced and appearsonEvernote’s website. Tap and hold on the Evernote app and when X appears to click on it and delete it. Restart the iPhone and visit the App Store to download the app again.

Solution 8: Contact Evernote Support

If none of the above tricks help you out then feel free to contact the support team, they will help you to solve this error.

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