FaceTime Call Failed on iPhone, iPad? here’s Fix of 2023

🗓️ February 10, 2023 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelFaceTime call failed immediately on your Apple Devices? No worries. Here’s fix that you have to follow. I think you’re not the only one, but a few users reporting that they get facetime issues after upgrading to iOS or activate FaceTime or iMessage activation error. So definitely, these kinds of terrible errors make users frustrate. It may be due to Apple Software glitches or cellular providers issue. Don’t panic; we’re serving below some other tips to resolve an issue of FaceTime not working on iPhone.

Important Fixed For FaceTime Call Failed on iPhone, iPad

If FaceTime keeps showing reconnecting in the middle of the FaceTime Calls, and suddenly FaceTime Call Failed Error on iPhone is very frustrating. In my opinion, you should take a look at a few possibilities why FaceTime not working on iPhone and try each one to fix the FaceTime issues on iPhone, iPad.

Follow these whole useful ideas step by step, I hope it’ll make helpful for you, and you’ll again get FaceTime in working status.

Note: Before going with the troubleshooting, verify that your iPhone has an active plan from the carrier side, and if everything is perfect from the carrier side, continue to read this post.

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Solution 1: Disable/Enable FaceTime

If FaceTime won’t open or FaceTime app missing on iPhone 6, then make sure you’ve enabled the FaceTime from the settings app. Doing so, will refresh the FaceTime and help to fix out minor glitches. To do so,

  • Navigate to the Settings app > Scroll down and tap FaceTime > Toggle OFF/ON FaceTime.

If possible restart the device and then re-enable FaceTime on iPhone.

Solution 2: FaceTime Not Working on Cellular Data

To use FaceTime on Cellular Data, make sure that the FaceTime app is allowed to use Cellular Data on iPhone. Often, it happens that people report FaceTime Call Not Receiving on Cellular Data and after investigating the issue, they end up with silly mistakes. So, check whether FaceTime is allowed on Cellular Data or not.

  • Open Settings app > Cellular > Find and enable FaceTime.

    Enable FaceTime for Cellular or Mobile Data on iPhone

    Enable FaceTime for Cellular or Mobile Data on iPhone

Solution 3: Check Apple Server Status

When Apple Servers are down for FaceTime, then FaceTime App won’t load or FaceTime Call Failed error commonly occurs. So, now before digging deep, check the Apple Server Status and verify the Green Dot on FaceTime.

Solution 4: Update your iPhone

Previously, FaceTime was not supported in certain regions, but now almost all the countries have support for FaceTime. To keep using FaceTime uninterruptedly, ensure that iPhone, as well as FaceTime, are updated to the latest iOS version. Also, check that the iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi to update iOS and App.

  • To update iPhone, open Settings app > General > Software Update.
  • To update FaceTime, go to App Store > Updates > FaceTime.

Solution 5: Sign Out and Sign In on FaceTime

Sometimes Apple ID is the reason why FaceTime not working on iPhone 11(Pro Max) or iPhone. But when you sign out and restart and then sign in with Apple ID on FaceTime, it might fix the problem.

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and tap FaceTime.
  3. Tap on Apple ID and choose Sign Out.

    Sign out FaceTime from iPhone and Sign In Again

    Sign out FaceTime from iPhone and Sign In Again

  4. To Sign In following the same steps.

Solution 6: Check Screen Time Restrictions for FaceTime

If someone has enabled Screen Time Restrictions for FaceTime, then FaceTime App won’t open or FaceTime greyed out could happen. Screen Time is a very good feature, but in such cases, if it is turned on by mistake, it can create such issues. Here’s how to disable Screen Time on iPhone,

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Tap Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  3. Open Allowed Apps and make sure FaceTime switch is green. That indicates FaceTime is allowed to use while Screen Time is enabled.4 Disable Restriction on FaceTime on iPhone from Screen Time

Solution 7: Check the Date & Time

FaceTime needs accurate Date and Time, so if you think that date and time are not correct or you have to move from one region to another, then choose Set Date & Time Automatically option on iPhone. This option will set the date and time automatically without the need to change repeatedly.

  • Settings app > General > Date & Time > Turn ON Set Automatically.

Solution 8: Dial *#31# to Reset Incoming and Outgoing Call Connection

I’ve found that many people have fixed the FaceTime Call Failed Error, FaceTime Showing Reconnecting error, and other iPhone Calling issues by dialing *#31#. Basically, when you dial this number, the iPhone reconfigures and resets the network.

  1. Open the Phone app and dial *#31#.
  2. After successful completion of the process, you will receive a message like Settings Interrogate Succeeded.
  3. Besides, make sure to enable Caller ID on your iPhone, go to Settings > Phone > Call ID > Turn ON Show My Caller ID.
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  1. Dear ,

    I purchased Iphone 6 and send ksa to india.

    from der updated ios 11

    facetime not getting

    what is the solution

    need bring to ksa to resart or any solution in indai

    no option to download in app store

    • Check for update, Also Check Restrictions is applied or not.

      iOS 11, Go to the Settings > General > Restriction > Turn off

      iOS 12, Go to the Settings > Screen Time > Turn on Restriction > Check “Content & Privacy Restrictions”> Enable Content & Privacy > Allowed Apps > Enable FaceTime in restriction.

  2. FaceTime connects but no picture on my end

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