how to Disable/ Adjust Auto Sleep Time on Mac Mojave, High Sierra or Earlier

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from here learn how to enable/ disable or adjust auto sleep time on Mac Mojave, OS X EI Capitan, High Sierra, Yosemite, When you are not working it or for batter power saving.

Adjust auto sleep time on Mac OS X, Most of the folks are wondering about why my make auto-sleep or showing a black screen when he/she does not continuously access Mac for few minutes. in a technical manner, we can say it’s power saving mode or auto logoff for the security reason. Most of the people affecting due to apple gave limited time for auto turn off the screen (About 10 to 13 minutes) by default. But we can vary this time from the Mac OS X System preference settings. Here I discussed how to Disable or Enable auto sleep display or auto logoff time duration on Mac OS X With macOS Mojave and earlier.

After sleep desktop or MacBook screen, your system process will be continued in the background. But you can manage all the setting that you want, throughout the below way.

Note: In Mavericks, Quite different But functionality same as Yosemite. You can do under the system preference. The Power solution go ahead by keeping Portable External Macbook Charger

Steps for adjusting auto sleep time on Mac Mojave, 

if you want to know what is current time duration set on your Mac, just Open terminal from Spotlight, and past the below command line, the result has been displayed in below image,

sudo systemsetup -getcomputersleep

adjust auto sleep time on Mac OS X Yosemite and Mavericks

Step 1: Go to the Apple Menu, Click on System preference.

Step 2: Next, Click on Energy Sever.

Using System preference set energy saving time

Step 3: Slide to the left to right to increase auto sleep time on Mac or MacBook.

The alert message will appear on screen, Click on Ok for a set time.

Many other options related to power saving are present there, You can enable prefer option as of your usage and requirements.

Adjust auto sleep time on Mac OS X

Can’t able to set time using the above steps, Past below command in terminal, Below example 45 is minutes

sudo systemsetup -setcomputersleep 45

disable or never set auto sleep time on Mac

sudo systemsetup -setcomputersleep never

Less time duration more convenient for saving power when the mac is not in use. So set to try in normal duration, not longer time by adjusting auto sleep time on Mac – MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac Pro.

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  1. Even under Sierra it is possible to have a different time for computer and display sleep:

    sudo systemsetup -getcomputersleep
    sudo systemsetup -getdisplaysleep

    sudo systemsetup -setdisplaysleep 10

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