iPhone Tap to Wake Not Working in iOS 17.3.1: Here’s 6 Fixes

Trying to use Tap to Wake or Tap to Wake on your iPhone but the lock screen won’t wake up automatically? Facing Raise to wake and tap to wake stopped working? Many users same issue, you are not alone so don’t need to worry about it, let’s follow my guide to troubleshooting in an easy way.

it might be possible due to after software update (buggy update), hardware issue (for example- Tap to wake not working after screen replacement), or setting disabled.

Let’s ensure that settings are turned on, then after the software and hardware check.

If you come across the same issue, then let’s try to describe the various solution to fix Raise to Wake Apple Watch and iOS stopped working on iPhone as expected. Hopefully, it will work in your case.

Why doesn’t my iPhone light up when I pick it up? Follow Steps

Fixed Raise to Wake not working on iPhone

Fixed Raise to Wake not working on iPhone before getting started solution, you should check your iPhone running on the latest iOS.

  • Go to Settings App on your iPhone– Tap General – tap Software Update. If not, please download and install the latest one.

Fix #1. Make Sure Raise to Wake is Enabled

Display and Brightness Settings to open riase to wake iOS 11 or later iPhone
  • Steps to check out – Settings App →  Find Display and brightness → Check toggle Raise to Wake is ON/Green.
  • If that trigger already On, however, raise to wake doesn’t work. You should try disabling and re-enabling then test again.
disable enable raise to wake in iOS 11 or later iPhone 7 Plus settings screen

Fix #2. Reboot Your iPhone

In major cases rebooting iPhone works great to fix iOS raise to wake problems. Do restart by pressing the power button until you appear to slide to power off then slide to the right to power off your device.

  • Open the Settings app > General > Scroll to Shut Down.
Slide to Power Off to the right side on iPhone iOS

Alternative you can also use the new Shut Down option

  • (SettingsGeneralShut Down appear near to the Reset option) in iOS to restart iDevice without pressing the Sleep/Wake button.
Reboot or Shut Down iPhone in iOS 11 or later

Turn on it again by pressing the power switch till you get the Apple logo on the screen. Enter your digit passcode because Touch ID is not working when you restart your iPhone.

In more, you can also try a hard Reboot to quickly solve Raise to Wake not working.

The same problem again, then you need to keep continuing steps given below.

Fix #3. Reset All Settings of your iPhone

Try this fix will erase all settings without deleting data or media files.

  • Open up the Settings app, go to General and scroll down the screen to Reset, and tap Reset All Settings. Don’t worry. It will not remove any data or Media of your Apple iPhone.
Reset All Settings in iOS 11 or later iPhone

That’s it!

Fix #4. Erase iPhone to Factory Settings iOS and restore from Backup

Note: Before applying this trick, you should take the latest backup on iCloud or using iTunes on Mac or PC.

Next, you will have to restore your iPhone to factory Settings underneath the listed steps.

  • Settings App → Tap General → scroll down the screen at the end then tap Reset → tap Erase All Content and Settings. And after this follow on-screen instructions to complete the process.
Erase All Content and Settings in iOS 11 or later

You’re done!

→ As a second last resort is downgrade your iOS from the latest update to the previous version. For example, you can downgrade your mobile software version. Get Source Apple Guide

Tap to wake not working after Screen replacement on iPhone

Why won’t my iPhone wake up when I touch the screen? in case of Tap to wake not working after screen replacement, it means your Phone screen faulty. it may be possible fake or defective piece fitted by a Third-party repairer. once again contact that service provider or Contact Apple Support.

If you fail all workarounds still have an issue to raise to wake up stopped working after iOS updating on iPhone, then please contact the Apple Support care and get assistance, you will be getting it free of cost if your iPhone is still under warranty.

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